These Two Friends Shaved Their Heads To Look Like Avocados And Were Awarded With A Year’s Supply Of Avocados And More

“This is the craziest thing I’ve ever done.”

Just three days before the Super Bowl, “Avocados from Mexico” decided to challenge people’s love for avocados and football with a daring friendship test.

A couple of people from Philadelphia were selected for this test. They would have to shave their heads into the form of an avocado. To be specific, they would have to shave a circle at the top of their head and dye that shaved circle brown, to resemble the pit of the avocado. And the rest of their hair would have to be dyed green, to resemble the body of the avocado.

If these people were up for the challenge, they would be awarded with not only a year’s supply of avocados, but with two tickets to the Super Bowl game. However, there was a catch. They each had to convince a friend of theirs to shave their heads to resemble an avocado as well. They were not allowed to tell them that one of the rewards was a pair of tickets to the Super Bowl game. Hence, they’d assume that the only prize they would be given if they completed this challenge was a year’s supply of avocados.

So question was, what were their friends willing to do for a year’s supply of avocados? Even though some of their friends claimed they would do absolutely anything for a year’s supply of avocados, once they found out that they would have to shave their heads, they immediately hesitated and dropped out of the challenge. But then one pair of friends finally agreed to the challenge. It was Sofie Salgado and her BFF who were up for the challenge and made their way to the hair salon for their avocado makeover.

After the avocado makeover, Sofie’s friend was handed over a white envelope, which she probably thought had a certificate that said “You get a year’s supply of free avocados.” But once she opened the envelope and discovered the Super Bowl tickets, she broke down in tears of joy and gave her friend a big hug.

Sofie thanked her friend for taking this risk and shaving her head with her, saying, “Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for being an avocado with me.” And the best part is that this avocado makeover is only temporary. Their hair will grow back soon enough and they’ll be able to look back and laugh at the time they shaved their heads into avocados and went to the Super Bowl together. ??

They both seem pretty happy with their choice.


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This is what you call true friendship.

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25 Cuban Slang Words And Phrases That Will Help You On Your Next Trip To Cuba


25 Cuban Slang Words And Phrases That Will Help You On Your Next Trip To Cuba

Believe it or not, the Spanish language is filled with different dialects and slangs depending on what country you are in. Much like there is different slang in the English language when looking at Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Here are 25 Cuban slang words that will come in handy if you ever make it down to the island for a vacation.


This word is used as a super casual way to address someone you know relatively well. This isn’t something you would say to a store clerk for example as it is roughly translated to mean “dude” or any variation there of.


This generally means bra. It might look familiar to the English word adjust and that should give you some kind of clue as to what the word would mean. This is mainly for the ladies but it can come in handy no matter what gender you are. You never know when you might need an ajustador to use a slingshot to cause havoc.


Think chismosa and you know exactly what this word means. Bemba is slang for lips so that should give you a clue. The person who you would call a bembelequero(a) is definitely the town gossip so you never want to share too much info with them unless you want them to spread the news.


One hint: bloomers. That’s right. This is one way to say panties in Cuban slang. This isn’t the only Cuban slang word that sounds a lot like an english word. Pulóver is commonly used to refer to a t-shirt. Literally, something you pull over your head to put on.


You might have heard “Aye, que chévere” from a Cuban friend or coworker. Well, fret not. They were not making fun of you or your questionable Ché Guevara shirt/poster/whatever, which we should really talk about. Instead, this is just a way to say that something is cool or, in some cases, chivalrous.


This literally means “to catch a [a] bottle” but it is the common way of saying hitchhiking. Now, we do not recommend or condone hitchhiking either in the U.S. or anywhere else in the world because it is dangerous but this is how a lot of people get around in Cuba. Kind of like illegal taxis.


Pitbull’s favorite phrase. This has become just about anything but it is most commonly used to mean “hurry up.” Like, “Dale, mijo. We are going to be late for the bus.” It can also mean, “What’s up” or a simple acknowledgment of something said.


Pretty much means a good fit. It is commonly used to mean that two people are a good fit for each other. Kind of like lovers or best friends. Ellos son en talla.


This phrase literally means dancing skeleton. The skeleton part should lead you to the conclusion that we are talking about somebody’s size. You would be right. This phrase is typically used when talking about somebody who is very thin.


This is what Cubans use to talk about the fruit papaya. There is a reason Cubans do not use the word papaya and it has to do with anatomy. If you stick around, the answer of what papaya means is answered in this list.


The “gu” makes a “w” sound, first off. This is what is used to refer to the bus. Sure, there is a word for bus in Spanish and some Cubans might use it but you will definitely stick out like a sore thumb if you use the actual word for bus instead of guagua.


Hot. Yeah. This is used when you want to say that someone is hot without saying directly that they are hot. Who knew that foods could be used to mean something other than foods?


Literally it means, “Slides off me” so the closest English colloquialism would be “Water off a ducks back.” In context, the phrase means that it just doesn’t bother me.


This does not refer to someone who is a gossip. Instead this phrase is used to refer to someone who just talks way too much. This is interesting because Latinos love to talk so if you are saying that someone talks to much, they must really be talking too much.


This is something you tell someone when you don’t want them to repeat what you are saying. You would typically only say this to someone who you know would be spilling the beans so it is really your own fault since you should know better.


This is what you tell someone who you don’t want to flake on you. Sometimes it might be used on you because we all flake every now and then. When is the last time you flaked on your friend and vice versa? Exactly. Learn this phrase well.


This is used to refer to a woman’s body part. See. I told you we would answer this for you. Don’t got screaming it while you are running around Cuba or Miami because it is offensive to use that language but now you know so can order the papaya fruit correctly.


This means that something is shady or under the table. You would be right to say that this means “to the left” but it not used in that sense colloquially.


Another way to say, “what’s up?” It is a little more common than dale since dale is more commonly used to say hurry up ro to sound like Pitbull.


Guy or girl is what this translates too and rarely in a good way. Usually, you would use this when you are are talking about “that kind of person.” You feel me?


Super hot man. Next time you see that Danny from the floor above you walk by, let your friends know what you think in a cuban way with him even knowing what you said.


DRAMA! This is literally just pointing out that there is a lot of drama going on. Like, for real. You are just pointing it out.


Literally, this means “your briefcase” but is used to exclaim that something is your problem. Like you have to carry this around so you better deal with it.


“I am going to make coffee.” While this might sound like a pleasant surprise or snack, it is not. it is a gentle way of the person who is saying it to tell you that it is time for you to leave. It is best ti listen to them.


A foreigner who is typically white and blonde. Not to be taken in a negative way. It is just a way for us to point you out.

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