All Of The Instagram Trends That Drove Us Nuts In 2019

Anyone who uses Instagram understands the Instagram “aesthetic.” There’s a certain look that people aim to achieve with their photos, an aura of beauty and coherence, and even though everyone has a relatively unique approach to their social media pages, there’s a common sense of what is and is not “Instagrammable.” Of course, this unspoken (yet universally understood) rule is dictated by certain trends, many of which become super obvious when you follow people who travel.

Through the medium of carefully curated photography, one can craft a very specific narrative about what their life is like—and for literally millions of people, Instagram is an ideal way to convey a life full of adventure and exploration. It’s one of the most powerful tools of persuasion (think about it: professional “Instagrammers” are called “Influencers”), and a single exceptional Instagram photo can inspire a whole generation to visit even the most obscure places.

In a recent WeSwap survey of 2,000 18-34-year-olds, 37% of respondents said their vacation destinations are influenced by social media, and 31% said that posting vacation photos online is just as important as the vacation itself.

In addition to impacting how we choose our destinations, Instagram even affects how these destinations look to begin with. Hotel designers are now taught how to create Insta-friendly layouts, going so far as to choose lighting based on how it would translate to a photo. Cavo Tagoo, a luxury boutique hotel in Mykonos, Greece, became the most followed hotel on Instagram this year due to its adherence to this trend—with its elegant, minimalist design and beautiful beachside aesthetic, it fits the Instagram vibe perfectly.

The problem with this is that certain Instagram travel pictures can draw immensely large crowds to otherwise unknown places (or, even worse, attract even larger crowds to already-bustling tourist sites around the world). Imagine a twee hillside in Florence being flooded with people all vying to replicate a photo they saw online. Or think about literal fights breaking out at the Eiffel Tower as tourists compete for the perfect selfie spot.

With all of this context in mind, here are some of the most typical Instagram #travel trends, which you’re sure to have seen at least a dozen times during your last scrolling session.

Holding The Hand Of A Loved One In A Beautiful New Place

We all remember Murad Osmann—back in 2015, Osmann’s photos went viral, culminating in a years-long photo series in which his wife leads him by the hand around the world. With the wild popularity of these photos, people have started recreating their own versions. It’s a quintessentially Instagrammable idea.

Coffee and Coffee Shops

There’s something so cool about coffee shop vibes, and when it comes down to it, coffee is one of the most Instagram-friendly things imaginable. Not only does it evoke a sense of coziness and comfort, but it’s a staple of the travel lifestyle—it’s the fuel that keeps the adventure going.

Capturing the Sun or a Holding up a Building

We all know it’s just an optical illusion, but it sure does make for a cute shot.

Celebratory Cheers on the Beach

Well, cheers-ing delicious beverages doesn’t just happen on the beach, but there is something so inviting about a tropical cocktail with the ocean in the background.

Doing Yoga Postures in Pretty Places

If you practice yoga, it only makes sense that you would do so in the most far-reaching corners of the world. This trend will probably exist on Instagram forever: pretty yogis doing pretty poses in pretty places.

Posing With Exotic Animals

When traveling to the jungle or the savannah or the rainforest, what better evidence of your excursion than a selfie with a wild beast? Well, the truth is that taking selfies with wildlife can actually be super harmful to them—the desire to take these photos has also led to an unethical form of tourism that draws these creatures out of their natural habitat and places them in distressing situations. Fortunately, Instagram has taken action to draw attention to this phenomenon when users search for hashtags like #slothselfie or #koalaselfie, ultimately encouraging its users to take wildlife photos that are cruelty-free.

Skylines and Sunsets

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful sunset, nor a stunning skyline. And when the two collide, a perfect photo is born.

Instagram’s influence will likely continue to spread its reach around the world over the next few years. When you’re on the hunt for that perfect travel photo, make sure to pause and enjoy the real world around you, too. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the real thing might just leave you speechless.

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