The Drama Between James Charles And Tati Westbrook Is Teaching Us Important Lessons On Cancel Culture

The viral drama that has been occurring over the past week between Youtubers Tati Westbrook and James Charles puts the storylines from telenovelas to shame. Sure, this drama falls short of cat-fights and long-lost twins, but it still is scandalous enough to keep the whole internet enthralled.

We’ve compiled a break-down of the whole scandal for those of you who may have been confused throughout all of the constant updates. Take a look at the real-life telenovela below!

1. On May 10th, Youtube beauty guru Tati Westbrook dropped a video entitled “BYE SISTER” that, for all intents and purposes, ended her friendship with James Charles

Screenshot via Youtube

In the video, Westbrook revealed that James Charles had betrayed her by posting a sponsored Instagram story for Sugar Bear Hair vitamins–a brand that is a direct competitor to Westbrook’s line of vitamins, Halo Beauty.

2. Westbrook went into detail about her relationship with Charles, whom she says she loves like a son.


Westbrook explained that she was integral to Charles’s success, inviting him on her channel to guest-star in her videos, flying him out to do her makeup for her wedding, and orchestrating lucrative deals for him with the help of her husband.

3. Westbrook said she did all of this for free, because she believed in James Charles’s talent and she wanted him to succeed

Screenshot via Youtube

According to her, Charles never returned the favor (although she never really expected him to).

4. Tati revealed that James posted a sponsored post to her direct competitor because he wanted an Artist’s Pass at Coachella

Tati revealed that James Charles told her he was forced to accept the sponsored post deal when he was getting “mobbed” at Coachella. He insisted that Sugar Bear Hair gave him an Artist Pass (to keep him away from crazy fans) in exchange for a sponsored post on his Instagram.

4. In her video, Tati revealed that she felt betrayed by James Charles for doing this behind her back, leaving her blindsided when she saw the post


Westbrook felt like she had been used and discarded, since she has previously endorsed and promoted Charles’s Morphe palette on her social media accounts and Youtube channels free of charge.

5. According to her, Charles had previously refused to promote her Halo Beauty vitamins


Charles allegedly felt “uncomfortable” marketing supplements to his audience (who are mostly children).

6. Tati went on to air a list of grievances against James Charles in her “BYE SISTER” video

Screenshot via Youtube

Her complaints started with explaining how she felt betrayed and went on to call out Charles for his sexually inappropriate behavior towards straight men he finds attractive.

7. She ended the video by saying she no longer wants anything to do with James Charles

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She explained that she went public with the beef because she hoped the video would act as a “wake up call” to a teenager she felt was spiraling out of control. She claimed her previous attempts at talking to him about his behavior had gone nowhere.

8. The public response to the video was swift and immediate, with Charles losing millions of subscribers in the span of a day

Screenshot via Youtube

There was even a viral video that updated Charles’s falling subscriber base live compared to Tati’s, which was rapidly rising.

9. He responded with his own apology video titled “Tati”, where he fessed up to his mistakes and begged for her forgiveness

Screenshot via Youtube

In this video, Charles claimed that he is always trying to improve himself and apologized for hurting Tati and her husband with his post.

10. At this point, the Tati/James drama spun way out of control, with the whole internet weighing in on the drama


Male Instagram influencers began sharing screenshots of Charles hitting on them via DMs and even pop star Zara Larsson claimed that Charles DM’ed her model boyfriend, who is very-much straight.

11. Things got taken even farther when Youtube beauty-titan Jeffree Star inserted himself into the drama


Star began piled-on the James Charles hate via Twitter, calling him a a “predator”, a “danger to society” and claiming he had long been “banned” from his household.

12. Charles later uploaded a video called “No More Lies” where he went into more detail about the scandal and explained his side of the story

Screenshot via Youtube

James Charles admitted he reached out to Sugar Bear Hair first, which he had previously lied about. But he then went on to defend himself–mostly regarding his behavior towards straight men.

13. James Charles revealed tons of private texts and messages to paint a fuller picture as to what happened.

Screenshot via Youtube

According to Charles, he only ever “compliments” men in private via DM’ing and the instance with the waiter Tati mentioned actually evolved into a short-lived fling (meaning the “straight man” in question arguably wasn’t straight). He also made it clear that he was still a virgin, and just a young gay man navigating and exploring his sexuality. He was candid about how he’s making mistakes along the way.

14. He claimed that he doesn’t sexually harass straight men

Screenshot via Youtube

The much-discussed incident with the waiter was actually a consensual interaction he had with a bi-curious young man whom he ended up hanging out with later that night.

15. Charles also claimed that he had promoted Halo products before


Charles pulled out the receipts for the few times he mentioned Halo Beauty on his social media accounts. He also proved that he reached out to Tati at the time of the Coachella ordeal to explain to her what was going on

16. Meanwhile, Tati posted a video entitled “Why I Did It” which explained why she felt the need to go public with her complaints against Charles

Screenshot via Youtube

In this video, Tati says she felt that a public video was–at the time–the only way she felt she could get through to Charles after reaching out to him privately many times. She also called for her fans to stop the online hate aimed towards him.

17. Even Jeffree Star took to his Youtube channel to address the drama, admitting in his video that he “mishandled” the situation

Screenshot via Youtube

Most people didn’t understand why Jeffree Star made this his business anyway.

18. On May 19th, Tati posted a statement on Twitter once and for all putting an end to her “feud” with James Charles


In the statement, she wrote that she believes it is the “best interest of our community, our viewers, and our own mental health to put this matter to a rest”. And that she “regrets” the way she went about raising her concerns over Charles’s behavior.

19. As of now, the drama has finally come to an end.


On Sunday, James Charles tweeted out a statement acknowledging the end of the ordeal as well.

20. Both James Charles and Tati Westbrook have agreed that they are putting the drama to bed to focus on positivity and both of their mental health

Screenshot via Youtube

The whole ordeal has sparked a larger discussion about public internet “lynchings” where people can be “cancelled” at the drop of a hat and have their careers ruined for mistakes that everyone makes.

A Mexican YouTuber Is Going Viral For This Video Of Him Eating Two Habaneros As Part Of A Dare And It’s Hard To Watch


A Mexican YouTuber Is Going Viral For This Video Of Him Eating Two Habaneros As Part Of A Dare And It’s Hard To Watch

Oh my, what some people are willing to do for a few thousand views! YouTuber and influencer culture has become an incredibly competitive field and only the most outrageous manage to stand out among literally thousands of individuals who offer a look into their lives and fight to get at least 15 minutes of fame. We have seen it all, from the early days of the Internet and fake identities being created, to the case of a woman in Australia who faked cancer recovery to become a wellness and health celebrity.

But a recent case in Mexico became much talked-about for all the wrong reasons… introducing the case of the man who ended up in hospital for eating two habanero chillies, one of the most picosa varieties that you can find.

Los Hermanos Lara are a comedic duo out of Yucatan, and Hugo went far beyond duty and faced one of his biggest fears… 

Credit: Los Hermanos Lara Oficial / YouTube

Hugo stated that he doesn’t eat chili, but was dared to eat two habaneros at once. He said yes, but said he would have one after the other. The rest of the crew said absolutely not…  And then all spicy hell broke loose!

Hugo put both chilies in his mouth at once… and started chewing 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Credit: Los Hermanos Lara Oficial / YouTube

We just cannot stress this enough: please do not try at home. If you suspect you won’t be able to handle the heat (quite literally), please just don’t! Besides risking a respiratory shock due to the sudden attack on your throat lining, your stomach can also suffer greatly, as the oils from some chili species can damage the inner layer of your gut. You will regret it. Do not succumb to peer pressure, repeat, do not succumb to peer pressure. 

Look at this face: it is a face of a guy who is about to experience real hell on Earth… 

Credit: Los Hermanos Lara Oficial / YouTube

Wait for it, wait for it… 

Wow! His tongue and lips and throat are exploding in a thousand sparks of flavor and pain!

Credit: Los Hermanos Lara Oficial / YouTube

Someone please call the firemen! This poor man just had a complete shock to his system and as funny as it might be it is actually pretty darn dangerous. Lara immediately turned red due to a sudden rush of blood to his face, and started to cough as the chili oils were being released, acting as an irritant in his mouth and upper respiratory tract. 

Then things started to get really, really bad…

Credit: Los Hermanos Lara Oficial / YouTube

Hugo was overcome by an uncontrollable coughing fit after he spit the habaneros. His companions started to get real worried and Hugo could just not stop coughing… 

An ambulance was called! 

Credit: Los Hermanos Lara Oficial / YouTube

They gave him water, panicked… things went from laughter to chaos in a few seconds, which reminds us that in life unexpected turns are always there waiting for us. 

Hugo is fine now, thanks for asking, but the incident was like straight out of a telenovela (but also a reminder to not do silly things that can put us in danger.)

Credit: Los Hermanos Lara Oficial / YouTube

The other half of the Lara duo released an announcement on social media, stating that Hugo was fine and that they decided to release the video so rumors didn’t get too out of control: “Hugo Lara is in stable condition. We didn’t think that this would get so out of control, and we will show you the video we recorded, so that you can see what really happened…”

You can watch the incident here. We are glad that Hugo is fine, but it could have ended very, very badly for him. Sometimes people have allergic reactions that they are unaware of, so that coughing fit could have signaled a much more serious issue.

So what are habaneros anyway and why are they so damn hot (and delicious)?

Credit: Bonnie Plants

Habaneros are a staple of yucateca food, and one of the most profitable crops in the state. The habanero chili comes originally from the Amazon, but its popularity spread up, reaching Mexico. Its scientific name is Capsicum chinense Habanero Group and it is considered one of the hottest chilies in the world. Like other chilies, habaneros contain a substance called capsaicin that stimulates areas of the skin and tongue that are sensitive to heat and pain.

And when you say that a chili is burning your tongue you are onto something: capsaicin tricks the brain into thinking that the body’s surface is actually on fire, so the fright and flight response is well justified! Trivia fact: chili species developed their heat to stop fungus from developing on them and killing them. Damn, nature can be pretty smart, much smarter than us mortal humans. 

Versace Just Dropped A Whole Telenovela For Their Holiday Campaign And The Drama Puts Rubí To Shame


Versace Just Dropped A Whole Telenovela For Their Holiday Campaign And The Drama Puts Rubí To Shame

versace / Instagram

And no, we’re not talking about ‘The Assassination of Gianni Versace’, that’s a different Versace-themed glamorous murder-mystery. This time, the Italian fashion house, known for its drama and campy decadence, produced a whole bite-sized Telenovela featuring its holiday 2019 collection. Think Veronica Castro in the 80s; big perms, bold statement jewelry, betrayal, murder and tax evasion. Not even Telemundo could’ve thought of a more twisted and fabulous story. 

Versace’s Holiday Saga is a tumultuous and OTT Telenovela.

The concept was first ideated in collaboration with the American artist Sarah Baker and the UK art and fashion journal; Baroness Magazine. The six-part micro-telenovela includes all the traditional elements of Latino soap-operas that we’re all too familiar with; such as a filthy-rich family who owns an over the top mansion, a greedy antagonist (usually a sexy female), the wronged husband, the ingenue and the sketchy accountant. 

The protagonist, Angelina, is a rich business woman who is suspected of having committed a crime.

Constructed as a series of letters written by the protagonist to Donatella herself, the story follows Angelina (played by Baker), the CEO of Narcissist Records who has been accused of stealing the smash hit “Spritz Me With Your Love” (lol), from an uncredited writer. 

In telenovelas, people return from the dead, blackmail each other and plot the protagonist’s demise, and Versace’s version isn’t short of all that drama.

The writer of the song is in fact Angelina’s boy toy, “Angelo,” who —in true Telenovela style— appears to have mysteriously died after falling off a cliff. Angelina, suspects that her archenemy The Baroness—Angelo’s wife— played by top model Helena Christensen, is to blame. 

If it all sounds twisted, over the top dramatic and just all around extra; wait until you see the visuals.

The 6 mini-episodes not only feature fabulously dressed models clad in all Versace outfits, but also a huge assortment of random Versace-emblazoned items. There’s Versace silverware, a Versace pool float, a Versace volleyball, a Versace ash tray, Versace martini glasses, and the list goes on. 

By this point, if you grew up watching Telenovelas, you should know that nothing is as expected.

Telenovela plotlines are a twisted business. If you’ve watched classics like ‘La Usurpadora’, ‘Los Ricos Tambien Lloran’, ‘Rubi’, or ‘Maria Mercedes’, you’d know better than to assume that things will follow their natural course. In Versace’s story; Angelo is of course, not dead. The accountant is plotting to frame Angelina and marry her daughter —the ingenue— to keep Narcissist Records for himself. Angelina had an affair with her frienemy ‘The Baroness’s’ husband Angelo, and The Baroness is actually… drumroll please… an undercover spy. 

You can watch the six-part series on Versace’s holiday campaign website.

Versace unleashed the first full episode as well as a director’s cut on their Youtube channel. The Italian house’s complete 6-episode soap opera, is available to view for free in the form of a ‘Versace Holiday Saga’ on the brand’s website.  

There will also be a print edition of the story.

instagram @baroness_magazine

The actual print edition of the art and fashion magazine ‘Baroness’ will feature the story alongside an accompanying editorial shoot —which seems to be even steamier than the video clips. 

Donatella’s take on the classic soap-opera has all of our Telenovela-loving hearts, obsessed.

Twitter @veronicadela4t

Versace knows the importance of spectacle and drama. Donatella embraces over-the-top luxury and this tongue-in-cheek take on the campy Telenovela, is evocative of the 80s and 90s classics, us Latinx millennials, grew up watching. Angela and The Baroness might as well be characters in ‘Maria Mercedes’ or ‘Los Ricos Tambien Lloran’ and we can’t stop watching. It’s ridiculous and we’re sure you’ll love it, too. 

As ridiculous as the narrative might seem, The Versace Saga gives us every single thing we need out of a Telenovela: sex, scandal, intrigue, decadence and sisterhood.

After the unravelling of the scandalous lives of the female protagonists, the campaign teaches us an important lesson in empowered sisterhood. Dismantling the misconception of ruthless powerful women in popular culture as spiteful, Angela and The Baroness actually patch things up and work together to unmask the real villains; Jacob and Angelo.

In this project, Baker and Donatella aim to subvert the judgement of ‘passional’ soap-star females fueled by theatricality. Instead they celebrate sisterhood by wrapping up the story with a collaborative female effort to overthrow the pangs of blackmail and deceit.

The holiday campaign features Versace Cruise 2020, and a wide selection of the brand’s famous medusa, emblazoned on household items. The collection is now shoppable on