9 Insults Only Latinos Use As Compliments

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There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who take offense to things, and those who brush everything off.

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Since we find beauty in everything, here are 9 words that are meant to be insults, but we take as compliments…

1. Gordita 


This is the most popular piropo between couples. If used in a different context or said by a non-Latino, you’d be flipping sh*t because nobody tells me I’m packing on extra weight, honey…

2. Vieja


If you’re Mexican, you’ve heard your dad call your mom vieja and you don’t understand how it’s a compliment. But for some strange reason, it’s the cutest thing. In other countries such as Peru or Argentina, people call their parents vieja and viejo in the most endearing way possible.

3. Cabrona


This is a favorite. Being called a cabrona is like hearing someone call you a badass, boss bitch. ?

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4. Boludo


This word is common among Argentinian and Uruguayan male friends. It basically means someone who’s an idiot… or has oversized balls. Leave it up to men to not take offense to this.

5. Berraco


To call someone a berraco is known to be an insult because it literally means dirty pig. But in Colombia, this word is now very flattering, reserved for persevering people… fighters, if you will. Pigs have never been more proud.

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6. Apendejado

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Pendejo means stupid. But if you say someone’s apendejado it means they’re in love. And there’s no better feeling than that?.

7. Bruja


In most places bruja refers to an ugly woman. But in Argentina, being called bruja by your man is actually a good thing: It means you are his sorceress of love.

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8. Salamera


Technically, this means clingy. But because us Latinos always see the bright side of things, we use salamera to describe a very sweet and loving person. See how we turned it around?

9. Chulo


We use this to describe something that’s cute or beautiful. But when translated literally, chulo means pimp… AWKWARD!

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7 Of The Craziest Abuelitas & Monster-in-Laws from Telenovelas


7 Of The Craziest Abuelitas & Monster-in-Laws from Telenovelas

Televisa / Canal de PuertoRicoBestTV / YouTube

We love telenovelas for their over-the-top romantic gestures, bitch slaps and, of course, the intense amount of shade being thrown by conniving grandmothers and monster-in-laws. Here are some of the most devious abuelas and mother-in-laws who sent shivers down your spine.

Angélica de Santibañez in “Marimar”

Played by: Chantal Andere

In one of the classic rivalries of the Maria trilogy, Marimar is constantly humiliated by Angelica, the stepmother of the man she loves. In one of the most did-that-really-just-happen moments in telenovela history, Angelica coerces Marimar to pick up a pearl necklace with her teeth. This is how Marimar ends up:

Credit: Televisa / Tumblr

WTH?! Angelica gives the evil stepmother from “Cinderella” a run for her money.

Lucrecia Dávila in “Esperanza del Corazon”

CREDIT: TeamThelmaMadrigal/YouTube

Played by: Lucía Méndez

Now this is one messed up grandma. Lucrecia is a wealthy entrepreneur who is not fond of her own granddaughter, Lisa. When her other granddaughter, Krista, falls in love with the same man as Lisa, things get HEATED. And Lucrecia is totally okay with the fact that Krista might have slept with the man first. #LaDiabla

Eloísa Vda. de Ángeles in “Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse”

Played by: Isela Vega

Eloisa has absolutely #nochill when it comes to giving out complete backhanded compliments. You cannot be shielded from her sharp tongue – it doesn’t matter if you’re her grandson, granddaughter, maid or the muchacha italiana, Fiorella. Eloisa has been known to utter to her granddaughter that she shouldn’t step foot in church or else it would burn down. Check out the vicious slap she hands out to her grandson:


She’s still got plenty of strength in those arms.

Ana María de la Vega de Almazán in “Colorina”


Played by: María Teresa Rivas

This shady matron of the family will do ANYTHING to have a legit grandchild. So, one of her schemes involves helping her son have a baby with someone other than his wife, who is bedridden. Her signature move to know her son’s whereabouts? Hiding behind her living room’s glass door to do some major eavesdropping. Can you say creeper?

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Blanca De Velasco de Peñarreal in “Esmeralda”

CREDIT: Nenad N./YouTube

Played by: Raquel Morell

Similar to a tamale de rajas, Blanca’s exterior seems mild, but her ulterior motives pack a serious punch. Even Esmeralda’s striking beauty and carefree spirit (and the fact that she is BLIND) could not soften Blanca’s heart to accept her son’s interest in the “campesina.” Start watching at 17:49 for the first moments of shade.

Malvina del Olmo in “Maria Mercedes”

Credit: Canal de PuertoRicoBestTV

Played by: Laura Zapata

Malvina’s name is fitting because she is a malvada. This woman will stop at nothing to make Maria’s (Thalia) life a living hell. After the death of her husband, Maria moves into the same house with Malvina and her son, Jose Luis. Eventually, Maria and Jose Luis start to form a relationship. Guess who isn’t having it? Malvina. Watch Maria bitch slap Malvina when Malvina accuses her of having an illegitimate son. A classic telenovela moment!

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Doña Juana in “Alborada”

CREDIT: Eduardo Mendez/YouTube 

Played by: Daniela Romo

History does in fact repeat itself, and Doña Juana shows monster-in-laws have always existed, even in colonial Mexico. She will stop at nothing to get destiny to bend her way. She gets upset she is raising “a scorpion” of a son – despite raising him with the best teachers and providing whatever he needed. Watch her drunken rant turn into blind rage in just a matter of minutes.

Did we miss any of your favorite telenovela evil grandmas or monster-in-laws? Tell us in the comments below and click on the share button to send this throwback telenovela list to your friends!

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