People Share The Stories Of Their Past New Years Kisses

If you’ve ever celebrated New Years Eve in the US, you know what it entails: lots of fireworks, too many bottles of champagne, the ball dropping in Times Square, and that quintessential midnight kiss. People often make a big deal about having someone to smooch when the clock strikes twelve—there is many a movie plotline that revolves around this very topic (if you haven’t seen When Harry Met Sally, it’s a classic that you should watch immediately). Some folks are lucky enough to start the night out knowing exactly who will give them that special beso—others, not so much. Either way, the internet is buzzing with stories about their people’s past New Years kisses, and while some anecdotes are total rom-com material, others are awkward, uncomfortable, hopeful or optimistic.

Take this story about someone kissing their girlfriend’s sister at a New Year’s Eve party. They claim it was an accident, but others disagree. We’ll let you be the judge.

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“Accidentally kissed my girlfriend’s sister at a new years party. No one believed it was an accident. It was dark, I was intoxicated. My evening did not end as pleasantly as it might have otherwise.” –Reddit user, Germanakzent

Or this story from a girl who had a competition with a friend to see how many strangers they could kiss one New Years Eve.

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“I was lucky enough to spend NYE in Berlin, Germany. I made a bet with my friend early in the night that we’d both make out with strangers. I hadn’t kissed anyone since I broke up with my ex 4 months [before]. In the end, I won. I had my first kiss with a guy I’d been eye fucking all night, at midnight. Then enjoyed it so much I figured I’d keep finding hot strangers to kiss. Ended the night with 5 make outs and had the time of my life. Best new years eve ever.” –Reddit user, bendite02

Or this story about a classic high school love triangle.

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“I was deeply in love with my best friend when I was a teenager . . . On New Years Eve, just as the count down started he turned to me and said ‘If something’s done, can it be forgotten?’ I just looked at him confused and he leaned in with a great kiss. We never spoke of it again probably because he was dating my other best friend at the time.” –Reddit user, Mspizzu

Or this person’s animalistic reaction when they were approached by someone for a smooch.

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“I licked a dudes cheek who asked me to give him a midnight kiss. Like how a dog would if there was peanut butter all over his cheek.” –Reddit user, selly112090

Or this sweet Hollywood moment, when an old hometown fling barrels his way through a crowd of people to plant one on his date.

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“It was a New Years Eve about 5 years ago and I was in my hometown for it. Bumped into a guy I used to see and after a little flirting he said he’s see me at midnight. Come 11:59 the countdown is happening and he’s nowhere in sight. The count gets to 3 and I look around and he is absolutely bombing it through the crowd, pushing people aside to get to me and bang on midnight he rushes into me, grabs me and our lips lock. It’s not the most passionate or meaningful kiss I’ve ever had but damnit it brings a smile to my face every time I think of it.” –Reddit user, howlingatthemoobs

Or this person’s optimistic outlook after being turned down a few days following his New Years kiss (edited for clarity).

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“Had a few drinks waiting for the countdown to midnight, come the strike of twelve, I lean in and whisper in her ear if I could be her New Years kiss. She smiled and said yes, and we kissed. Now, I’ve had a crush on this girl for a long time, and I finally built up the courage to make my move, and I made it.

Afterwards before we had left, I took her aside and told her how I felt, But after I finished confessing my feeling for her, she doesn’t really respond to it. We walk out of the bar and go about the rest of the night.

2 days later, I still haven’t heard from her. But it’s a new year, and that means there’s a whole 365 days I’ll have to meet someone new.” –Reddit user, ChlorineLungs

Whether you find the New Years kiss tradition endearing or overwhelming, make sure you don’t do anything you don’t want to do, and celebrate the New Year in a way that makes you feel comfortable! Happy New Year!

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