Leave It To Zoe Saldana To Take Something As Dark As Her Character’s Baggage And Turn It Into A Message Of Strength And Redemption

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In an interview with Cinemablend, Puerto Rican-Dominican actress Zoe Saldana discusses the depths to which she took her character, Gamora, who returns for “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” this summer.

In the Marvel Comics world, Gamora is known as the most dangerous woman in the universe, and rightly so, as she is the adopted daughter of Thanos. Thanos is being set up in the films to be the baddest bad guy of them all, which is appropriate because in the comics he’s responsible at one time or another for some of the most gnarly storylines. There’s one storyline in which Thanos destroys the entirety of the universe, as well as an ongoing theme for him to attain ultimate power as a tribute to the love of his life: the physical embodiment of death. It’s some pretty dark stuff.

Gamora, as the story goes, had her planet exterminated and was forced by Thanos to become the most dangerous assassin in the universe. After completing her training, she indeed becomes an elite assassin, but all the while, she also keeps her resentment alive. She eventually is able to break free of Thanos’ grasp and joins the Guardians, who battle Thanos every chance they get.

In order to drum up such deep and dark sadness, pain and frustration, Saldana says she called upon the tragic story of The Lost Boys of Sudan, which is the story of some 20,000 Sudanese children who were uprooted by civil war. While many were displaced and made their way to Kenya, some were ripped from their homes, as their families were killed and their homes destroyed, only to be brainwashed and forced into a life of violence as child-soldiers. Saldana drew from those stories to inform her character’s arc and went as deep as she possibly could as an actress with the encouragement of director James Gunn.

“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” returns this summer, with all of your favorites and the incredibly bad-ass assassin-turned-superhero, Gamora.

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