The Drama Between James Charles And Tati Westbrook Is Teaching Us Important Lessons On Cancel Culture

The viral drama that has been occurring over the past week between Youtubers Tati Westbrook and James Charles puts the storylines from telenovelas to shame. Sure, this drama falls short of cat-fights and long-lost twins, but it still is scandalous enough to keep the whole internet enthralled.

We’ve compiled a break-down of the whole scandal for those of you who may have been confused throughout all of the constant updates. Take a look at the real-life telenovela below!

1. On May 10th, Youtube beauty guru Tati Westbrook dropped a video entitled “BYE SISTER” that, for all intents and purposes, ended her friendship with James Charles

Screenshot via Youtube

In the video, Westbrook revealed that James Charles had betrayed her by posting a sponsored Instagram story for Sugar Bear Hair vitamins–a brand that is a direct competitor to Westbrook’s line of vitamins, Halo Beauty.

2. Westbrook went into detail about her relationship with Charles, whom she says she loves like a son.


Westbrook explained that she was integral to Charles’s success, inviting him on her channel to guest-star in her videos, flying him out to do her makeup for her wedding, and orchestrating lucrative deals for him with the help of her husband.

3. Westbrook said she did all of this for free, because she believed in James Charles’s talent and she wanted him to succeed

Screenshot via Youtube

According to her, Charles never returned the favor (although she never really expected him to).

4. Tati revealed that James posted a sponsored post to her direct competitor because he wanted an Artist’s Pass at Coachella

Tati revealed that James Charles told her he was forced to accept the sponsored post deal when he was getting “mobbed” at Coachella. He insisted that Sugar Bear Hair gave him an Artist Pass (to keep him away from crazy fans) in exchange for a sponsored post on his Instagram.

4. In her video, Tati revealed that she felt betrayed by James Charles for doing this behind her back, leaving her blindsided when she saw the post


Westbrook felt like she had been used and discarded, since she has previously endorsed and promoted Charles’s Morphe palette on her social media accounts and Youtube channels free of charge.

5. According to her, Charles had previously refused to promote her Halo Beauty vitamins


Charles allegedly felt “uncomfortable” marketing supplements to his audience (who are mostly children).

6. Tati went on to air a list of grievances against James Charles in her “BYE SISTER” video

Screenshot via Youtube

Her complaints started with explaining how she felt betrayed and went on to call out Charles for his sexually inappropriate behavior towards straight men he finds attractive.

7. She ended the video by saying she no longer wants anything to do with James Charles

via Youtube

She explained that she went public with the beef because she hoped the video would act as a “wake up call” to a teenager she felt was spiraling out of control. She claimed her previous attempts at talking to him about his behavior had gone nowhere.

8. The public response to the video was swift and immediate, with Charles losing millions of subscribers in the span of a day

Screenshot via Youtube

There was even a viral video that updated Charles’s falling subscriber base live compared to Tati’s, which was rapidly rising.

9. He responded with his own apology video titled “Tati”, where he fessed up to his mistakes and begged for her forgiveness

Screenshot via Youtube

In this video, Charles claimed that he is always trying to improve himself and apologized for hurting Tati and her husband with his post.

10. At this point, the Tati/James drama spun way out of control, with the whole internet weighing in on the drama


Male Instagram influencers began sharing screenshots of Charles hitting on them via DMs and even pop star Zara Larsson claimed that Charles DM’ed her model boyfriend, who is very-much straight.

11. Things got taken even farther when Youtube beauty-titan Jeffree Star inserted himself into the drama


Star began piled-on the James Charles hate via Twitter, calling him a a “predator”, a “danger to society” and claiming he had long been “banned” from his household.

12. Charles later uploaded a video called “No More Lies” where he went into more detail about the scandal and explained his side of the story

Screenshot via Youtube

James Charles admitted he reached out to Sugar Bear Hair first, which he had previously lied about. But he then went on to defend himself–mostly regarding his behavior towards straight men.

13. James Charles revealed tons of private texts and messages to paint a fuller picture as to what happened.

Screenshot via Youtube

According to Charles, he only ever “compliments” men in private via DM’ing and the instance with the waiter Tati mentioned actually evolved into a short-lived fling (meaning the “straight man” in question arguably wasn’t straight). He also made it clear that he was still a virgin, and just a young gay man navigating and exploring his sexuality. He was candid about how he’s making mistakes along the way.

14. He claimed that he doesn’t sexually harass straight men

Screenshot via Youtube

The much-discussed incident with the waiter was actually a consensual interaction he had with a bi-curious young man whom he ended up hanging out with later that night.

15. Charles also claimed that he had promoted Halo products before


Charles pulled out the receipts for the few times he mentioned Halo Beauty on his social media accounts. He also proved that he reached out to Tati at the time of the Coachella ordeal to explain to her what was going on

16. Meanwhile, Tati posted a video entitled “Why I Did It” which explained why she felt the need to go public with her complaints against Charles

Screenshot via Youtube

In this video, Tati says she felt that a public video was–at the time–the only way she felt she could get through to Charles after reaching out to him privately many times. She also called for her fans to stop the online hate aimed towards him.

17. Even Jeffree Star took to his Youtube channel to address the drama, admitting in his video that he “mishandled” the situation

Screenshot via Youtube

Most people didn’t understand why Jeffree Star made this his business anyway.

18. On May 19th, Tati posted a statement on Twitter once and for all putting an end to her “feud” with James Charles


In the statement, she wrote that she believes it is the “best interest of our community, our viewers, and our own mental health to put this matter to a rest”. And that she “regrets” the way she went about raising her concerns over Charles’s behavior.

19. As of now, the drama has finally come to an end.


On Sunday, James Charles tweeted out a statement acknowledging the end of the ordeal as well.

20. Both James Charles and Tati Westbrook have agreed that they are putting the drama to bed to focus on positivity and both of their mental health

Screenshot via Youtube

The whole ordeal has sparked a larger discussion about public internet “lynchings” where people can be “cancelled” at the drop of a hat and have their careers ruined for mistakes that everyone makes.

YouTuber Daisy Marquez Shared Her Story Of Being Undocumented So She Could Help Others In The Same Situation

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YouTuber Daisy Marquez Shared Her Story Of Being Undocumented So She Could Help Others In The Same Situation

Beauty and lifestyle YouTuber, Daisy Marquez, started posting makeup tutorials on Snapchat for fun and then switched over to other platforms growing a fanbase of over one million followers across all of her social media platforms. 

What started as simply a fierce beauty and makeup channel turned into something much more as Daisy decided to share her experience as an undocumented person living in the US.

Last week, as ICE raids were set to happen across the country, Daisy shared to Instagram her story as an undocumented DREAMER.

Credit: daisymarquez_ / Instagram

In the caption she said why she wanted to tell her story, ” I want to open up and share my story for those who don’t know.” She goes on to tell the story of how when she was 10-years-old, she wanted to visit her family in Mexico. She made the trip but had to cross back into the US illegally, with a coyote, across the Rio Grande, and was nearly caught by Border Patrol.

Thankfully, her story had a happy ending and she made it back into the US and has gone on to be a successful YouTuber.

But Daisy hopes that sharing her story will help inspire others who have similar experiences as her.

Reactions to her Instagram post have been overwhelmingly positive.

There are literally more than a million people in the US who can relate to her story as a DREAMER and millions who are in the shadows – as undocumented people so often are.

With many people thanking her for her bravery and inspiration.

Many on Instagram pointed at how strong and brave she was even at 10-yeras-old and how she’s carried that fearlessness in everything she does.

Even her mama took to Instagram to share in the love.

Aww, this is just too sweet!

Along with her story, Daisy shared pictures of her on her trip to Mexico.

Credit: daisymarquez_ / Instagram

And her fans were eating up the photos! Telling her how fierce she looks and that she was born to be a star.

Even at 10, Daisy knew how to serve looks.

Credit: daisymarquez_ / Instagram

Daisy says she was a fierce, determined, and strong young lady who wasn’t afraid of anything, until it came time to cross back into the US.

Many on Instagram commented on how fearless she looked in the photos while others said she looked like a child telenovela star.

All of this started when Daisy uploaded a video to her YouTube channel back in 2017, shortly after Trump took office.

Marquez’s YouTube video, “Story Time: I’m Undocumented,” received more than 1.3 million views, making it the most popular video on her channel. In the video she talks about her immigration status, her struggles of being undocumented and shared a story about the time she had to cross the US -Mexico border when she was 10.

In the heartfelt video, Daisy opens up about how her mom brought her to the US to help give her a better life.

As with so many of our parents who crossed into the US illegally, her mother wanted to make sure that Daisy would get a better education and have more opportunities in this world as an adult.

She then tells the story about how desperately she wanted to visit her family in Mexico when she was 10 years old.

Credit: @lalajanet69 / Twitter

After about a month in Jalisco, Mexico, with her grandparents, her mother had explained through a phone call that she would have to return to the US with a coyote and cross the Rio Grande.

Marquez was awakened by her grandmother at 3 a.m. to start the journey. Marquez begged her to let her stay in Mexico, regretting ever going down south, but alas, Marquez was taken to the coyotes who would help her cross back in the US.

In the video, as she wipes away tears, Daisy explains the entire harrowing experience of crossing into the US with a small group of people. They have to swim across the Rio Grande, encounter the Border Patrol, run out of water, and have to walk a total of nearly 7 hours.

She points out how traumatizing the experience was simply to go back to the visit the country she was born in.

And how people shouldn’t have to suffer such a traumatic experience and even risk their lives simply to visit the country they were born in. Or to visit their abuelos and other familia.

Even though she applied to 7 different colleges and was accepted to all of them, she couldn’t attend any of them.

When Marquez safely returned home to Oak Cliff, eight years had passed, and while pursuing her love for makeup and balancing school work, her new test of strength came after graduation: her immigration status held her back from doing the things she wanted to do — like attending college.

“I worked my ass off, I took college classes, graduated with distinct honors … all that went to waste all because I’m from Mexico,” she said in her video.

Marquez discussed in her video that despite being accepted to every college she had applied to, the cost of going would be at a much higher rate because of her status as an international student, a burden she did not want to put on her parents’ back.

Stuck between school and chasing her passion for makeup and fashion, she took the plunge and dedicated her life to creating more videos for her followers.

As a successful YouTuber she’s had to pass on several amazing opportunities because of her immigration status.

Credit: @daisymarquez_ / Twitter

From a trip to Bora Bora to having to move her life to Los Angeles in order to pursue her dreams as an artist, Daisy is not shy about sharing her struggles, dreams, and aspirations on her YouTube channel.

She ends her video by reminding all the people who may be in the same situation to never give up on your dreams.

Sharing a deeply personal story, as Daisy did, is often one of the strongest ways to reach people, to inspire them. And with an estimated 1.3 million eligible DACA recipients in the US, let’s hope that her story has inspired many of them to chase their dreams.

And her story seems to have resonated with a lot of people.

Credit: @daisymarquez_ / Twitter

Reactions on Twitter to Daisy’s video, range from tweets of tears and sadness for her story to “bravo daisy, you’re amazing” and “thank you so much for sharing your personal story. with it i hope others see their own potential.”

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This Latina Making Six Figures A Month On Youtube By Making Goo Is Basically The New American Dream


This Latina Making Six Figures A Month On Youtube By Making Goo Is Basically The New American Dream

Twenty-five-year-old Karina Garcia has a life that can be seen quite literally as a rags-to-riches story. The Riverside, California native is known on Youtube as the ‘Slime Queen’ and makes when things are going really well an average of two hundred thousand dollars. Once making a living off of tips as a waitress, the Latina now serves 9 million subscribers on her Youtube channel some pretty gooey content, or rather, videos of her producing slime

Garcia started her empire based on an interest she had in goo as a young child.

@karinagarc1a / Instagram

Speaking with ABC news about her life before her lucrative business, the Latina said she grew up in a family of eight in a two-bedroom mobile home. Four years before her fame, she was on a break from college and working as a waitress. “I wasn’t in school. … I had like nothing going for myself,” she told ABC. “I remember thinking, like, ‘What am I gonna do with my life?'”

In an interview with Delish, Garcia says she played with slime as a kid and decided to make some of her own but when she couldn’t find recipes to make some, she started doing her own experimenting and research. When Garcia saw that things were going well for her sister Mayra Isabel Garcia’s own beauty tutorial channel, she decided to give creating one a go too. But hers would be built entirely on slime.

“I used to get a lot of hate for it in the beginning,” Garcia told Delish. “I’d make slime once a week, and people were like, ‘What are you doing? You’re so weird.’ Now, people get it. It’s this sensory thing that’s fun to look at and stress-relieving to play with.”

On YouTube, where tutorials are a dime a dozen, Garcia’s videos grab millions of views.

Garcia most popular video so far sees her create a massive tub of slime in her video “100 Pounds of Slime!”

To date, the video has over 26 million views.

From fluffy slim to glitter slime, the Latina’s youtube channel sets out to experiment with creating all kinds of slime forms.

She’s even put Hot Cheetos in Slime!

Spoiler alert: it’s not edible but it does smell good!

But she’s not just a Youtuber. She’s a businesswoman too.

@karinagarc1a / Instagram

Garcia, who has contributed to getting her parents retired, with more than just the channel. She’s also partnered up with Target to create slime kits with her Crafy City line and has had deals with big brands like Coca-Cola. Today, the Latina has been able to afford to buy her own home, a bedroom of six rooms. She truly does live in a house that slime built.

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