The 20 Most Savage Telenovela Moments Of All Time

Spanish soap operas have consumed probably weeks of your life at this point, and for good reason: it is so far and above more entertaining than reality of flat American shows. It’s physiologically impossible to rip your eyes from the screen.
A telenovela know how to keep you hooked with cliffhangers that will make you skip dinner…and then breakfast and lunch because you’re addicted to the drama. Here’s the best savagery we can remember from our TV-fried brains.

1. The moment your evil wife tells you she was never pregnant with your baby.

María la del Barrio / Televisa / Las Estrellas / Twitter

Soraya Montenegro from María la del Barrio literally pretended to be pregnant so that her man would marry her. This is not the first time this has happened in a telenovela.

2. When Oriana found out she’s actually not Paloma’s granddaughter.

UniNovelas / YouTube

Mentir Para Vivir, as you can guess by the name, is all about family keeping secrets from family. Not too much is different IRL, except that most of us probably aren’t pulling teeth from family members to find out if our mom is alive.

3. When you find out your school is actually a Nazi experiment.

Antena 3 / YouTube

El Internado is set deep in the woods of Spain, where there are more bad guys than good guys. After all their teachers go missing, these boarding school students decide to investigate further, only to uncover that the school used to be a Nazi orphanage where the kids were separated from their parents and presumed dead.

4. Lola… Érase una vez

VIP TV / YouTube

Backstory: Lola is the poor girl with evil step mothers hiding her birthright to wealth from her. Using a little bit of bruja magic and digging, Lola finds her way into her Prince Charming’s arms. This moment when she’s singing “Magico” and Aaron surprise visits and joins her on stage was the moment we waited for for an eternity.

5. When someone dies and you miss them so much you clone them.

Untitled. Digital Image. Episodate. 1 June 2018.

Telenovelas are always going supernatural, because (obvs) there’s a bruja in each of us, but this decided to take on the story of love and honor, issues of drug trafficking, cloning, and attitudes to Islam. Oh and some scientist in Miami cloned Lucas’ twin, Diego, who died.

6. Plot twist:  Jade falls in love with both of them.

El Clon / Telemundo / Rede Globo / Caracol Television / Practicopedia

Decades pass after Jade and Lucas are separated, but she’s torn between the man she fell for and his younger clone.

7. When your aunt’s wig always matches her gloves.

Carita de Angel / Pinterest

OK, so this isn’t savage, but it’s weird. In Carita de Angel, Daniela’s “Tia Pelucas” is always stepping in out in some crazy outfit. This telenovela is actually meant for children so naturally, the craziest thing that happens is that Luciano’s young daughter matchmakes him with the resident nun, breaking up his engagement with Nicole.

8. On the flip, this moment when Carlota’s man left her to become a priest…

En nombre del amor / Televisa / Univision / Las Estrellas / Drama Fever

….and she becomes a serial killer. F’real, Carlota Espinoza of En nombre del amor, actually went through the trauma of being left for God. If she can get through it, I guess we all can? JK, we can all do better than Carlota.

9. When Aurora goes into a coma and is then frozen in a cryogenic lab…while pregnant.

Aurora / Telemundo / Jagat – Latina

Talk about a freakin’ cliffhanger. They literally froze the main character of this whole show. These are the kinds of things that can only be tolerated by telenovela fans, because if any other show did this, there would be an uprising.

10. When your step grandmother steals your baby.

Rosalinda / Las Estrellas / Buzzfeed

Look, evil stepmoms are just too pedestrian at this point in the genre development. Throw in a step abuelita, like in Rosalinda, and now you’re keeping fans on their toes.

11. When you have an evil twin.

La usurpadora / Televisa / Las Estrellas / semepasaelarroz.com

I mean, it’s not a telenovela without a twin, especially one that really, really wants to kill you. in La Usurpadora, these twins were separated at birth and each given different moral compasses. A dark side of me finds it the most entertaining thing to watch them collide.

12. When you’re a priest who finds out you have a daughter during a confessional.

Untitled. Digital Image. Violetta Foroactivo. 1 June 2018.

So you can’t break the laws of confession by telling her who you are, but you already have a father-like relationship with her and your heart is breaking. Just a normal day in the life of a telenovela, nbd.

13. When you play the damsel in distress to get information from the guy.

Untitled. Digital Image. Full of Salt. 1 June 2018.

It’s a classic in Rebelde, especially when Mia finds out her parents have been lying to her for her whole life. She literally kisses three different guys in one episode when they give her info she’s been looking for. #FemininePersuasion

14. When you’re money hungry and screw people over until you’re shot and killed holding the bear that your one true love gave you.


Hi, this is an actual ending to telenovela series, Teresa. Teresa’s goal is to marry rich and breaks up with her first boyfriend, who is in medical school to be everything she wants him to be, after she meets a rich boy interested in her. He breaks up with her years later when he finds out she’s poor, and long story short, well. That happened. ????

15. When you’re framed for murder, and also the First Lady of Mexico.


Nbd, but Kate del Castillo slays at this role while she goes on the lam as the most wanted person in Mexico. #Casual

16. When you’re trying to get your boyfriend back and fall down the stairs trying.

ifitch2006 / YouTube

In the 2-hour grand finale of Rubi, Rubi’s arguing with Alejandro when she almost died falling several stories. Girl got her leg amputated to save her life. Love seems dangerous, y’all.

17. When you accidentally pour acid on your face before being sent to an insane asylum.

TheBailandoparadisio / YouTube

There’s no other way that Amigas y Rivales could end. Trust, you want to see this happen to Roxana after she tries to hold every character on the show hostage and kill them all.

18. When you try to avoid the DEA by undergoing facial reconstruction surgery.

“EL señor de los cielos- Season 1” Digital Image. Media Moves. 1 June 2018.

Foolproof. Yeah, obviously, he ends up dying on the table. Don’t try this at home.

19. When your stepmother is running a facial reconstruction underground operation.

The CW

She goes by the name Rose by day and Sin Rostro (get it?) by crime, and she also buried your father in wet cement. Both, very savage moments thanks to Jane the Virgin, which is an adaption of Venezuelan telenovela Juana la Virgen.

20. When Rose comes back with the face of another woman and makes Luisa fall in love with her again.

The CW

YUP. She’s savage AF, but she’s learned from the best telenovelas of all time, so who can blame her.

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mitú Readers Shared Their Most Absurd Family Secrets And The Chisme Is Wild


mitú Readers Shared Their Most Absurd Family Secrets And The Chisme Is Wild

Family can be a great source of many things. They can bring us love and support as well as a sense of belonging. Our familias are often our first introduction to relationships and can be a mirror in which we reflect upon ourselves. They can also be a source of some telenovela sized drama. 

Every family has their secrets but some are wilder than others. We asked our FIERCE readers to dig all the family skeletons out of their metaphorical closets and they were quick to spill the tea. Here are some of the most shocking and scandalous family secrets they shared with us. 

1. The hidden family.

Instagram/ @mexicano._.memes

“Um, that my father fathered several more children [than what] we were told. I think we now have like 12 half-siblings now, only knew if half of them. He’s in his 80s but still, it’s for sure weird. ????” @misslopez_if_youre_vasty

2. *Cue the novela music.*

Instagram / @coolrulex

“That my sister almost married our half brother ( not 100% confirm ) and when he found out he went and married another girl with the same name as my sister but different last name he just change the last name at the church.” @karo056186

3. Romantic entanglements.

Instagram / @daniarenas.usa

 “My husband’s brother left his girlfriend for her sister… who happened to date my husband back in the day. They’re married with a baby now.” @thahomieguera

4. A grandfather in all but blood.

Instagram / @divitha.institute

“That my grandfather (May he Rest In Peace ❤️) wasn’t my biological grandfather. I always wondered why my mom told the doctors that diabetes didn’t run in the family when it was the reason he passed away. ????????‍♀️” @ivonlabombon

5. A secret straight out of the closet.

Instagram / @juixcebox.2

“My moms neighbors tea… the wife thought her husband was cheating so she asked my sister to give her a ride to follow him.. turns out he had a male lover ….now the lady blames my sister for giving her a ride like that’s the problem… and her closet gay husband stayed living there like nothing happened.” @fitmomofdolls

6. Just plain scandalous.

Instagram / @mudrope

“That my tia stole my abuelita’s will from my moms room in mexico and that she claims she doesn’t have it cause she left more for my mom and wants my abuelito to write another one with more dinero for her!!!!!” @mishygoldfishy

7. Definitely a premise for a Lifetime Movie of the Week.

Instagram / @reacttothat_

“My mom’s cousin had a boy when she was young while still in Central America. When she immigrated over to the states she had to leave him behind temporarily while she got her life together. My aunt met a man in the US and made a life here. They had 3 daughters. During that time her son grew up and I’m sure became super resentful toward my aunt. At some point my aunt put papers in for her son and brought him to the states. Him and the oldest daughter got SUPER close to the point where it got hella weird. She fell for her brother and they tried to run away with each other. I believe there plan was to go back to Central America. Mind you she was still a minor. He ended up ditching her at the border.” @pessiyerez

8. Throw the whole dad away.

Instagram / @ohh.she.wyld.af

“So 7th grade. My dad looked me in the face on the way inside our apartment and said ‘Hey! Its time for me to go. I’m leaving your mom next week.’ ????‍♀️” @kelly_a_stackhouse

9. This tia sounds cool af.

Instagram / @libragoggles

“That one of my mother’s older sister’s owned a brothel in Guatemala in the 70s. And would get her military boyfriend to beat the shit out of any of the men that mistreated her ladies. ????????‍♀️” @pixelatedgum

10. Lost a tio and gained an hermano

Instagram/ @reacttothat_

“My uncle was actually my brother….he was raised by my grandma and my mom played along. My mom was young so my grandma didn’t want my mom’s reputation to be ruined. One xmas when I was 15 my step-dad told my brother my mom was his mom. We didn’t believe it but then our mom confirmed it. We talk about it all the time, how we use to call him Tio but now it’s bro.” @arco___iris___

11. Say a rosario after reading this secret.

Instagram / @thatsfunnythat 

“That my grandma thought my grandfather was cheating and so she cheated him with their church’s reverend.” @grestmarie

12. The literal definition of “primo-hermanos.”

Instagram / @reacttothat_

“That someone’s prima’s daughter was pregnant by their son’s father????‍♀️ now they’re literally ‘primo-hermanos.’ @_lilasthebest_

13. Fame doesn’t mean much when you’re a cheater. 

Instagram / @me_as_a_millennial_mom

“My grandma dated Freddie Fender back in the 70s, she went to SPI to watch him play.. well she ended up finding him w/ another woman. She was so angry at him she threw his keys in the ocean and left his ass there…men ain’t shit ????????” @taramdelagarza


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Idan Matalon Is The Gay Israeli Man Behind The Hilarious Telenovela Lip Sync Videos


Idan Matalon Is The Gay Israeli Man Behind The Hilarious Telenovela Lip Sync Videos

In Israel, Idan Matalon is regarded as a gay icon, but in the queer telenovela fandom subculture, Matalon is a superstar. Matalon rose to fame within Israel as an online lipsync star, after he created a YouTube channel dedicated to displaying his pop song lipsyncing skills when he was just 16-years-old. Matalon rose to fame while lipsyncing Korean pop, but, soon, he fell in love with Spanish language telenovelas. The queer Latino community is living for his reenactments of some of the most dramatic moments in telenovela history, this time, with a gay man playing the hypersexualized and distressed female interest. 

Lipsyncing in Spanish soon inspired a passion to learn to speak Spanish, and, now, Matalon nearly exclusively speaks in Spanish on his social media platforms.

Matalon went viral in the Latino community after reenacting the embarazada scene in “Tierra de Pasiones.”


On this year’s International Coming Out Day, Matalon shared his story and how social media and the Internet has helped him come to terms with his sexuality. “For years I thought [homosexuality] was a sin. I didn’t have YouTube or social networks to watch stories, videos and thoughts of other kids who were like me, and that’s why I felt very lonely and scared with my feelings. In school, the word ‘gay’ was like an insult to the boys,” he shared in an Instagram post. While serving in the Israel Defense Force, he came out as gay to his parents. He was 19-years-old and was met with full support. 

Since then, Matalon has become a columnist for Moovz to discuss LGBT issues and has even made an appearance on the cover of Mexico’s Betún Magazine. Today, he’s using his social media to reimagine telenovelas as acted out (and lipsynced) by the gays, and it’s hilarious. Back in 2015, he and his friend Sachin Bhatt lipsynced the novela scene when Gabriela Spanic and Catherine Siachoque got into a physical fight during the moment the fake-pregnancy gig was finally up. When Matalon grabs the pillow out of Bhatt’s shirt, he takes off his shirt to reveal the kind of six-pack that only the gays can create. This is the content we deserve.

Matalon just announced that he’ll be embarking on a comedy tour in Mexico next year.


Matalon learned Spanish for his love of novelas, and that overly emoted passion has landed him an entire comedy career in Latin America. Matalon will be returning to Mexico to deliver his “I Live in a Telenovela” comedy show to nine major cities. Will you be there?

Matalon was born in Rishon LeZion, Israel, but has lived all over the Spanish-speaking world.


Matalon just moved back to his home in Israel, but he spent the last four years appreciating Mexican and American values (and puppies). Matalon moved to Los Angeles about four years ago, and during that time, he spent a year living in Mexico City. In an Instagram post in Spanish, Matalon said, “I already feel like Mexico and LA are my home, but I love my country Israel, I feel relaxed in Tel Aviv, and happy with my family and friends.” While he was living in Mexico, he adopted three adorable chihuahuas and embarked on a two-month process to ensure he would be able to safely bring his beloved babies back to Israel. We love a committed rescue dad!

His telenovela videos are beloved around the world and his Spanish-language skills are pretty remarkable.

The gay YouTuber has spent his life traveling around the world and creating videos for social media. He was a YouTube lipsync artist when he was 16 years old then joined the Israeli military. In April 2012, Matalon was named Shalom Life’s 20 hottest of the 50 hottest Jewish men. His impact in the queer community is massive and his growing among the Latino community is quickly catching up.

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