Xicha Brewing

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Let’s face it – Latinos just do beer better. There’s no denying just how tasty an ice cold chela is on a hot day, spiked with a bit of límon y sal. That’s why I love visiting local breweries, which also give us the perfect excuse to day drink. Breweries pretty much check off all of the things on my list to have a good time.

These cervecerías have everything you want plus algo mas. They are Latinx-owned breweries that celebrate all the things that make our culture fierce and fabulous. From California to Florida, these 15 Latinx breweries are bringing tasty cervezas to people all over the country.


Xicha Brewing

This Latina brewery is all about cerveza, comedy and cultura. They host game nights where you can try their guava or passiflora brews with a side of tacos al pastor all while playing lotería!

Brewjeria Company

We are enchanted by this witchy brewery, especially since it’s owned and created by a fierce Latinx team. Try their Luminosa Belgian blonde brew for something extra magical!

Progress Brewery

If you thought aguas frescas couldn’t get any better than think again. Progress Brewery’s hard agua de jamaica y agua de piña transform your abuela’s classic aguas into a good time.

Whittier Brewing Co

With a fabulous beer garden, this giant cervecería is the perfect place to try some new beers and delicious food! I usually try to pop in whenever I’m leaving a day at Disneyland but to be honest anytime is a good time to stop by.

Chula Vista Brewery

Come for the Chula Vista, stay for the micheladas complete with a glass perfectly rimmed with chamoy and chile.

San Francisco

Lupulandia Brewing

Lupulandia put a ton of love into creating their menu and it couldn’t be more incredible. They are highlighting some of the very best of Latinx cuisine, serving up everything from ceviche and esquites to cocktails de limón con chía, Tijuana-influenced cervezas, and so much more!


Ode Brewery

An ode to El Paso, as it’s known for, is where Texas meets Mexico. Go hang out at their patio during their over the top happy hours and don’t forget to bring your very best furry friend – the spot prides itself on being pet-friendly.


Raices Brewing

Raices Brewing is all about getting back to Latinx roots through their tight-knit comunidad. Go for the incredible beers and stay to enjoy and support your local Latinx performers, who they bring in from across the state.


Cruz Blanca Brewing

Tacos and chelas but make it elevated. We love the luchador beers, the Oaxacan tlayudas, and the community that thrives here. Honestly, we’re here for all of it.

5 Rabbit Brewery

Now, this spot is pretty special as it’s the first Latinx owned/operated brewery in the USA. Go show some amor to the OGs and while you’re at it try their paletas served inside of a michelada!

New York

Dyckman Beer Co

A voice for the Latinx community in Uptown NYC, this Dominican-owned brewery is putting the community first. Try their chocolate con leche triple stout which is like an alcoholic liquid dessert – it is everything!


Shojo Beer Co

Always eager to help, Shojo Beer Co puts on events to support local and international communities in need. Check out their unique brews while supporting all the important causes.

Spanish Marie

With fun pop culture collabs printed right onto their beer cans, you can’t help but feel all those good vibes just emanating from Spanish Marie – a bright and cheerful brewery located in southwest Miami.

Unbranded Brewing

Located in Hialeah’s LEAH Arts District, this massive brewery hosts epic trivia, flea markets and comedy nights that make it so much more than just a place to try excellent beers – of which there are many.

Lincolns Beard Brewing

No, BOGO isn’t just for shoes. At Lincoln’s Beard Brewing, Mondays and Tuesdays are BOGOS on all house beers! Bring a friend to share this deal with or don’t…more free beers for you.

Do you have any favorite Latinx-owned breweries that we should know about? Let us know in the comments!

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