‘La Chona’ Is Everywhere And Here’s A Quick History About When The Song First Hit The Ariwaves

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Contaré la historia de una famosa canción, “La Chona.” See what I did there? 😎 Los Tucanes de Tijuana dropped “La Chona” decades ago, but it only got its own trending hashtag recently, and people are for real risking their lives to be La Chona of the Internet. Tbh, the song has been a banger for years but it is only now getting the full recognition it deserves thanks to the Internet.

First a history lesson.

Los Tucanes de Tijuana is a Mexican gem. 🇲🇽

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They are basically worldwide ambassadors para música Norteña. Today, the group is made up of Mario Quintera Lara, David Servīn Raya, Alfredo González González, Gustavo Labrada Valenzuela Tomás and Alberto Herrera.

They’ve been selling out crowds since 1987.

CREDIT: @lostucanesdetijuana / Instagram

Mario Quintero Lara, the lead singer, founded the group. Most of them were born in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, but they all went to Tijuana to build their following and career.

Since then, they’ve gone on tour throughout México, the Americas and Europe.

CREDIT: @lostucanesdetijuana / Instagram

The band has sold more than 15 million albums to date, and even have several gold, platinum, and multiplatinum records. They’ve sold out venues like the Dodger Stadium, the Astrodome, and Estadio Azteca. They’ve definitely always had a place blasting from your mami’s car radio.

They’re a twelve-time Grammy nominated band.

CREDIT: “The 13th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards – Press Room” Digital Image. Zimbio. 1 August 2018.

They finally brought home a Grammy at the Latin Grammy Awards in 2012, and have dozens of other awards. “La Chona” isn’t even their biggest hit. “Mundo de Amor” and “Mis Tres Animales” beat “La Chona” in popularity.

Though, we might need a recount at this point.

They were so popular, the government sponsored one of their songs to promote tourism.

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The Ministry of Tourism for the Republic of Mexico, through its advertising agency, asked the band to write a song called “Mexico Es Tu Casa” to welcome more visitors into Mexico’s booming tourism economy.

Their music videos are hilarious. 🤔

CREDIT: LosTucanesTV / YouTube

And maybe also problematic. They almost always feature lead singer, Mario Quintero Lara, wooing a minimum of four to six young, attractive guapas. The funny part? In one telenovela video, Lara ends up saving a man having a heart attack (because he walked in on him sleeping with his girlfriend), by seducing the Angel of Death (who is also a super hot young woman), and both the woman he just slept with and her lover thank him. 😂

“La Chona” hit airwaves in 1994 and it’s still teaching us life lessons.

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The story goes that the teacher always plays songs in English, and when someone asked her to play “La Chona,” she had them start translating it into English and posted a video of them singing to YouTube–which of course went viral.

“La Chona” has never made headlines like this.

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People have started competing in the viral Internet challenge #LaChonaChallenge. All you have to do is hop out of a cruise controlled, moving car and try to keep up while you bust a move. The trickiest part has been hopping in and out of the car and people are eating sh*t. Don’t try this at home.

It started out as the #InMyFeelings challenge, but Latinos got concerned.

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These are valid questions. Las Chonas are E V E R Y W H E R E  these days.

Latinos reached their fullest expression of La Chona real quick.

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People started playing “In My Feelings” and then switching to “La Chona”, finding the right hat and bevvys to get their Chona on.

Even Snoop Dogg caught the “La Chona” craze.

CREDIT: @snoopdogg / Instagram

I’d give him a solid C+ TBH, but an A for effort. He actually jumped a few times como La Chona!

Dads became cool again.

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Dads everywhere started jumping out of cars y hijos everywhere les empiezan a gritar, “”Bravo, bravo, Chono, nadie te puede igualar”!

While moms were not going to let you take the risk.

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Yup, she’s holding her daughter inside the car by the hair. Classic Mami, being so overprotective it hurts.

Hermanas pranked their hermanitos.

CREDIT: @lizandra_trujil / Twitter

I salute you, woman. This is gold. Her little brother just hopped out and started to dance and she drove off saying, “Bye, Loser.” :’) 🙏🏾

Mientras, people comen todo la mierda.

CREDIT: @Jvfaria_4 / Twitter

Seriously, you have to see this for yourself. Just search the hashtag #LaChonaChallenge on Twitter and try not to die laughing. But also, know that you would probably do the same.

The Internet then went ahead and made new mashups to “La Chona”

CREDIT: @hookampos / Twitter

The Drake one is by far the actual worst, on purpose. Whoever recorded this should be banned.

And the Childish Gambino mash up is the winner.

CREDIT: Trin the Great / YouTube

Childish Gambino es el Chono real. Somehow, the beat is absolutely perfect, and this YouTube user was able to speed up some parts to help him nunca pierde su trote.

 Los Tucanes have actually issued a warning that the challenge is dangerous.

CREDIT: @naciongruperamx / Twitter

But at the same time, they’re regramming their favorite videos to their public channel sooooo, we know you like it Tucanes.

Oh, and los animales are competing with humans as well.

CREDIT: @CBSNews / Twitter

I mean, this dog literally got on a scooter and started scooting al ritmo. That’s like if one of us started dancing while walking on all fours. Challenge not accepted.

The award goes to you, perrito.

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Unless you think you can top that?

These Latinos Are Making A Name For Themselves In The Makeup Guru World And There's No Question Why


These Latinos Are Making A Name For Themselves In The Makeup Guru World And There’s No Question Why

The Makeup game is definitely not just for women anymore. Since a few years ago we’ve been seeing an increasing number of male beauty influencers on social media. The speedy rise of this movement has even made major beauty companies start partnering with them. Such is the case for brands like Maybelline, Covergirl and MAC Cosmetics. So, now that Beauty Boys are breaking down gender norm in mainstream media we decided to create a list of 10 Latino beauty boys who are rocking the beauty scene.

1. Manny Gutierrez

Credit: Instagram @mannymua733

At only 27 Manny MUA has grown to be one of the most successful “Beauty Boys“ out there. Before becoming the big star he is today, he planned to become a plastic surgeon. But everything changes after he decided to start his own YouTube channel back in 2014.

Credit: Instagram @mannymua733

Last year he partnered with Maybelline to promote the Colossal Big Shot Mascara alongside fellow beauty guru, Shayla Mitchell. This partnership made him the first male ambassador for the brand and the second one ever, after James Charles partnered with Covergirl. Since then he has been working on his own makeup brand, Lunar Beauty. And just this June he launched his 1st product ever, the “Life’s a Drag Palette“ ($45) with 14 different color shades that go from a matte to glitter, to a satin finish.

2. Ariel Tejada

Credit: Instagram @makeupbyariel

Ariel is best known for being Kylie Jenner makeup artist. He reached instant success at only 19 when Kylie found him on Instagram and personally DM him to work together. After securing her role as her personal makeup artist, he started working with the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan and some other celebs like Chrissie Teigen, Naya Rivera, and Lily Ghalichi.

Credit: Instagram @makeupbyariel

He is responsible for some of the most liked Instagram pictures of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, like the notorious “Cool Mom“ look Kylie rocked at Coachella this year and Kim’s amazing Selena Quintanilla look from last Halloween. Ariel says that working with Kylie is a team effort as they both actively participate during the makeup process, to a point where Kylie doesn’t let anyone do her lips but herself.

3. Angel Merino

Credit: Instagram @Mac_daddyy

Angel is a Los Angeles based celebrity makeup artist and entrepreneur. His big break came after he was hired as a makeup artist for the HGTV network. He then started to transition into fashion makeup and eventually met his first celeb client, Christina Milian at a BeautyCon. After a doing his thing for a while, his celeb portfolio started to grow to include names like Ariana Grande, Mel B, Christina Milian and Toni Braxton. And in 2016, he was chosen to partner up with Macy’s for a National Campaign to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

Credit: Instagram @Mac_daddyy

Today, aside from having an enviable celebrity clientele and a huge social media following, he’s also is the creative director and CEO of Artist Couture, a vegan brand that creates a wide variety of loose powder highlighters ($27). He also has partnered up with PUR Cosmetics to create a 5 eye polish collection.

4. Gabriel Zamora

Credit: Instagram @gabrielzamora

If you want to up your makeup game then you better follow Gabriel Zamora. Gabriel’s first big step towards becoming who he is today was when Lilly Ghalichi made him social media coordinator for her brand, Lilly Lashes. During his time working with Lilly, he was able to drastically increase his audience across his social media channels. Up until today, he’s one of the few beauty gurus that has created content in both English and Spanish.

Credit: Instagram @gabrielzamora

Today he’s best known for being the first ever male makeup artist to sign with Michelle Phan’s beauty community, Ipsy as an in-house stylist. And just like Manny MUA and James Charles, he breaking the gender barrier and crossing over to mainstream media. Gabriel success allowed him to partner up with MAC Cosmetics in 2017 to launch a Limited Edition nude lipstick.

5. Ariel Diaz

Credit: Instagram @theevanitydiary

This 25-year-old makeup artists from Palm Beach describes himself as a cosmetic illusionist and he’s definitely NOT lying. Ariel’s crazy transformations from Queen B to Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe to Kim K are beyond INCREDIBLE. If you take a look at his Instagram account you’ll see that he nails it every single time!

Credit: Instagram @theevanitydiary

Before being a makeup artist, Ariel was a painter who used actual makeup brushes as tools to create his work. Then one year he decided to help his mom with some Halloween makeup for her work and it was then when he realized that’s what he wanted to do. Now, after years of creating celebrity-inspired looks, he has an incredible fan base with over half a million followers on Instagram.

6. Etienne Ortega

Credit: Instagram @etienneortega

Before living in the US and becoming a celebrity and fashion makeup artist, Etienne grew up in a small town in Jalisco, Mexico. Then he moved to California to study at The Paul Mitchell School and soon after that start working at a salon in Beverly Hills. This opportunity and his ever-growing fan base on social media allowed him to be discovered on Instagram by Kim Kardashian a few years later.

Credit: Instagram @etienneortega

Since then he has worked the Kardashian sisters, Kris Jenner, Paris Hilton, Nicky Minaj, Demi Lovato. Eva Longoria and Christina Aguilera, in fact, he’s responsible for Aguilera’s look on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10. Aside from being the go-to guy of several A-list celebs, you can also see his work on several magazines like Vogue, People, Glamour, and Allure.

7. Zachary Domingo

Credit: Instagram @barbiegutz

This 19-year-old Puertorican-Filipino star goes by the name of BarbieGutz. Zachary is a makeup artist, stylist, and designer with his own sense of aesthetic. He started back in 2011 when he created his YouTube channel at only 12 years old, in which he gives fashion advice, makeup tutorials and even some hairstyle tips.

Credit: Instagram @barbiegutz

Zachary also has a few fashion businesses on the side. He started his own brand and he sells his designs at his online shop, which include hats, hoodies, t-shirts and tank tops. Also, he sells the clothing you see him wearing in his Instagram posts through the Depop app.

8. José Davalos

Credit: Instagram @Jooskellington

Jose is s special effects and makeup artist from Guadalajara, Mexico. Even though he’s not a “Beauty Boy“ he’s on this list because his makeup skills deserve a MAJOR shoutout. This Comicon superstar’s repertoire includes the biggest selection of Disney characters you can possibly imagine including Ursula, The Beast, Maleficent, Scar, Davy Jones, Cruella De Vil, Hades, Jack Skellington, and even Lumiere (Yes, the freakin’ candlestick!!).

Credit: Instagram @Jooskellington

But that’s not all, this makeup whiz earned a scholarship in California and while there he decided to start competing in makeup contests like ComicCon and Monsterpalooza. He has even participated in a few Indie films. And if you’re not a fan of Disney, don’t worry he has a lot of more characters from movies like Star Wars, The Grinch, and even Scooby Doo. If you haven’t checked out his Instagram account I urge you to do it NOW… you won’t be disappointed!

9. Alex Rivera

Credit: Instagram @alexfaction

Just as Joo, Alex is not what you call your everyday makeup guru. He started back when he graduated cosmetology school and moved to work at a salon in a small town in Illinois. During that time he began to practice his craft and eventually decided to create his YouTube channel. He initially started as a fashion and bridal makeup artist but with time he became more interested in theatrical makeup and optical illusion.

Credit: Instagram @alexfaction

As he was looking to challenge himself and recreate what he thought was impossible. This has allowed him to garner over 400,000 followers on social media and has even got the chance to work with Jennifer Lopez on some Halloween makeup. But that’s no surprise when you take a look at his work. You’ll find all kinds of makeup tutorials from skeleton kings and dead mariachis to flower vines and every day looks.

10. Edgars Makeup

Credit: Instagram @edgarsmakeup

Looking for new makeup ideas? Then Edgar is who you want to be following. His makeup tutorials are a great source of inspiration for a night on the town or any special events you might have.

Credit: Instagram @edgarsmakeup

But that’s not all, aside from rocking those eyeshadow pallets, he’s also a whiz when it comes to hiding any scars and redness on the face.

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