It’s Because Of This Birthday Party Tradition That Latinos Have Trust Issues

Credit: Artur / YouTube

If you’re on the receiving end of the chant “MORDIDA, MORDIDA” beware because it can only mean one thing: you’re about to get creamed.

Take these videos as your warning…

This cake guy never stood a chance.

Credit: Maria X/Vine

At least half of the cake survived.

OUCH, don’t hurt the poor guy!

Credit: sabby_patty/Instagram

What are you trying to do? Break his nose?

This brave soul knew what was coming and tried to prevent it.

Mordida:v #birthday #cake #mordida

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Her shirt reads “protect this house,” too bad she wasn’t wearing one that says “protect my face.”

This little one fought back in the best way possible.

Credit: la chica lobo/Vine

I don’t think the adults saw that coming, do you?

Apparently, these little savages don’t like cake.

Credit: Juan Carlos Perez/Vine

The best part is hearing the adults in the background trying to stop it.

This proves you can’t trust anyone.

Thesw are the moments when you trust no one ???? #mordida #quelemuerda #mexicans #chingao!lmfao

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I like how her eventual attacker looks like he’s just checkin’ his nails at the beginning. ?? Had us fooled.

With friends like this, who needs enemies?

Credit: regina glez/Vine

At least this happened outside so she can wash her face with the manguera.

Sometimes you don’t get smashed into the cake, the cake smashes into you.

#birthday #birthdaygirl #cake #partycake #festejo #pastel #mordida Un poco de mi amor para MT. ?HBD

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Pobrecita, she probably thought she was safe ’cause she was at work, but NOPE.

No matter how dolled up you are, you are not safe.

Credit: rocflher/Vine

Welp, there goes her hair and makeup.

His arm is in a cast and still they have no mercy.

Credit: Montse Toranzo/Vine

They couldn’t push his head any deeper. That cake looked so good, too. What a waste.

Even celebrities aren’t safe.

Credit: liliestefan/Instagram

Yup, that’s Lili Estefan from “El Gordo y La Flaca” getting the mordida treatment from Thalía. See, celebrities are just like us, but their cakes probably cost more.

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People Are Losing Their Minds Over Diego Luna's Accent In The New Stars Wars Movie


People Are Losing Their Minds Over Diego Luna’s Accent In The New Stars Wars Movie

The official trailer for “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” finally dropped. It is some straight up fire.

Credit: Star Wars/YouTube

The two-minute trailer gave us a closer look at Captain Cassian Andor, a Rebel intelligence officer played by homeboy Diego Luna.

Credit: Rayfinndameron/Tumblr/Star Wars/ YouTube

More importantly, the new trailer also featured Diego Luna’s natural accent instead of an American accent. This little detail did not go unnoticed by the Internet, and they’re loving every little bit of it.


Credit: @ahsokatanos/Twitter

In fact, people got straight up emotional about it.

Credit: @ldlapinski/Twitter
Credit: @sauerbrunns/Twitter

Some even went so far as to thank Emperor Sheev Palpatine for this wonderful little treat.

Credit: @realAmandaWard/Twitter

Can you blame them? Luna’s accent is sexy AF that they actually bottle it in his native Mexico and sell it as an aphrodisiac.

Credit: @bando_347

It is truly divine.

Credit: @smithinson77

It’s truly wonderful that people are loving that Diego Luna isn’t trying to hide where he’s from. Because when you make Latinxs visible in a galaxy far, far away, you make Latinxs visible here.

Credit: @estebanthinks/Twitter

 You’re also giving a whole generation of future Latinxs geeks some badass characters to look up to.


Credit: @hansolorey/Twitter

So shout out to you, Disney, for giving us Poe Dameron, and now Cassian Andor.

Credit: SuperHeroHype/Star Wars/YouTube

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How excited are you for the new star wars movie? Make sure you tell us in the comments and don’t forget to click that share button!

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