We Ranked JLo’s Top 25 Music Videos And Here It Is

Jennifer Lopez has been rocking our headphones and dance floors since she dropped her first album in 1999 and she is not slowing down yet. Her music videos always outdo themselves and there are a lot of them. Here are her top 25 music videos of all time…so far.

25. “Do It Well”

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

Not only is she an undercover and no nonsense police officer in this music video, she is also a dancing powerhouse. She even throws a couple well deserved punches and kicks as she follows through with her mission to do her job. There is just something about older JLo that is so nostalgic.

24. “Play”

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

Oh, who doesn’t remember the time when pop was trying to tap into a futuristic feeling? JLo was not immune to this movement and “Play” is her attempt to predict the future of air travel. We’re still waiting for a plane with multiple dance floors and a club.

23. “First Love”

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

Even in the middle of the desert in a house that is falling apart she still looks stunning. How does she do it? Maybe it’s because she is JLo and she stays keeping us guessing.

22. “Qué Hiciste”

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

If the movie “Enough” taught us anything it was that JLo knows how to play a woman on the run. “Qué Hiciste” gives the singer another chance to play the woman trying to run from whatever it is she is running away from here. She even dyes her hair in a rest stop bathroom.

21. “Feel The Light”

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

It’s not every day a singer can elevate a kid’s movie single in a music video yet, here we are. JLo recorded the song for “Home” and once the music video was done it was clear that she would take this song to new heights. Get it, JLo.

20. “Waiting For Tonight”

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

You just started singing this song and dancing where you are standing, huh? This song was everywhere when it first came out and it is no surprise. Who can stand still while this bop starts to play? Plus, the music video has a killer laser light show so that’s always fun.

19. “Let’s Get Loud”

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

A music video shot in a location is always a more intimate approach. JLo’s music video for “Let’s Get Loud” performed in a stadium with fans all around singing and celebrating really brings this song to life. Who’s ready to get loud with JLo?

18. “Amor, Amor, Amor”

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

All these years later and JLo is keeping it where she started. A little dance battle on a subway platform never hurt anybody. Tbh, the men in the battle never stood a chance because JLo always comes to win.

17. “Ni Tú Ni Yo”

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

Okay. This music video is rife with product placement. Nothing makes an entrance unto the screen without a brand or tag flashed first. But, that being said, her outfits were stellar and her hair was breathtaking.

16. “Love Don’t Cost A Thing”

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

The music video ending heard around the world. The video and song itself were good but the ending made all the headlines. JLo definitely knew what she was doing when she threw her top towards the camera. But the ending is all we really remember from the video.

15. “All I Have”

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

Remember the time you were jamming out to LL Cool J and Jennifer Lopez? We all do and we low key miss those days of the two collabing.

14. “If You Had My Love”

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

If you pay close attention to this music video you will see a young Adam Rodriguez. He is the man the logs on to watch Jennifer Lopez in her different rooms. This video definitely came out when the Internet was young a full of promise. Yet, they used it to help Adam Rodriguez watch JLo perform.

13. “Ain’t It Funny”

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

“Ain’t It Funny” is a song with two sides, this one wins for the top music video. Not only is the love interest super handsome, JLo also plays a woman who becomes a gypsy. Really. She sits down for a tarot card reading and comes out a gypsy.

12. “Jenny from the Block”

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

Throwing it all the way back to the Jenny we first fell in love with. A lot has changed since “Jenny from the Block” hit the scene. Clothes has gotten tighter, shoes less bulky, and cameras works at a high definition. But, man, does this video bring back some memories.

11. “Get Right”

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

JLo’s take on the “Nutty Professor” but not really. This video was one of the first that showed just how much range the singer had to play different characters. She was a DJ, a celebrity, a go-go dancer, a prude, two cholas, and it all worked. The song is also a banger.

10. “I Luh Ya Papi”

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

Male objectification the likes of which we have never seen. That’s right. JLo took the yacht out for a spin and filled it with half naked men all used as props to point out the ridiculousness of using people as props. Her sunglasses were the mirror to society we all needed.

9. “I’m Real”

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

It wasn’t only LL Cool J that JLo was vibing with at the beginning of her career. She was also a frequent companion to Ja Rule when it came to music and they made great music together.

8. “Live It Up”

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

JLo as a model is something we didn’t know we needed until this video was released. The opens with them landing in Paris and you know it is about to get fancy af. Pitbull, feathers, models, what is not to love? JLo rocking a hot outfit and taking center stage is just the cherry on top.

7. “Goin’ In”

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

Some times you have to back to your roots and give the people what brought them to you in the first place. For JLo that would be dance and this video gave her the chance to tap back into her fly girl days and rock that body all over the place.

6. “Booty”

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

Let’s be clear. We are here for JLo. Iggy Azaela is too because this song was clearly meant to the Puerto Rican pop icon. The dancing is hot. The song is fun. The outfits are revealing. Overall, this video is kind of amazing.

5. “I’m Into You”

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

William Levy + Jennifer Lopez + rolling around on the beach = Too hot to handle. Who else remembers this video coming out? It was all the rave in many Latino households nationwide as people could not believe JLo and Levy finally collabed and made real sparks fly.

4. “Papi”

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

This action packed, pulse pounding music video is the best Fiat ad anyone has ever seen. Luckily, after the dramatic car chase, JLo emerges from the car unscathed and realizes she can control the men with her dance moves so she dances.

3. “Dance Again”

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

This video is a little out there and so fun at the same time. JLo enters a room and immediately she is drawn up onto the ceiling where she is greeted with writhing bodies tangled in a knot. How they got up there is anyone’s guess.

2. “Ain’t Your Mama”

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

This was one of the most anticipated JLo videos and she did her work to promote it. Once it was released people could not get enough of her telling all these men to stop begging women to do things for them because they are not their mama.

1. “On The Floor”

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

JLo + Pitbull (Always)= Fire collabs. There is a reason that “On the Floor” has earned more than 1 billion views on YouTube.

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JLo Is In Hot Water For Her Lyrics In New Song With Maluma After She Calls Herself ‘La Negrita’


JLo Is In Hot Water For Her Lyrics In New Song With Maluma After She Calls Herself ‘La Negrita’

Focus On Sport / Getty Images

One of the few highlights we’ve had amid this unprecedented year of trauma has been the music industry. From Maluma and Cardi B to Bad Bunny’s surprise albums, we’ve been blessed with some of the best songs ever. Plain and simple.

Despite the global pandemic, many singers have managed to stay busy and put out new tracks. Maluma and Jennifer Lopez are no different as the duo are working on music for their upcoming movie project, Marry Me.

However, the one of the tracks from the upcoming film isn’t getting the type of reception that JLo had likely counted on.

Jennifer Lopez is facing criticism for calling herself a “Little Black girl from the Bronx” in her new track with Maluma.

Despite the pandemic putting the breaks on so many aspects of the entertainment industry, Jennifer Lopez has managed to keep herself busy with new projects. One of her most hyped projects has got to be her collaboration with Maluma on the upcoming film, Marry Me.

In anticipation of the film’s release on Valentine’s Day 2021, the pair have released two new tracks that will also be in the movie’s soundtrack. However, the most recently released song, “Lonely,” isn’t getting the attention that neither JLo or Maluma had likely hoped for.

In the lyrics for the song, which JLo sings with Maluma, Lopez sings “yo siempre seré tu negrita del Bronx” (I’ll always be your Black girl from the Bronx). Obviously, that lyric is causing loads of controversy and fans and critics alike are letting Lopez know they’re out OK with it.

Many are taking issue with the lyrics because “Jenny From The Block” has never really claimed or referenced herself as Black in the past. So why now? And why use an outdated term that’s incredible insensitive to the Afro-Latinx community.

Negrita is a questionable Spanish term that should definitely be phased out amid Spanish-speakers.

Many people are taking issue with the lyrics because they include the controversial term negrita, which is really an outdated Spanish-language term that’s often used as a term of endearment to describe people who are dark-skinned.

It’s a common nickname among Spanish-speakers but it should be phased out of the Spanish language as it’s extremely insensitive to Afro-Latinos.

Both fans and critics have called out Lopez on Twitter.

Fans were obviously confused as to why Jennifer would describe herself as ‘Black’. 

‘Maybe if she said brown girl she coulda gotten away with it,’ one fan said.  Another commented on social media: ‘This is so insulting as an actual black woman.’ 

‘I heard the song and I was like “what she just say? Rewind that. cause she definitely not Afro Latina,’ one fan said. 

However, many others from the Latina community weighed in to explain that while the translation of ‘negrita’ literally means ‘black girl’, it’s not used in that sense. 

‘If your hispanic or latino you know what she means. yes it sounds weird asf the literal translation but that’s not what she means,’ one fan explained.  They continued: ‘As far as I know it’s like a term of endearment for darker complexion within the community. I think she should have not used it being that not everyone would get it and in my opinion her skin isn’t even considered dark. Plus with the times we are in like let’s do better.”

This isn’t the first time the singer has come under fire for insensitive actions around race.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that Jennifer Lopez has been called out for appropriating Black culture, but this is the first time that she’s facing such a major backlash.

Jennifer Lopez has proudly claimed her identity as a Puerto Rican woman but she’s never claimed Black ancestry or self-identified as an Afro-Latina – so her use of the term is troubling.

In the 2001 hit remix of “I’m Real” with Ja Rule and Ashanti, JLo sang along to the N-word slur and faced a similar backlash then. She ended up going on The Today Show to claim that the lyrics were written by Ja Rule and were “not meant to be hurtful to anybody.” She went on to say that “for anyone to think or suggest that I’m racist is really absurd and hateful to me.”

Then there was the whole debacle from this year’s Super Bowl halftime show (which feels like a lifetime ago!) when many criticized her and Shakira for performing for a franchise that didn’t support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Hopefully, this incident on JLo’s part will bring with it a discussion about the term negrita and we can finally eliminate it as a ‘playful nickname’ in the Spanish-speaking community.

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Latina Actresses Are Pivoting to Directing and Producing In Order to Get More Latinx Stories Told


Latina Actresses Are Pivoting to Directing and Producing In Order to Get More Latinx Stories Told


The numbers are bleak. Latinos make up 18% of America’s population but only 5% of the number of speaking roles in movies in 2019 according to the USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative.

Hollywood seems to be late to the party when it comes to Latino representation onscreen. But luckily, there are a handful of Latino artists and creators out there who are taking the fight to appear in front of the screen to behind the camera.

Take, for example, Eva Longoria, who was just announced to be directing and co-starring in the new action-comedy film, “Spa Day”

This marks the third movie the Mexican-American actress will be helming and the first Latina to ever direct more than one major studio film.

The other films on Longoria’s roster include a vehicle for her and Kerry Washington tentatively titled “24/7”, as well as the upcoming biopic “Flamin’ Hot”–a movie centered around Richard Montañez, the man who invented Flaming Hot Cheetos.

Longoria has been candid about how the decision to move into directing and producing has been a strategic one.

“One of the reasons I went into producing and directing was I wasn’t going to sit back and wait for somebody to create a role I wanted to do,” Longoria told Variety in 2018.

“You can’t just sit around waiting for [good projects], and I wanted to create that — not just for myself but for other Latinas.”

But her career transition isn’t unique as a Latina in Hollywood. She has joined the ranks of other Latinas in Hollywood who have began to produce and direct their own projects in order to finally see Latino stories told on screen.

Her peers include Jennifer Lopez (“Shades of Blue“, “Hustlers“), Selena Gomez (“Living Undocumented“), America Ferrera (“Gentefied“, “Superstore“), Gina Rodriguez (“Diary of an American President,” “Carmen San Diego“), and Salma Hayek (“Ugly Betty”).

All of these women have thrown their weight behind projects that otherwise wouldn’t be made if their names weren’t attached to them.

All of these women are creating stories that feature Latino stories and Latino talent–in front of and behind the camera.

America Ferrera explained the reason behind her conscious career pivot from acting to directing/producing: “My genuine heart’s desire is to tell stories that haven’t been told,” she told CBS This Morning. “It’s hard to get stories about people like us made. And then to get those stories told by us is very very uncommon.”

Although the endgame is to have Latinx stories greenlit without having to first be a famous singer or actress, the work these ladies are doing might be laying the foundation for an easier road for future industry players of Latino descent. Or as Longoria so eloquently put it: “If we unite and create opportunities for each other and pull each other up, there could be a lot more success for representation on TV.”

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