Jennifer Degollado Is Following Ramon Ayala’s Footsteps And People Are Calling Her La Reina Del Acordeón

Singer and accordionist for the cumbia band Grupo Control, Jennifer Degollado, is stealing the spotlight with her amazing voice and instrumental skills. It’s no wonder people are calling her la reina del accordeón and why she’s inspiring so many Latina musicians…

Meet Jennifer Degollado, musician and goddaughter of Ramon Ayala, who is widely known as “El Rey Del Acordeón.”

Jennifer Degollado decided to follow Ayala’s footsteps and is currently the singer and accordion player for cumbia band, Grupo Control.

She’s the only mujer in this group of five men and she’s killing it.

To give you a better idea of what she brings to the band, here’s a solo that shows off her killer skills.

Looks like we may be looking at the future reina del acordeón.

With every show she puts on, she gives it her all and you can tell how much she enjoys performing in front of her fans.

Get itttt! ??

And the best part about Degollado is that she doesn’t only share her own skills on social, but she also praises other badass, Latina accordionists.

She’s the true definition of women empowerment in the music industry.

Even though Degollado is the only female musician in Grupo Control, she doesn’t let that intimidate her and encourages every artist to do what they love.

#TBT do what you love ? #GrupoControl #Accordionist #Hohner #EstiloDeVida #Love #Musician #JenniferDegollado

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This is her #EstiloDeVida. ? What’s yours?

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Ana Navarro Is Exposing The GOP's Double Standard Of Letting Trump Share Classified Information Without Consequence


Ana Navarro Is Exposing The GOP’s Double Standard Of Letting Trump Share Classified Information Without Consequence

@ananavarro / Twitter

Ana Navarro was one of the most outspoken Republican critics of President Trump’s campaign and ultimate election. Navarro, like many prominent Latinxs in politics, spoke openly about their disdain for how Trump was demonizing and insulting the Latinx community from the very beginning with his announcement speech calling Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals. Since Trump’s victory, Navarro has offered constant sharply-worded criticisms of Trump and his administration. The latest Russia drama involving President Trump has not gone unnoticed by Navarro.

Republican political strategist Ana Navarro is calling out Congressional Republicans for not doing their job but rather toeing the party line.

The latest bombshell to come out of the White House is how President Trump invited Sergey Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, and Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador, into the Oval Office with a photographer from a state-owned Russian news outlet. There is even speculation that the Russians, who are pretty gifted in espionage, could have slipped recording devices into the room with the U.S. president. No American press was allowed into the meeting, which has drawn its own ire from the American people and politicians. Since the meeting, it has been discovered that Trump shared highly classified information with the Russian representatives.

According to The Washington Post, the information was given to us by an ally with the long-held understanding that we would not be sharing this information with anyone else. The New York Times has further reported that the source of the information is Israel. The sharing of this information leaves the U.S. at risk of not being able to get necessary intel from the same source while also jeopardizing the lives of those involved with getting us the information in the first place. This prompted Navarro to call out all the GOP officials in Congress for not doing that job they are supposed to do that they would have quickly done if Clinton had made the same mistake: starting the impeachment process.

Despite denials from White House officials that Trump shared highly sensitive information, Trump himself owned up to it like only he can.

“I was in the room. It did not happen,” national security advisor H.R. McMaster told the press, according to The LA Times, before Trump’s early morning tweets.

Trump claims that he had the “absolute right” to share this information.

According to The Washington Post, a government official who knows the information said that Trump revealed “code-word” information, one of the highest classification levels in the U.S. government, with the Russian officials. This information is so sensitive that the same source told The Washington Post that it is information that we have yet to share with our own allies.

And Navarro’s Twitter shade didn’t end with just calling the GOP out for not doing their job. She straight up called them spineless.

People were living for Navarro’s Twitter attack.

That is really that only appropriate word for this level of political shade.

Her followers joined in on the trash talk.

S A V A G E !!

Others are hoping the that GOP will “rediscover their backbone.”

You know. It’s that thing that helps you stand up straight and connects to your skull. Yeah. That thing.

A few clever people started to give the unofficial spine search party a literary makeover.


While others made mention of other body parts our representatives are missing.


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