7 Quotes from La Doña María Félix that Will Get You through the Week

Updated September 9, 2020.

Tough day at work? Getting over an ex? Questions about beauty? Maria Felix quotes have all the answers you need to get you through the week.  Brave, confident, irreverent and radiating with beauty on the inside and out, this is a woman who’s words you should heed….or just write in lipstick on your mirror as a reminder.

There’s a warrior in you.

Doña Bárbara / Fernando de Fuentes

Because no one should mistake your cuteness for weakness.

An ex is not worth more than a few days of tears.

Gaumont Film Company Criterion Collection

There are other men out there. Find them…or just put on a party dress and head out for a night with your girls.

It’s okay to be an original.

Doña Bárbara / Fernando de Fuentes

Just do your thang. ?

Don’t be afraid to move on.

Gaumont Film Company Criterion Collection

…and don’t forget to move on with someone better looking.

Be yourself. You deserve it.

Gaumont Film Company Criterion Collection

Preach La Doña! It’s about loving me for me.

The original “You complete me.”

Gaumont Film Company Criterion Collection

Move over Jerry Maguire, I’ll be taking advice from María.

Don’t be afraid to let people know you’re a badass.

Gaumont Film Company Criterion Collection

Because you are.

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21 Quotes From Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim That Will Help You Become The Bad Ass You Always Wanted To Be

Things That Matter

21 Quotes From Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim That Will Help You Become The Bad Ass You Always Wanted To Be

If you haven’t heard of Carlos Slim you might want to do research on one of the most successful and wealthiest people in Mexico. The 79-year-old studied engineering at the National Autonomous University (UNAM) in Mexico before embarking on his own journey and founding multiple companies in the financial, industrial, telecommunications, and media sectors, among others. Slim now controls more than 200 companies in Mexico and is one of the largest stockholders of The New York Times. He was even ranked #5 on Forbes Richest Billionaire list this year, cementing his status as the richest man in Mexico. 

With this much success there is no doubt that Slim has words of wisdom when it comes to making it big. Here are some quotes to help motivate when you need that extra push, enjoy!

1. “Firm and patient optimism always yields its rewards.”

Credit: Rebecca Blackwell / Flickr

With everything in life, patience is key. As Latinos we know this too well in different daily scenarios. Whether it’s waiting in long taco lines or simply counting down till the weekend begins, Slim knows there’s a purpose for patience. 

2. “Success is not about doing things well or even very well, or being acknowledged by others.”

Credit: Reuters / Edward Garrido

Sometimes success in our lives can be a very tricky thing. We picture things a certain way in our heads of what we expect it to be but few times does the outcome look that way. The only thing we should seek when pursuing our goals is satisfying ourselves and nobody else. But making our mom proud doesn’t hurt either. 

3. “Do not allow negative feelings and emotions to control your mind.”

Credit: Rebecca Blackwell / Flickr

Nowadays, it’s hard to deflect negativity out of our lives. Whether it’s coming from social media, friends and even our own family (looking at our tias and tios). We need to learn to block out these bad messages from our lives and not dictate how we act and live our lives. 

4. “If you are in business, you are not enjoying. You are working.”

When Slim was asked if he would ever consider buying the New York Yankees, this was his answer. But Carlos was right. It’s hard at times to separate work from fun but with any type of successes in life, it’s about finding the true balance. 

5.  “Shorter workweeks are a solution to civilization shifts.”

Imagine instead of a 5-day workweek, we got could get an even longer weekend. It makes sense and studies have proven that shorter workweeks lead to even happier employees. We can already imagine those 3-day-weekends filled with more time to grill that carne asada. I think that’s something all Latinos can truly get behind. 

6. “When you give, do not expect to receive.”

Credit: Thos Robinson / Stringer

We’ve all been at this point in our lives when we might expect something in return for a good deed. Even in the form of karma or some good positivity our way. But this shouldn’t always be the case. We need to learn to give and help without expecting anything. Doing good things for the sake of doing it is all that truly matters. So when you pick up your little brother from soccer practice, do it because you live him not to get a favor in return. 

7.  “Twitter is not a way to negotiate.”

Social media should not always be our starting point when it comes to communication. Slim said this in regards to Donald Trump and his endless Twitter rants but he also has a point when it comes to the way we communicate. 

8. Any personal crisis – you have to use it to get stronger.

Through any struggle in life we have to try to look at things in a positive way. Whether its not getting your dream job or simply missing out on Taco Tuesday with friends, it’s the tough days that make us stronger in the long run. 

9. “I believe that we have to find means for all desirable things to be universally accessible.”

Credit: Rebecca Blackwell / Flickr

There are basic essentials as humans that we should all be able to have access to. That includes healthcare, food and housing. For Latinos this must also include burritos, of course. We can only imagine a world where we have no access to some of our favorite snacks. Quite frankly, we don’t want to live in that world. 

10.”All times are good times for those who know how to work and have the means to do so.”

Credit: Henry Romero / REUTERS

People live their lives through certain principles and standards that guide them. This one of Carlos’s most prominent lines in regards to hard work and finding peace through it. Yes that means solace when your mom asks to do do gardening work or mop the floors. It’s just all about finding that balance and purpose. 

11. “Mistakes are normal and human. Make them small, accept them, correct them, and forget them.”

It’s been said time and time again, humans make mistakes. But the hard part is letting it go and learning from them going forward. As Latinos, it’s about pulling up our boot straps and giving it all with ganas. Even if we fail, it’s okay. It’s about how we move going forward. 

12. “The biggest things in life are not materials.”

Yeah that new IPhone or car sounds like a really cool investment but that’s not what life should be about. Carlos knows a bit about investments as one of the most wealthiest guts around. But don’t just take his word for it. Invest in yourself, whether that be a vacation or lunch with an old friend. It’s those things that last a lifetime. 

13. “Guilt and fear make the present difficult and obstruct the future. To fight them, let us have good sense and accept ourselves as we are, with our realities, our merits, and our sorrows.”

Credit: Henry Romero / REUTERS

The worst thing is when our heads are clouded with negativity and just can’t seem to shake it off. But that’s the reality some of us face everyday and the best action is reassure where we stand on this planet and accept these bad days from the good days. 

14. “It’s important to give a better country to your children, but it is more important to give better children to your country.”

Credit: Rebecca Blackwell / Flickr

Our parents taught us right growing up and that means giving us the knowledge to treat others with respect. The only way we can create an even better world is by teaching our own children the same thing. 

15. “I think that anything that has privileges have responsibility and all people that is clear about their responsibility has compromise.”

Credit: Chip East / REUTERS

When we assume new responsibilities in life, it can be hard. Like when our parents leave you with their car to take care of or when your boss gives you a new role. It’s all about acknowledging these new roles and learning to compromise with yourself. 

16.  “Staying occupied displaces preoccupation and problems, and when we face our problems, they disappear.”

Credit: KimW_G / Instagram

Keep busy. That’s the key to staying away from life being stale and running into unnecessary problems. So that means helping our your primo with that project or lending a hand to your abuela in the kitchen. Trust us on this one. 

17.  “Well, when I was very young, maybe 12 years, I began to make investments.”

Credit: Forbes

It’s truly never too early to make a lifelong investment that will benefit you in the long run. So, yes take up that idea you’ve been neglecting or that job you’ve always wanted to apply to. You just never know what could happen.

18. “At the end we depart with nothing. We leave behind only our work, family, and friends, and, perhaps, a positive influence which we have planted.”

Credit: John Peters / Flickr

How do you want to be remembered when you leave this earth? It’s a tough question we all think about at times. In reality, it’s what we do now and today that only matters when we’re gone. 

19.”In this new wave of technology, you can’t do it all yourself, you have to form alliances.” 

Technology is moving quick and at times we forget where we stand in it all. This means reaching out to strangers, making those social relationships and not losing sight of reality.  

20.“Courage taught me no matter how bad a crisis gets… any sound investment will eventually pay off.”

Credit: Pixabay

Ever lose a wallet or even take a financial hit? It happens but it’s all about how we get up from these low moments and getting that courage to bounce back. Yes, getting dumped isn’t the best feeling but we’ve all been there and can assure you there is a tomorrow. 

21.”With good perspective of history we can have a better understanding of the past and present, and thus a clear vision of the future.”

Credit: Marco Ugarte / REUTERS

Our story is our background. It’s important to know this and get a perspective of where we come from. So be sure to listen when your papa talks about his childhood or your tio who won’t stop telling stories of his upbringing. These are the tales of your history that will help you understand the future. 

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on my block Quotes From Will Speak To Fans Like Never Before


on my block Quotes From Will Speak To Fans Like Never Before

The fandom has reached a consensus: Season 2 of Netflix’s On My Block was somehow even better than the first. Yes, it’s a corny take on the real life struggles that the Latino and Black community face in east Los Angeles, but Latinos need corny TV shows, too. This season shows traumatized young men actually express their vulnerability and hold each other up. It shows a young black woman literally walk out of a room that’s trying to impress upon her “how a girl should look and act like.” It shows the Latino community taking turns to house a homeless teenager trying to escape gang violence, and how even ICE makes safety more difficult to come by.

On My Block gives us all these very real issues and more–alongside imaginary gnomes, an abuelita smoking a blunt with her nieto and too many real laughs. Here’s the best of Season 2:

When Rudy was going to give Olivia a Spanish-English dictionary:


The whole first episode, we were crying over Rudy’s unopened gift to Olivia for her quince only to find out it was a dictionary.

Rudy: “What’s wrong with trying to improve someone’s skillset?”

When abuelita’s solution to Rudy’s grief was marijuana (pronounced “meri-juan-ah”):


Abuelita was trying to make all these jokes about how “at least Rudy has his own room, now” and it wasn’t landing. This solution super landed.

And then Rudy started theorizing about Latina’s immortal skin:


Rudy: Do you ever miss your little adobe hut?
Abuelita: Que?
Rudy: “You know, your little adobe hut back in Mexico. You think all that mud has something to do with why your skin still looks so soft?”

Abuelita had the most abuelita moment to date:

@OnMyBlock / Twitter

Raise your hand if your mami, tía or abuela has not told you about that time they were almost abducted by a UFO.

When Jamal and Cesar were trying to convince Abuelita to launder their money for the adrenaline rush:


I want to meet the writer that’s responsible for this content. Mil gracias.

Say his name out loud:


It never gets old. ???? This is the payback Jamal gets for stealing an overly personified gnome.

When Jasmin’s response to Rudy asking her to the school dance competition was this:


This season, not only was Jasmin’s comic relief next level, but we also got to know her better. She became a nuanced character and we can’t wait for more of this.

When Jasmin is making jokes about her father being nonfunctional:


Rudy went over to her house to apologize for being a pendejo and Jasmin was busy putting sunblock on her completely non-functioning father. He went to Afghanistan and never really came back. When she asked Rudy to put sunblock on him, she even made this joke. ⬆️ How are you so amazing, Jasmin?

“Why do I have to pledge allegiance to something that comes out of a fake country in Italy?”


Oh sh*****t. Writers of On My Block gave us this moment when Rudy told his mother he wasn’t going to church so he could help out Jamal. Relatable moment.

Mom’s response: “If you can’t hang with Jesus, you can’t hang with Jamal.”

When Mario knocked up tone-deaf white girl Amber:


“I’m so sorry for your recent loss. As a beneficiary of white privilege, these kinds of tragedies are, like, foreign to me. So on behalf of my people, I am sorry for keeping your people down…I’m about to be the mother of a whitina.”

When Rudy accidentally revealed this three-prong life plan to his friends:

  • Cesar’s sloppy seconds
  • Get SWOLE
  • Court older women (Juniors and above)

Then, there are all these gender aware moments, courtesy of sweet Rudy:


We don’t deserve this show. Or we really do deserve this show? Either way, there will be an uprising if Netflix cancels it.

Like when Rudy corrected Jamal on his misuse of female pronouns:


I’m learning so much. Preach, Rudy–way to combat machísmo the best way we know how.

When Rudy wasn’t having it with his mom’s idea for a gender-reveal cake.


At first, Mario came in to protest because he wanted the gender of the baby to be a surprise. Thankfully, Rudy had some thoughts on the “bigger issue.”

“We need to wait for the baby to tell us how he, she, or they identify.”



Standing ovation for the writers of this show. We’re beside ourselves.

“Pero beige? Beige is not our friend. Beige brings out the yellow in our skin.”


Mario and Rudy’s mom is, at this point, livid: “I no longer identify as the party planner.”

When Jasmin came in to ask the gang if they wanted any ‘refreshments’ only to smack her nalga and slam the door on the way out:


Jasmin ended up teaming up with Rudy to put on a bomb baby shower. They even paid extras to be there because Amber “has no friends or family.”

When Jasmin had questions about Amber’s pregnancy:


“You’re a gringa so it’s like soy, almond, or some good sh*t like that.” I’m screaming.

When Jasmin delivered Amber’s baby:


And then when Amber asked her if she was pooping and Jasmine replied in English, “No, honey, you’re good.”

In Spanish: “Tengo mucho caca! Someone get me a bedpan!”

And basically all of Jamal’s super intense paranoia:


Someone, meme this por favor. We’re all still triggered from the cancellation of One Day at a Time, so please share this article, tweet about what this show means to you, and have your own watch parties. Let’s keep this Latino representation alive!

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