Exclusive: ‘On My Block’ Co-Creator Eddie Gonzalez Discusses How His Childhood Came To Life On The Show

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Netflix’s original series ‘On My Block’ has won praise from both audiences and critics for striking a balance between portraying the grit of the inner city, as well as the fierce friendships and happy moments that come during the teen years.

The show’s second season premiered on March 29 and from the beginning, one of its first scenes showed the gut-wrenching reality of gun and gang violence many face in the inner city.

The authenticity and creative vision of the show is thanks in part to co-creator Eddie Gonzalez.

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The spirit of inclusivity Gonzalez and his team cultivate in the writers’ room allows ideas to flourish. Associate producer Alexi Gonzalez says she hasn’t felt that kind of support and understanding at her previous job. She added that executive producer Lauren Iungerich is receptive to the ideas she has to give and always gives her credit for ideas. which helps foster a positive creative work environment.

“From the first day in the writer’s room, that environment was set and it remained. That was the rule of the land that everyone gets to speak here and everything is taken into consideration,” Alexi Gonzalez says.

The genesis for the show came from Eddie Gonzalez’s own upbringing living in a neighborhood where gangs resided, and he wanted to show those experiences in all of its authenticity for On My Block.

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Gonzalez, alongside associate producer Alexi Gonzalez, story consultant Walter Finnie, post-production producer Arlyn Richardson, and production designer Kay Lee, revealed what it’s like working behind-the-scenes in the writers’ room in this Netflix ‘Make a Scene’ roundtable to bring those childhood experiences come alive from production design details to getting the script right when dealing with sensitive topics.

In the video, he shares he brought pictures of his mom’s kitchen to inspire Lee, and that he wanted the design to remind him of what he remembers his mom’s house smelling like—love.

That nostalgia of Gonzalez’s kitchen that was achieved through placement of El Pato cans and tostadas is something Lee nailed. She said she deeply understands the immigrant experience and having that smell in the house due to her Korean heritage.

Mentoring and being an example for people of color who come after him is a big deal to Gonzalez.

“For me, every day I go to work and whatever I create down the line, I think there is a kid who was born in Compton like me or who grew up in Lynwood, who is thinking, ‘I can do that same thing,’” he said.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Created His Own 'Meet My Dad' Meme To Give A Shout Out To His Father


Lin-Manuel Miranda Created His Own ‘Meet My Dad’ Meme To Give A Shout Out To His Father

@Lin_Manuel / Twitter

On March 28, college student Collin Hayslett from Ohio tweeted that he was proud of his dad for launching into a whole new career world. Cute, right? Well, his intention was lovely. However, the tweet turned into a viral meme and Lin-Manuel Miranda’s take is so much better tha even Hayslett could have hoped for.

Here’s the tweet that went viral and started the “meet my dad” meme.

The tweet, which has been liked more than 300,000 times, took off not only because his dad is hot, but also because others wanted to give props to their own dads.

People started using the #meetmydad hashtag to promote their own cool dads who do it all. One of those people was a very familiar person.

Lin-Manuel Miranda took this opportunity to brag about his own dad.

“I’ve been training all my life for this meme okay goodbye,” Lin tweeted.

For those of you unfamiliar with Lin’s dad, Luis A. Miranda, Jr. isn’t starting a modeling career, but has a stellar career of his own.

He is the Managing Partner of The MirRam Group and has served in three New York City mayoral administrations. He is also the founder and former President of the Hispanic Federation. Not too shabby. No wonder Lin is so proud of his dad.

Lin’s dad wanted to return the compliment by highlighting his own “meet my dad” tweet.

This is so cute! We love that he used the most silly pictures of Lin. They must have a really special father/son relationship.

@starksgoatee tweeted, “This is peak family goals right here.” And we couldn’t agree more.

Lin also tweeted that his dad said, “My dad on the phone just now: ‘did you see my mimeh?'” Mimeh! LOL!!

People kept the meme going by giving love to all kinds of celebrity daddies, like Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Honestly, who hasn’t already fallen in love with Lin-Manuel Miranda? He is the most chill and loveable daddy in entertainment today. That isn’t an exaggeration and the collective love people have for him is proof that we cannot get enough of him.

Of course, someone gave Pitbull a lot of love.

Mr. Worldwide has definitely reached all of his dreams with his wildly successful career. He has taken his music and Cuban culture to every corner of the planet and continues to do things to help his community. He has built schools and donated money for so many causes definitely getting him to that daddy level.

Even William Levy got some love during the “meet my dad” challenge.

Levy is a certifiable zaddy. No doubt about that. He is one man who has kept men and women drooling for decades since he started in telenovelas. Just one look in his eyes and it is so hard not to get lost forever.

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