9 Insults Only Latinos Use As Compliments

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who take offense to things, and those who brush everything off.

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Since we find beauty in everything, here are 9 words that are meant to be insults, but we take as compliments…

1. Gordita 


This is the most popular piropo between couples. If used in a different context or said by a non-Latino, you’d be flipping sh*t because nobody tells me I’m packing on extra weight, honey…

2. Vieja


If you’re Mexican, you’ve heard your dad call your mom vieja and you don’t understand how it’s a compliment. But for some strange reason, it’s the cutest thing. In other countries such as Peru or Argentina, people call their parents vieja and viejo in the most endearing way possible.

3. Cabrona


This is a favorite. Being called a cabrona is like hearing someone call you a badass, boss bitch. ?

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4. Boludo


This word is common among Argentinian and Uruguayan male friends. It basically means someone who’s an idiot… or has oversized balls. Leave it up to men to not take offense to this.

5. Berraco


To call someone a berraco is known to be an insult because it literally means dirty pig. But in Colombia, this word is now very flattering, reserved for persevering people… fighters, if you will. Pigs have never been more proud.

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6. Apendejado

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Pendejo means stupid. But if you say someone’s apendejado it means they’re in love. And there’s no better feeling than that?.

7. Bruja


In most places bruja refers to an ugly woman. But in Argentina, being called bruja by your man is actually a good thing: It means you are his sorceress of love.

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8. Salamera


Technically, this means clingy. But because us Latinos always see the bright side of things, we use salamera to describe a very sweet and loving person. See how we turned it around?

9. Chulo


We use this to describe something that’s cute or beautiful. But when translated literally, chulo means pimp… AWKWARD!

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