In Mexico, People Are Celebrating The Chicana Who Just Landed The Role Of A Nissan Exec

Mayra González is making serious boss moves.

The mexicana, who was the first woman to lead a country subsidiary of Nissan when she acted as president of the Japanese auto maker’s Mexico branch, is now headed to the Asian country, where she will take on the new position as General Director of Nissan Global Sales.

“We thank Mayra for her three years as head of the team in Mexico and we will be attentive to her contribution in her new role with the global sales organization, ” said José Valls, president of Nissan North America, according to Mexican site

If you’ve followed González’s career, you wouldn’t be surprised by her latest triumph.

The 40-year-old jefa started at the company as a salesperson at an automotive dealership, later working in sales at Nissan in 2001. Eleven years later, she worked her way up to become the first woman on the company’s operations committee in 2012. In 2016, she then became the first female president of a country subsidiary.

González always knew her power, too. According to a tweet by Forbes Mexico, she asked a photographer to take a photo of her in the president’s office years before she took on the role, saying it would one day be her workspace. The photographer giggled, but she never doubted her own determination, brilliance and work ethic would really get her there.

Mexico News Daily reports that the businesswoman successfully led the company through trying times while sitting at its helm over the last three years.

“I think that when I started leading the company, I was driving a ship through calm waters,” she told El Universal, according to the news site. “But then we went into a stormy ocean, and there were a lot of complications. And more than what I brought, I think that what I focused on was creating the right team to pilot that ship as best as possible, and that’s what we’ve done.”

In Mexico, people, especially women, are celebrating González’s latest, but not-so-surprising, accomplishment.

Congratulations, Mayra!

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