Watch This Kid Sing ‘Adiós Amor’ To His Amiguita In Front Of The Entire Class

We most often see serenatas during prom and Valentine’s Day season, but this six-year-old randomly asked his teacher if he could sing for his friend in front of their entire class and his performance is the I-want-to-squeeze-your-cheeks-until-your-eyeballs-pop-out type of cute.

The six-year-old sang his heart out and his love interest didn’t know what to do with herself.

The after school program director, Oscar, tells mitú that he was walking his class to the gym when one of his students asked him if he could sing a song for his friend in front of the entire class. The girl you see covering her face with a pink sweater in the video is the special someone who Oscar’s student decided to serenade. The girl was very shy, but Oscar’s student received standing ovations from the entire class at the end of his romantic performance.

And this isn’t the first time Oscar’s students sing the romantic ballad, “Adiós Amor.”

Oscar told mitú that he makes an effort to play Latino music for his students. He hopes that this reminds them to “always embrace their culture” and to be proud of their identities.

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‘The Voice’ Judges Lost Their Minds For This Latino’s Performance Of ‘Preciosa’


‘The Voice’ Judges Lost Their Minds For This Latino’s Performance Of ‘Preciosa’

The Voice / YouTube

“Actually, what I was singing about was Puerto Rico.”

Johnny Bliss got a highly coveted four-chair spin from “The Voice” judges with a Spanish-language song. If you aren’t familiar with the show, contestants go through a first round called Blind Auditions. The performer sings while the judges, Adam Levine, Alicia Keys, Kelly Clarkson, and Blake Shelton, have their backs to them and when they like the singer, they push a button and their chair spins around. From there, the judges interested in the singer have to convince the singer to choose them as their coach. Bliss got all four of the judges to spin their chairs. However, Clarkson was blocked by Levine and Bliss definitely wanted Clarkson as his coach. This meant he could not choose Clarkson as his coach.

Bliss told the judges about his strong connection to the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, which is seen in the full episode. Bliss grew up in the Washington Heights neighborhood in New York City, which is a strong Dominican neighborhood. He is half Dominican and half Puerto Rican. The choice to sing “Preciosa” by Marc Anthony was in honor of the two islands recovering after the last hurricane season that brought unprecedented destruction to the Caribbean.

Bliss also opened up to the judges about discovering himself as a gay man in the Latino community. This conversation is only available in the full episode of the show and it a very touching moment with his grandmother back stage listening. While the acceptance of the community was important, it was his grandmother’s acceptance that meant the most to him. After she accepted him, he felt free to live his authentic life.

Then, the fighting between “The Voice” judges began for this incredible Latino singer.

“I blocked Kelly. I just want you to know that the second I heard you sing I thought, ‘Okay, who’s going to stand in my way of this?’ If I could block everybody, I would have,” Levine told Bliss. “I think that you have, not only the voice that can go all the way here, but what I also believe is that there are those really rare moments where I can actually lose myself in something and feel something so incredible and overwhelming and I had one with you.”

But Keys was ready to play and pleaded her case for Bliss by first saying her name came from her Puerto Rican godmother. Then she broke out into her Spanish version of “If I Ain’t Got You“. Not only was the whole audience in awe, Bliss was visibly moved by the singing. Shelton admitted that he knew he wasn’t going to win so her started advocating for Bliss to choose Keys. Clarkson, who had been blocked by Levine told him to choose Keys. Levine was left to fight for himself and it did not work.

Bliss is a proud member of Team Alicia.

Stay tuned to “The Voice” to watch Bliss compete to be the best.

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A Viral Video Shows A Man Taking A Break From Work To Sing This Jose Jose Classic


A Viral Video Shows A Man Taking A Break From Work To Sing This Jose Jose Classic

@Comunique Yucatán / Facebook / anthonypontekavailable / Instagram

There was a rumor a couple of weeks ago that José José had passed away. Thankfully his wife put those rumors to rest because the thought of another Mexican legend dying would simply be too much. But we must face reality, José José is getting up there. The 70-year-old singer won’t be around forever. His career has impacted countless lives throughout the world. Recently, one young man has gone viral because of his rendition of a José José song and you’ve got to hear it to believe it.

This viral video shows a star in the making, and could be Jose Jose’s replacement.

#VIRAL ¿Será el sucesor de José José?

Posted by Comunique Yucatán on Saturday, February 24, 2018

A news station in Yucatán, Mexico, posted a video of a manual worker singing the Mexican singer’s classic “Lo Que No Fue no Será” and nailed each note.

His friend captured the entire song on the spot as he took a break from his yard work. Even his co-workers, who were also on a break sitting beside him, moved away from the shot so he could take center stage.

As his friend recorded the beautiful rendition, and also encouraged viewers to share the video, which have surpassed 2 million views and has more than 72,000 sharesd.

Rangel Martinez, a Facebook user moved by the video, commented on the video, saying: “I liked his singing very much, now imagine if had rehearsed and was rested.  My respects to this man God bless him. José José is a clear talent, yes, but this man is not far behind.”

Here’s José José’s original version of the song.

The two men are not that far apart in skills.

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