Telemundo Has Announced A Selena Mini Series And People Are Pissed

Telemundo has just released their lineup for the 2017-2018 programming and one project is catching everyone’s attention: “El Secreto De Selena.” The mini-series slated to be released in 2018 is based off the controversial book of the same title written by journalist María Celeste Arrarás. The announcement of the show was enough to send Selena fans into an anger-induced rage flooding the Telemundo Instagram post with several comments demanding for the idea to be reconsidered. Here’s how it played out when the announcement was made.

Telemundo has officially announced the upcoming project “El Secreto De Selena” and people are pissed.

La reveladora historia detrás de la trágica muerte de #SelenaQuintanilla llegará a Telemundo en el 2018, “El Secreto de Selena”. ???

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The book that is the inspiration for the mini-series has a very controversial history. It was first released in 1997, just two years after Selena’s death, and the Quintanilla family immediately spoke out against it and the author. According to NBC News, the book was written to bring to light the series of events in the months leading up to Selena’s tragic death and revealed secrets held by those closest to Selena. As reported by mitú earlier this year, Disney has originally bought the rights to the book to make it into a television series.

The news immediately set off a firestorm of anger among Selena fans on social media.

People are asking for others to sign a petition to block the book from being turned into a mini-series.

Fans are trying to use social media to shut down the whole production claiming it is based on a lie.

“@RashelDiaz @Telemundo I am a fan of Selena Quintanilla, but I can’t support #Selena’sSecret. This is based on the book by @MariaCeleste,” tweeted @Eric_Benitez1.

Fans have even flooded Telemundo’s Instagram post announcing the series.

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“Let’s see who is going to want to see this series because Selena’s fans seem furious and for good reason,” wrote @mundodenovelashoy.

But, some people are interested in seeing the television series based on the book.

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“I want to see it @alejo2717,” wrote @anniegabbie7.

A few of her fans are okay with the book being turned into a television series.

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“I like it,” wrote @dianis1239. “I loooooooove it,” wrote @mapiholm.

People are calling on the Quintanilla family to step in and stop the show from happening.

@telemundo / Instagram

The Quintanilla family has been known to block projects that use Selena’s image. Most recently, and most famously, Abraham Quintanilla, her father, sued Selena’s ex-husband Chris Perez to stop him from turning his book about their life into a television series.

Only time will tell if “El Secreto De Selena” will actually become a reality.

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“What bullsh*t and lack of respect for the memory of Selena, there isn’t one secret and if you air it, it is total falsehood. You are only looking for fame and money off of Selena’s name,” wrote @queens_kingm.

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Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and More Artists You Didn’t Know That Were Inspired by Selena Quintanilla


Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and More Artists You Didn’t Know That Were Inspired by Selena Quintanilla

Most of us know the Latin artists that have been inspired by La Reina del Tex-Mex, Selena Quintanilla, like Becky G, Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, etc. However, perhaps you didn’t know that Mother Monster aka Lady Gaga was inspired by Selena or that fellow Texan, Beyoncé, not only met Selena but also grew up listening to her on the radio. Here’s a list of 8 artists you probably didn’t know that also loved Selena.

Lady Gaga

For The Daily Telegraph, the Rain on Me singer was quoted saying that she was inspired by Selena’s bustiers for her concert outfits, as well as her career. Lady Gaga also tweeted back in the day that a Selena shirt was one of her favorites.

Whitney Houston

During a 1999 New York Daily News interview, the late singer Whitney Houston mentioned that she was inspired by Selena Quintanilla: “What she did in the English market was brilliant”.


Queen Bey loved her fellow Texan, Selena. On one occasion during an MTV Tr3s interview, Beyoncé talked about meeting Selena at the Galleria Mall in Houston. She also mentioned how she would listen to Selena on the radio and even though she didn’t speak Spanish, listening to Selena helped her with her pronunciation.

Meghan Trainor

The All About That Bass singer told Entertainment Tonight that when she met Jennifer Lopez, she said: “Selena the movie was the reason I wanted to become a singer”.

Ashlee Simpson

American singer-songwriter Ashlee Simpson told MTV TR3s during an interview that she had always been a fan of Selena and that “Dreaming of You” was her favorite song.

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Solange Knowles

Texas native, Solange Knowles covered “I Could Fall In Love With You” during her 2013-2014 World Tour. Solange has called Selena “one of her favorite artists growing up”.


Pop-rock sister band HAIM told Glide Magazine that Selena the movie was their collective favorite movie.

Kacey Musgraves

Texans just love La Reina. Kacey Musgraves covered “Como La Flor” at the Houston Rodeo, and before performing told the crowd: “I love the queen Selena just as much as you do. This is our chance to honor her, by singing as loud as we can together.”

Kacey joins a list of artists that have covered Selena songs at the Houston Rodeo like Camila Cabello, Cardi B and Prince Royce.

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Here Is The Selena Funeral Footage You Might Not Have Seen


Here Is The Selena Funeral Footage You Might Not Have Seen

On April 3, 1995, Selena Quintanilla was put to rest after being shot and killed by her fan club president, Yolanda Saldívar. Selena’s funeral was open to the public so fans could bid La Reina De Tejano a final farewell. Let’s take a moment to remember her. Here Is The Selena Funeral Footage You Might Not Have Seen

Selena never built walls separating her from her fans. On the day of her funeral, it was no different.

Credit: Associated Press / Selfanaticos Online / YouTube

Thousands of friends, family, and fans made their way to Corpus Christi, Texas to wish Selena a loving farewell. Mourners gathered at the church where her body was laid in rest for all of her loved ones to see and pay respect to.

La Reina de Tejano music was laid to rest on April 3, 1995.

Credit: Associated Press / Selfanaticos Online / YouTube

Family, friends, and fans were devastated by the sudden and tragic death of the singer. Her career had just started to cross over into English-language music and people were falling in love with her all over again.

She was buried dressed in the iconic purple we have come to associate her with.

Credit: Associated Press / Selfanaticos Online / YouTube

One of Selena’s last moments was performing at the Houston Astrodome in front of thousands of fans. The image of the singer in her purple jumper is one of the most resounding images fans have of Selena all these years later.

Many people lined up to pay their respect of the beloved Tejano singer.

Credit: Associated Press / Selfanaticos Online / YouTube

“She was a great role model for everybody,” a fan told AP.

The world looked on as somber pallbearers carried Selena’s casket to her final resting place.

Credit: Associated Press / Selfanaticos Online / YouTube

The once vibrant light of Selena Quintanilla was not extinguished when she died. She might not be with us physically anymore but her fans have kept her alive with her music and love.

Before lowering her casket, funeral-goers left hundreds of long-stemmed white roses, her favorite.

Credit: Associated Press / Selfanaticos Online / YouTube

The roses were a touching homage to the singer and the love she shared with her fans.

It was truly a sorrowful moment for all those who loved and cherished the singer.

Credit: Associated Press / Selfanaticos Online / YouTube

Hundreds of people lined the streets to get a glimpse of the hearse carrying Selena’s casket to the cemetery. Everyone was trying to get one final look at the special singer who changed the face of Latinos in music.

As in life, Selena’s funeral was open to the public so everyone touched by the singer could bid her farewell.

Credit: Associated Press / Selfanaticos Online / YouTube

Her importance to the Latino community cannot be stated enough. She was the first singer to go mainstream that looked like her community and represented her community with such grace.

The world watched heartbroken family and friends said goodbye.

Credit: Associated Press / Selfanaticos Online / YouTube

The heartbreak was felt around the world as all of her fans watched those closest to her giving her a final goodbye.

And a devastated husband tried to come to terms with his unimaginable loss.

Credit: Associated Press / Selfanaticos Online / YouTube

Chris Perez has continued to keep Selena alive through his own words and actions.

Watch the full funeral footage below. [Warning: You will see open casket images of Selena in the video.]

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