Try this Fashion Trend: Chola Chic

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There is no denying iconic chola style has gone mainstream. From the makeup to the clothes and jewelry, this look is fun, flirty and one you have to try. So how do you pull off the tough glam look that chola chic has to offer if you are not actually a chola? Pues así…

The Eyes

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Rock eyeliner that makes a bold statement. You want it to look like you drew it on with a Sharpie, but DON’T  actually draw it on with a Sharpie.

Chola eyeliner with Master Graphic

A liquid pen eyeliner pen, like Maybelline’s Eye Studio Master Graphic, will give you bold, sharp lines that stay put.

The Lips


A well-lined lip can look tough if you go darker with it or simply polished if you keep it in the same shade as your lipstick.

It can even give you the illusion of fuller lips.

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The Nails


Nail art is nothing new, it’s always been a way to express your aesthetic.

Virgen Maria Nail decals

These Virgen Maria Decals sold through Etsy make it easy to have some chola style at your fingertips.

The Hair

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If you’ve got the ganas you can go high and stiff with the hair.

Aqua Net

Thankfully, Aqua Net is still on the scene to give your hair hold.


CREDIT: @bloodymaria_series/ Instagram

If big hair isn’t your thing, you can get your abuela to style your hair in some killer braids.

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The Bandana

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Bandanas as a hair accessory just work.

bandana headband

You don’t even have to fold your own, you can just buy a pre-made bandana headband.

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The Tank


The white tank is a classic chola staple.

The Flannel


Who knew flannels could be so sexy?


No need to button all the way to the top.

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The Hoops


Top off the look with gold hoops. They’re the easiest accessory to find that will add the perfect touch of glam to any bandanas or flannels.

What do you love about chola chic style? mitú wants to know. Share in the comments below. 

These Colombian Bon Bon Bums Will Put Your Blow Pops to Shame

Food & Drink

These Colombian Bon Bon Bums Will Put Your Blow Pops to Shame

Credit: @jhurany_bon_bon_bum / Instagram

Unless you were deprived of your childhood, you know what Chupa Chups are.

Credit: @kimmy_o92 / Instagram

They’re a tiny, colorful Spanish-brand lolli that’s sold in most grocery stores. Yes, they were tightly wrapped, but most would say the struggle was worth it. [If you were deprived and you don’t know what Chupa Chups are, we’re sorry ?]

But you probably don’t know the Colombian lollipops, Bon Bon Bums.

Credit: @sweetindustriesllc / Instagram

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And you’re totally missing out on these cute bubblegum-filled lollis.

Credit: @dirley.cortes / Instagram

The original flavor is fresa.

Credit: @dolcelucephotography / Instagram

But Bon Bon Bums have so much more to offer…

Credit: @estivemsan / Instagram

Like sandía…

Credit: @acsoana / Instagram

How cute! ☺️

And passion fruit…

Credit: @vanillabean514 / Instagram

Even limonada de coco!

Credit: @kimberlee_rod / Instagram


Some change colors.

Credit: @zoevida15 / Instagram

That mood ring was so 1992.

They even get patriotic.

Credit: @jonnatandex / Instagram
Credit: @crito02 / Instagram

And their scent is like… ????

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#Superman #BonBonBum

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Credit: @annievalencia11 / Instagram

Especially the mango flavor. It’s like the national scent of Colombia.

And everyone puts these little suckers in water because they’re too good to go to waste.

Credit: @kmr_156 / Instagram

These adorable little things make Chupa Chups look basic.

Credit: @jhuranay_bon_bon_bums / Instagram

Have you tried Bon Bon Bums? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to share with your friends by clicking the share button below. 

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