A Thousand Frida Kahlo Fans Dressed Up As The Painter For Her Birthday And Each Picture Is Cuter Than The Next

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“You see all races here. You even see men getting into the spirit.”

On July 7th, over a thousand people gathered, dressed as Frida Kahlo, and attempted to break a world record for most impersonators gathered at one time. To celebrate the 110th anniversary of the Mexican painter’s birth, the Dallas Museum of Art hosted all of the costumed Kahlos. They all agreed to wear similar attire, consisting of floral print dresses, shawls, flowers in their hair and the world-famous unibrow. They beat out the records for most Elvis and Harry Potter impersonators, which were 895 and 676, respectively.

Over 1100 people gathered and dressed up as Mexican painter Frida Khalo to celebrate what would have been her 110th birthday.

The Dallas Museum of Art partnered with Latino Center for Leadership Development to bring the project to reality.

The Latino Center for Leadership Development is, as its name suggests, a training and educational program for helping cultivate leadership in the Latino community.

This time-lapse shows just how many impersonators showed up to participate.

The Museum issued guidelines in this helpful video on how to properly dress like Kahlo.

They also made sure to post a photo to guide impersonators as well.

If you are looking for guidance on the Guinness World Record costume rules head to the DMA blog “Uncrated”, link in bio.

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Men, women, and children were encouraged to dress as the famous painter.

Credit: Dallas Museum of Art / Facebook

Whole families joined in on the fun as well.

Credit: Dallas Museum of Art / Facebook

Besides being counted for the record attempt, the Kahlos attended activities, exhibits, and performances, too.

Credit: Dallas Museum of Art / Facebook

And at the end of the day, they all gathered for a large group photo.

Credit: Dallas Museum of Art / Facebook

And most importantly, the museum made sure to have Kahlo’s art on full display.

Would you have joined in on the Frida-fun?

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If Your Kitchen Looks Like This, You Are Definitely Turning Into Your Abuela


If Your Kitchen Looks Like This, You Are Definitely Turning Into Your Abuela

Simplicity doesn’t exist when it comes to your abuela’s house. Every room in her house has personal touches that can’t go unnoticed. If you were to take a tour through your abuela’s kitchen, it would look a little like this…

Hands down, abuela’s kitchen has the most character. You know you’re in her kitchen because of the comal that is always on the stove.


And it seems like the longer it stays out on the stove, the better the tortillas taste.

Her stove is never complete without layers and layers of aluminum placed under every burner.


The clean freak in her has to avoid the oil stains one way or another.

And because she’s more of a cook than a baker, this is what ends up happening to her oven:


She doesn’t need an oven when she has a stove. The oven then becomes the ultimate storage facility.

As for kitchen necessities, something she always has on the counter is her molcajete.


Homemade salsa and guacamole wouldn’t be same without this bad boy.

And right next to that, grandma always has this little salt shaker out on the table. But look closely. It isn’t abuela’s salt shaker without a few grains of rice.


It might seem strange, but the rice actually absorbs moisture helping the salt last longer and preventing it from clumping up over time. #AbuelaHacks

As for dinnerware, your abuela can never have enough of these classic, color-trimmed bowls:


She has these on deck.

But if there’s one thing that adds color and character to your grandma’s kitchen, it’s her fancy curtains.


So. Much. Color.

Not a single wall in the kitchen is left plain. If it’s not one of these church or grocery store calendars that are pinned to the wall…


And because abuela hates throwing things away, these accumulate year after year.

…Then it’s a painting of the Last Supper hanging on one of her walls. Or both.


It’s either this or a saint.

The only thing that completes her fruit themed decor is a bowl of fake fruit on the table.


To go with her fruit curtains and her fruit painting. So dangerous by the way. My cousin once choked on one of the plastic grapes.

But kitchen decor doesn’t stop there. Her oil and soap dispensers are dressed up in colorful lacy aprons.


They have different outfits for every season.

One thing everyone can appreciate about abuelita is how much of a pro she is when it comes to recycling.


She’s been using the same container for a decade.

And if there’s one thing you’re sure to find in your abuela’s cocina, it’s a stash of plastic grocery store bags somewhere in her cabinets.


Most grocery stores no longer distribute plastic bags, but that’s not an issue for your sweet abuelita.

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What does your abuela’s kitchen look like? Let us know in the comments and hit the share button below!

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