10 Emojis All Latino Parents Need

My parents love to gossip almost as much as they love emojis. Unfortunately, when they try to explain they don’t like my brother’s wife through a series of smiling poos and praying hands, I get lost. Rather than having to decipher my parent’s brains with every instant message, I’d like to see emojis updated to match their desire for gossip.

Here are a few I’d suggest:

That One Drunk Tío Emoji

Abuela Is Lonely / Ultimate Guilt-Trip Emoji

Evil Ay Yai Yai Emoji

Abuelo Needs Lottery Tickets Emoji

You Need To Eat More Emoji

The Television Is Broken Again And My Show Is About To Start Emoji

I’m Staying Out Of This Emoji

Kids’ Table Emoji

Formal Event / Bolo Tie Emoji

Still Not Pregnant, Huh? Emoji