Tips for Rocking Mermaid Hair

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Is there anything better than mermaid hair?! Pinks, purples and blues…love, love and love. It’s the ultimate in #hairgoals. Best part? Whether you are a light-skinned or dark-skinned Latina, blonde or brunette, you can rock this look.  Here are some pro tips to make your rainbow-colored tress dreams come true.

Say No to Oils

oily hair

You can spend 5 bucks or $60 on the pastels (your money, your call). Either way make sure they’re non-oil based.

Get it Wet

mermaid hair

This is especially helpful for dark or coarse hair. It allows pastels to set.

Stay Away from Your Scalp


Your hair is dead, your scalp is not. Pastels can stain your skin.

Go Down, Down Baby


Apply the chalk to small sections (not chunks) of hair in a downward motion. Twist it as you go to really work it in.

Easy, Breezy

air dry

Don’t use a blow-dryer after applying, you’ll end up blowing off the chalk.

Brighter, Better

If you want the color to REALLY pop, apply white chalk before applying your color du jour.

Start Slow

Braids + hair rings from the #lazyxragged launch party @keashbraids ??

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Credit: @ameliabreeding / Instagram

Pink all day, every day is not for everyone. If you just want a pop of color, add it to a couple braids…so cute.

Shiny, Pretty Things

Hair Glitter Inspo # bright#colorful#sparkleyourhair#fasion#hairinspo #hairglitter#trendalert#bold#bright

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And for those chicas ready to let your inner beauty shine on the outside, hair chalk with glitter is a AWESOME!

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