We Ranked Ricky Martin’s Top 25 Music Videos

Ricky Martin has been rocking our ears since he was just a little thing in the boy band Menudo. Yet, his solo career has kept us captivated for decades. He has given us some great Spanish and English-language hits and we just keep loving everything he puts out. It is always made better when he gives us an accompanying music video because he is kind of nice on the eyes. Here are Ricky Martin’s top 25 music videos ranked by us.

25. “Tu Recuerdo” (MTV Unplugged)

Ricky Martin
CREDIT: RickyMartinVEVO / YouTube

Martin loves giving his fans a more intimate feel with his music videos and this includes posting videos of live performances. That’s right. If you visit his YouTube page, there are several videos with millions of views that are nothing more than concert videos of the man doing his thing live.

24. “María”

CREDIT: RickyMartinVEVO / YouTube

Even a grainy music video shot in the 1990s is on the top 25 list because there is just something about watching him walk around Paris. The city of love just loves this man and we do too.

23. “Vuelve”

CREDIT: RickyMartinVEVO / YouTube

Just look at that baby faced angelito. Martin might be a total daddy now but it wasn’t too long ago that the fresh-faced singer was melting hearts with his smooth face and extra stylized hair.

22. “Y Todo Queda En Nada”

CREDIT: RickyMartinVEVO / YouTube

This is what a rugged man looked like in 2003. A sleeveless shirt with some kind of textured wording on the front and just a small amount of stubble. Martin did the damn thing with his music video for this song and it kind of still works.

21. “Come With Me”

CREDIT: RickyMartinVEVO / YouTube

This one definitely gave us some “Waiting For Tonight” vibes with the dance party feel and the lasers projecting all over the place. That being said, it is something that we have seen before so it doesn’t really get too high on this list.

20. “Frio”

CREDIT: RickyMartinVEVO / YouTube

Martin does love a good collaboration. In fact, Martin has collaborated with just under 30 artists giving his and their music so much depth and we, the fans, are the ones who truly benefit.

19. “La Mordidita”

CREDIT: RickyMartinVEVO / YouTube

Who doesn’t like a good zombie apocalypse? Martin’s take on the classic horror genre is even better because instead of people turning into flesh eating monsters, they are becoming dance crazed people. That’s an apocalypse we could all get into.

18. “La Bomba”

CREDIT: RickyMartinVEVO / YouTube

Another classic from Martin’s younger years. It is incredible to see the questionable fashion choices that would never happen now, including those chunky sandals but he still makes it look good.

17. “Bella (She’s All I Ever Had)”

CREDIT: RickyMartinVEVO / YouTube

This video will only make you think about one thing: “Ghost” with Demi Moore. If you don’t know what that movie is, look it up and you’ll definitely get the reference. He is legit just walking around as a ghost thinking about the life he once had with his SO.

16. “Nobody Wants To Be Lonely”

CREDIT: RickyMartinVEVO / YouTube

Yup. Martin once did a duet with the one and only Christina Aguilera. The two vocal powerhouses definitely keep your attention as they sing this song about love, lose, and hope.

15. “She Bangs”

CREDIT: RickyMartinVEVO / YouTube

You were probably very young when this song came out but you still sang every word without realizing what he was talking about. Not to mention that the music video is trippy af. Like, is he a mermaid? Are they underwater or in a dry place dancing. The use of underwater Martin shots cropped onto the dance floor is pretty amazing.

14. “Adiós”

CREDIT: RickyMartinVEVO / YouTube

The best Ricky Martin is the sensual club singing Ricky Martin and that is exactly what you get in “Adiós”. He will make you fall in love with him as he uses his voice to seduce everyone within ear shot and it works.

13. “Disparo Al Corazón”

CREDIT: RickyMartinVEVO / YouTube

What is more attractive than a man taking the time to reflect on himself and the decision he has made? Nothing. Martin spends this music video just looking in a mirror and is given glimpses into certain scenes until the mirror finally shatters form the pressure. Talk about art.

12. “Fuego Del Noche, Nieve Del Día”

CREDIT: RickyMartinVEVO / YouTube

A surprise cameo is always the best cameo. Not only do you get to see a bearded and long-haired Martin in this video, you also get to see a young Kate del Castillo. Low key, it is pretty amazing to watch them interacting on the screen as lovers in the throws of passion.

11. “Private Emotion”

CREDIT: RickyMartinVEVO / YouTube

This music video is a head scratcher. Like, what exactly is going on is always going to be a mystery. Martin and a mystery woman in a hotel room are frozen at the beginning and slowly thaw the video shows us the scenes that led to this moment in reverse.

10. “Tal Vez”

CREDIT: RickyMartinVEVO / YouTube.

That’s right. Another live performance video. Martin is such a good performer that you are captivated while he stands still and sings. Maybe it is all of the facial expressions he makes or the way he moves his body. All we know is that he can sing to us any day.

9. “I Don’t Care”

CREDIT: RickyMartinVEVO / YouTube

A handsome man. A car. A smile. What more does one need to create a top notch music video? How about two dope collaborators in Fat Joe and Amerie. He is just so smooth.

8. “La Copa De La Vida”

CREDIT: RickyMartinVEVO / YouTube

The cup of life is a mysterious and intriguing notion from many folklores. But that isn’t what’s going on here. Instead, Martin created this song for the World Cup and the music video is about as amazing as Shakira’s World Cup songs.

7. “Vente Pa’ Ca”

CREDIT: RickyMartinVEVO / YouTube

This music video is just to hot to handle with both Ricky Martin and Maluma. Tbh, we could totally get down with that kind of party for sure. So when is the next get together, y’all?

6. “El Mejor De Mi Vida Eres Tú”

CREDIT: RickyMartinVEVO / YouTube

The year after coming out, Martin did what a lot of people do: broadcast it. This music video is just one year after coming out and it is a very sweet tribute to coming out and living your authentic self. Martin is shown with an = sign on his chest which has become a symbol of the struggle for equality within the LGBTQ community.

5. “Perdóname”

CREDIT: RickyMartinVEVO / YouTube

Sorry but you are going to have to excuse me because I just can’t right now. This man is like fine wine and this music video just shows how little he has aged since his first time on the tv.

4. “Te Extraño, Te Olvido, Te Amo”

CREDIT: RickyMartinVEVO / YouTube

Admit it. You would love to have Ricky Martin chasing after you. Who wouldn’t? Sure. Some of this music video is alittle creepy, like how he watches the woman from his window with binoculars but overall, the sentiment is so sweet. Everyone does questionable things when they are in love and can’t think straight.

3. “Pégate”

CREDIT: RickyMartinVEVO / YouTube

Again, we find ourselves enjoying a video of Ricky Martin barefoot on stage singing to us like it’s his job. It kind of is but that’s not the point. This man is so inticing that you just can’t help but watch his little dance moves as her performs.

2. “Vida”

CREDIT: RickyMartinVEVO / YouTube

It’s always nice to see people being themselves authentically. Martin, a Caribbean man, is just spending time with his friends dancing, laughing and existing near the ocean. We’ll just ignore that the video is clearly just one very long ad for KIA.

1. “Livin’ La Vida Loca”

CREDIT: RickyMartinVEVO / YouTube

Original classics will always stay original classics. “Livin’ La Vida Loca” was probably the first song you remember dancing and singing to and it makes sense. All these years later, this song still gets people up and out of their seats and on the dance floor.

Tens Of Thousands Of Puerto Ricans, Including Bad Bunny And Ricky Martin, Call For The Resignation Of Gov. Rosselló At Massive Old San Juan Protest

Things That Matter

Tens Of Thousands Of Puerto Ricans, Including Bad Bunny And Ricky Martin, Call For The Resignation Of Gov. Rosselló At Massive Old San Juan Protest

badbunnypr / Instagram

On Wednesday, tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans shouted “Ricky, renuncia!” as they marched through the streets of Old San Juan in its fifth and largest protest calling for the resignation of Gov. Ricardo Rosselló.

Early in the demonstration, Puerto Rican stars like Bad Bunny, Residente, Ricky Martin, PJ Sin Suela and more gathered in front of the Capitolio, where they held large Puerto Rican flags and signs that read “los enterraron sin saber que somos semillas,” and encouraged a roaring crowd to not abandon their fight. As the artists stood atop a white truck in the midst of protestors, activist Tito Kayak, who famously placed the Puerto Rican flag on the Statue of Liberty’s crown in 2000 in protest of the US’ presence in Vieques, scaled the flagpole in an attempt to remove the American flag. The crowd erupted in cheers, chanting “Tito, Tito,” showing that the protest in the US territory extends beyond the people’s grievances with their local government.

Bad Bunny took to the streets of Puerto Rico with his fellow Americans to protest a governor they want out of office.

Credit: badbunnypr / Instagram

Protests erupted on Saturday after Puerto Rico’s Center for Investigative Journalism published 889 pages of a private Telegram chat between the governor and some of his officials. The messages included profanity-laced homophobic, transphobic and misogynistic comments about female politicians, celebrities and protestors and hard-hearted jokes about the victims of Hurricane María. For the people of Puerto Rico, who were just rocked by a money-laundering scheme by its education and health leaders and endured repeated neglect and abuse by both its local and federal governments following the devastating hurricane, the chats symbolized the final straw.

As darkness fell on Wednesday, some of the celebrities spoke out.

Credit: badbunnypr / Instagram

“This government has to begin respecting the people. We can’t stop protesting,” Residente, born René Pérez Joglar, said. Later, Puerto Rican singer iLe, Residente’s younger sister, sang the original, revolutionary version of La Borinqueña, with demonstrators, holding their flags and fists in the air, joining her in song, belting, “Vámonos, borinqueños, vámonos ya, que nos espera ansiosa, ansiosa la libertad.”

By la Fortaleza, the governor’s mansion, tension sparked in the mostly-peaceful protest in the late hours of the night. Demonstrators, some throwing bottles of water and fireworks, busted through a barricade. Police fired tear gas, dispersing the massive crowd and angering local residents who allege officers discharged on empty streets where elders and youth in their homes struggled to breathe as a result of the smoke.

Other areas of the old city looked like a war zone, with officers chasing and shooting rubber bullets at protestors, trash bags blazing on cobblestone streets and the windows of graffiti-laden establishments shattering.

According to authorities, at least seven protesters were arrested during the protests and four police officers were injured. There is also an investigation into an officer who forcefully grabbed a demonstrator alleging she was trying to jump over a barrier, though footage of the incident later revealed she was not.

Motorcycles also thundered through the city early Thursday morning, as a protest caravan of thousands of motorcyclists, led by El Rey Charlie and reggaetoneros Brytiago, Noriel, and Ñengo Flow, traveled from Trujilo Alto to Old San Juan in a journey that captivated the island.

People on the island are relentless in demanding that their voices be heard.

Credit: elreycharlie / Instagram

“We won’t stop. The oppression is over. The repression is over. Ricky, resign or we will take you out because the people put you there and we are ready to remove you. We want you out,” El Rey Charlie, a beloved motorist on the island, told Puerto Rican network WAPA-TV.

Outside of San Juan, groups around the island also took to the streets. In the States, the diaspora and their allies similarly demonstrated in Orlando, New York, Miami, Boston, Cleveland, San Antonio and more, while international actions occurred in the Dominican Republic and Spain as well.

Despite the massive uprising, Rosselló has contended that he would not resign. The governor, who previously apologized for his “improper act,” said that he believes he could win over the people of Puerto Rico.

“I recognize the challenge that I have before me because of the recent controversies, but I firmly believe that it is possible to restore confidence and that we will be able, after this painful process, to achieve reconciliation,” he said in Spanish. “I have the commitment, stronger than ever, to carry out the public policy.”

The governor is desperately trying to get people to forget about the unacceptable and offensive conversations he was involved.

Credit: @ricardorossello / Twitter

As Rosselló insists he would not step down, the president of Puerto Rico’s House of Representatives, Carlos Méndez Núñez, has already appointed three lawyers to investigate the contents of the leaked chats to determine whether an impeachment process can begin.

Additionally, Puerto Rico’s non-voting delegate to Congress Rep. Jenniffer González-Colón, who is a member of the governor’s pro-statehood New Progressive Party, has called for a meeting among her PNP colleagues.

There is no shortage of corruption that people want to get rid of right now.

Credit: @Jenniffer2012 / Twitter

“There must be an urgent meeting of the directory of @pnp_pr to discuss everything that is happening,” González-Colón said on Twitter.

President Donald Trump also took the opportunity to lambast the embattled governor as well as criticize the island, including the mayor of San Juan Carmen Yulín Cruz, for corruption.

President Trump weighed in on the matter and used it to attack an island still recovering from the hurricane and the mayor of San Juan.

Credit: @realDonaldTrump / Twitter

He continued: “This is more than twice the amount given to Texas & Florida combined. I know the people of Puerto Rico well, and they are great. But much of their leadership is corrupt, & robbing the U.S. Government blind!”

But for many protesters, the marches aren’t just about sending a message of indignation to Rosselló, but rather to all corrupt politicians on the archipelago as well as the colonial federal government. Protest posters illustrate Rosselló with Trump’s hair to compare the two abhorred leaders, while vandalism on concrete walls screams for the resignation of the governor, the fiscal control board and the island’s colonial ties to the U.S.

Today and tomorrow, the people say, the uprising continues, with demonstrations planned across Puerto Rico and its diaspora in the US and worldwide.

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Bad Bunny And Ricky Martin Killed A ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill In Puerto Rico Furthering LGBTQ+ Rights In The Caribbean

Things That Matter

Bad Bunny And Ricky Martin Killed A ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill In Puerto Rico Furthering LGBTQ+ Rights In The Caribbean

badbunnypr / ricardorossello / ricky_martin / Instagram

Governors in the U.S. have tried and failed multiple times to enshrine discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community by passing “religious freedom” bills. At the heart of these bills is the idea that someone’s religion is enough to discriminate against those of different faiths, sexual orientations, and gender identities. Puerto Rico tried to follow the same failed path as Indiana and the backlash was swift and victorious after Ricky Martin and Bad Bunny (Benito Martinez) spoke out against the bill forcing Governor Ricardo Rosselló to backtrack on his bill to discriminate.

In April, Puerto Rico’s Governor Ricardo Rosselló presented the Puerto Rican House of Representatives a “religious freedom” bill.

Credit: @lgbtpr / Twitter

The bill was months in the making and Gov. Rosselló showed his full support for the bill, House Bill 2069. The bill would have allowed for government employees to openly discriminate against people who went against their religious beliefs.

Ricky Martin spoke up against the measure and called out the Puerto Rican government and their willingness to legalize discrimination against LGBTQ+ people.

“While the world calls for equality, respect for diversity and the defense of human rights, members of the Senate and the House of Representatives and the Governor of Puerto Rico are pushing for a measure that goes against all of the above and it encourages division, prejudice, hatred and the lack of respect for individuality,” Martin wrote on his fan website. “It does so under a premise that undermines the constitutional protections against discrimination on the basis of race, sex or belief, and in its place, justifies an irrational protection of the religious convictions of government employees.”

“As a member of the LGBTT community, I join the constituency that affirms that there has never been a willingness among our LGBTT people to allow for the validation or legalization of discrimination against us.”

“House Bill 2069, filed at the request of Governor Ricardo Rosselló and promoted by Representative Charbonier, achieve nothing more than opening the doors to hatred towards anyone who doesn’t share the same ideology, who simply belong to the LGBTT community, or who don’t  have the same color skin, amidst many other discriminatory measures.”

“Authentic religious freedom calls for respecting everyone equally.”

Bad Bunny also used his platform to stand up for the LGBTQ+ community in Puerto Rico.

Credit: badbunnypr / Instagram

“While we ‘bad guys’ do out to unite people and try to send a message of respect and tolerance, the leaders of my country work to do the opposite,” he wrote on Instagram. “We cannot take steps backwards, NEVER! @ricardorossello you make excellent coffee, I know that you can also make an excellent decision.”

Calle 13’s Residente joined his Puerto Rican peers to call out the Puerto Rican government’s wishes to strip LGBTQ+ people of their humanity with the law.

These calls against the action came during Pride month when the U.S. is supposed to be celebrating and uplifting the LGBTQ+ community, which still faces discrimination and violence.

After the outcry, Gov. Rosselló reversed his support for the bill and ordered the Puerto Rican House of Representatives to shelf the bill.

Credit: @ricky_martin / Twitter

“WE WON! The recent years, Western countries have made significant advances in guaranteeing equal right for the LGBTT community,” Martin tweeted.

Martin celebrated the decision by educating his followers about what the measure would mean for the LGBTQ+ community.

Credit: @ricky_martin / Twitter

“These advances were threatened recently in Puerto Rico, where the House fo Representatives passed legislation that endangered the progress won in the last decade and risked feeding the division, prejudice, and tensions between the communities.”

He did not sugar coat the true meaning behind the legislation.

Credit: @ricky_martin / Twitter

“By granting government employees the power to act in accordance with their religious convictions, personal values, and principles, this regressive legislation would have sanctioned the practice of institutional discrimination on the part of those who committed themselves to a life in public service.”

Congratulations, Ricky!

Credit: ricky_martin / Instagram

It just goes to show that enough public outcry can make politicians listen to the majority instead of the vocal minority.

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