Lupita Infante Talks Representing Pedro Infante’s Legacy, Women In Mariachi Music

Lupita Infante is carrying on the legacy of her famous last name. The Mexican-American singer is the granddaughter of Pedro Infante and the daughter of Pedro Infante, Jr, and she’s blazing a path for herself in mariachi music while pushing for more women in the genre. In an exclusive interview, Lupita talked about living with the Infante name, her first Grammy nomination, and performing at this year’s Mariachi USA festival.

Lupita Infante’s father inspired her to be a singer.

Lupita Infante was born in Downey, Calif. Thanks to growing up in Pedro Infante, Jr.’s household, her childhood was filled with regional Mexican music. Seeing her father’s concerts made her want to be an artist like him.

“Watching my dad onstage and in movies was always very fascinating to me because I got to see him connect with the audience when it was live,” Infante tells mitú. “My favorite thing about performing is really connecting with an audience through music. Watching my dad do that, it was like watching him make magic.”

Lupita Infante is proudly carrying the legacy of her famous last name.

Lupita’s grandfather, Pedro Infante, put their last name on the map as a singer and actor during Mexico’s golden age of cinema. Though he passed away too soon in 1957, his music and movies have left an indelible mark on Latine history. She is carrying on the legacy of her late father and grandfather.

“I recognize that it is kind of like a big task, but at same time, it’s such a big honor for me to have this last name,” Infante says. “Knowing that so many people still love my grandfather to this day and have seen my family in films or in the public. To carry that torch is something very special and I like what our music represents. For me it doesn’t feel like work, it feels like something I’m blessed to do.”

Lupita Infante pays tribute to Pedro Infante with her new single.

Lupita paid homage to her grandfather with the release of her new single “Cucurrucucú Paloma.” She puts her own pop spin on the regional Mexican music classic.

“It’s a very special song,” Infante says. “My grandfather recorded it in the mid-fifties. He was the first person to release it for a film. It’s one of the songs that I’ve sung since I started singing. It lends itself to have something new in it.”

Lupita Infante received her first Grammy nomination this year.

Lupita is starting to leave her own mark in regional Mexican music. This year she was nominated for her first Grammy Award. Her debut LP, 2019’s La Serenata, was nominated for Best Regional Mexican Music Album.

“That was a big surprise for me,” Infante says. “I still don’t know what to say because it’s unbelievable to have that kind of prestigious recognition for my work. To me this is only the beginning, so I’m just excited to keep working on new music and seeing what else is out there for me.”

Lupita Infante is hoping to inspire more women to go mariachi.

Regional Mexican music has a history of centering the male artists. Lupita is one of the leading female voices in mariachi music and she hopes to see more women follow her path.

“It’s really important for us women to really come through in this genre because the women they are out there,” Infante says. “Every year you see more women in the genre. We see more songs written by women for women. It took us awhile to get here and we’re still growing. As more doors open for women, as opportunities are available for us, we’re taking the opportunities. That’s a reflection of what’s happening in society also happening in music.”

Lupita Infante is performing at this year’s Mariachi USA festival and fireworks show.

Greg Watermann

Next up, Lupita is performing at the 32nd annual Mariachi USA festival on Sunday, Aug. 22. Tickets for the concert at the Hollywood Bowl are on-sale here. She was invited to perform at the event three years ago and it’s become a tradition for her. In addition to paying tribute to Lucha Villa this year, Infante will preview her next album.

“One of the songs I wrote for my new album, I’m going to be performing it at this year’s Mariachi USA festival,” Infante says. “I’m really excited about that. I’m going to give everybody a little taste of what’s coming. [At the festival] you feel like you’re at home and you’re just enjoying mariachi music at its best.”

Lupita Infante is happy to see her music be embraced by the LGBTQ+ community.

As more women are coming up in regional Mexican music, so are the LGBTQ+ acts. Mariachi Arcoiris de Los Angeles is a queer mariachi band that Infante often performs with. She showed her support for the LGBTQ+ community earlier this month with a performance at Downey Pride.

“Mariachi Arcoiris are very sweet and one of the things they always have done is introduce me as an ally,” Infante says. “To me that’s a beautiful honor to be called an ally, and however I can show my support and acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community, I’m all for it. My song ‘Serenata’ is sung a lot by Mariachi Arcoiris because it lends itself to be interpreted for your loved one. I’m happy to be an ally and to share my music with everybody.”

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