This Latina Is Turning Cookies Into The Most Beautiful Works Of Art

credit: @aliciasdelicias / Instagram

Alicia Becerra is giving all of your favorite Mexican foods and cultural icons a sweet and artistic twist via sugar cookies. The artist and baker is the creator of AliciasDelicias and as she says in her Instagram bio, “This is my art and it’s edible!” Becerra masterfully plays with color, texture and nostalgia as she creates edible art piece after edible art piece. There’s no wonder she was a Cake Wars champion in 2016.

Alicia Becerra is one artistic baker everyone should be aware of.

? ?

But not only is she a baker, she’s also a master of puns.

If only everyone could have a friend as artistic and clever as Becerra.

Like, she really likes a good pun.


You should know that some assembly is required with some of the cookies.

But, Latinos don’t do basic snacks, right?

? ?

Lotería cookies. ‘Nuff said.

Don’t worry. She’s got those super chic Latinas covered with these fierce cookies too.

Beautiful, amirite?

Foodies should really admire her attention to detail.

*mouth waters all over the keyboard*

These are some hyper realistic cookies, y’all.

La Virgen on a cookie? Why not?

Becerra even has the roscas on lock.


She even turns festive decorations into delicious cookies like ?? a ?? boss. ??

And, of course, she couldn’t forget to honor the first Latina Disney princess could she?

Get those credit cards ready. These are going to be the go-to gifts this year.

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