7 Quotes from La Doña María Félix that Will Get You through the Week

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Tough day at work? Getting over an ex? Questions about beauty? María Félix has all the answers you need to get you through the week.  Brave, confident, irreverent and radiating with beauty on the inside and out, this is a woman who’s words you should heed….or just write in lipstick on your mirror as a reminder.

There’s a warrior in you.

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Because no one should mistake your cuteness for weakness.

An ex is not worth more than a few days of tears.

There are other men out there. Find them…or just put on a party dress and head out for a night with your girls.

It’s okay to be an original.


Just do your thang. ?

Don’t be afraid to move on.

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…and don’t forget to move on with someone better looking.

Be yourself. You deserve it.

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Preach La Doña! It’s about loving me for me.

The original “You complete me.”


Move over Jerry Maguire, I’ll be taking advice from María.

Don’t be afraid to let people know you’re a badass.


Because you are.

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