‘Orange Is The New Black’ Made One Big Mistake And Latinos On Twitter Are Not Going To Let It Slide

Everyone’s favorite locked-up Latina pair are scheming again on the new season of “Orange Is The New Black.” As improvisation is pretty much the way of life in lock up, these Latinas found a way to stay glam behind bars using whatever household items were available to them. However, either written into the script, or a brain fart by one of our favorite actresses (hey, it happens) somebody messed up the name of one of our most beloved ingredients, and Twitter responded accordingly.


This season finds Flaca (Jackie Cruz) and Maritza (Diane Guerrero) in the middle of a prison shutdown, brought on by a riot and hostage situation. See, I told you there were spoilers, but no, you didn’t listen. In any event, the pair is trying their best to take advantage of the situation. With the convicts taking over the prison, cell phones have been reclaimed and redistributed.

Flaca and Maritza, trying to get a following outside of the prison, get their hands on one of the phones. Using the phone’s camera, they try to do a DIY makeup tutorial, jail style. Maritza knows that in jail, you have to improvise. Using household items, she shows that just because you’re locked-up, doesn’t mean you have to look jacked-up.

With a selfie stick, made from a plunger and tape, Flaca records Maritza’s beauty tutorial.

Credit: Orange Is The New Black / Netflix

Announcer voice: “Doing a short stint? How about 25 to life? No worries, you too can contour and highlight like a free-person!”

The tutorial starts off great.

Credit: Orange Is The New Black / Netflix

With actual good advice like this, you would almost certainly tune in to watch their show.

And here Maritza is finally ready to reveal her secrets.

Credit: Orange Is The New Black / Netflix

Oh wow, just by looking at what’s on her makeshift prison vanity, you can make out some items that might look familiar from mami’s cabinets.

But here is where the tutorial gets controversial…

Credit: Orange Is The New Black / Netflix

“Cinnamon, cumin and Sazón Goya.” Some astute viewers realized that the bottle Guerrero / Maritza is pointing to is in fact not Sazón, which everyone knows comes in a box of single-sized packets, as opposed to Adobo, which comes in a cylindrical plastic bottle.

For further clarification we present to you Exhibit A:

Credit: Goya

Maritza obviously pointed to the Adobo when she clearly says “Sazón.” Which, to be honest, might just be a better seasoning to use on the face, it would definitely give you that rosy cheekbone.

Latinos collectively felt like this [in Spanish] after this mistake.

Credit: Orange Is The New Black / Netflix

I told you there were spoilers…

Who knows what went wrong. It could’ve been written that way for Maritza, or an innocent mistake by Diane Guerrero.

Pizza GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
Credit: Orange Is The New Black / Netflix

Or maybe neither of them really pay attention to seasonings because they like pizza.

Whatever the case may be, Twitter had a field day with it.

Twitter user @chrissieortiz called out the show itself directly with a big ol’ “WTF #OITNB?”

Some blamed Guerrero directly.

Twitterer @RebeccaAvilas said, “I was ashamed for a good minute.” That’s some abuela level shade.

Others blamed Maritza, though.

If you watched the previous seasons, you know that Maritza was a scam artist by trade. There’s no time to cook when you’re stealing cars in stilettos.

This Twitter user came with the receipts.

“How the hell do you get the Latina to screw that up?!” Wrote the clearly annoyed Twitter user @Project_Vectrix.

This Twitter user needed a warning.

At least @nessa_monsta is asking the hard questions. “Why did she say Sazón Goya when pointing at Adobo Goya?”

On second thought, Sazón or Adobo, if it makes my face smell like mami’s perníl, I’m down.

Credit: Orange Is The New Black / Netflix

Honestly, anything you put on my face that reminds me of abuela’s home cooking, I’m down for. Forget the makeup, just make me a plate.

Seasoning mistakes aside, there’s no one more resourceful than Latinas.

Credit: Orange Is The New Black / Netflix

My abuela could make seven different meals with eggs, white rice and Lipton soup. DIY for real.

As much as “Flaritza” has gotten social media guff about their seasoning faux-pas, let’s not forget, in real life, these two are Queens. ????

Flaritza forever ❤️

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Looks like they made the smart choice here and skipped on the Goya-based makeup. ? ?  ?

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This ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Actress Says She Broke Down Crying Just While Shooting An ICE Scene


This ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Actress Says She Broke Down Crying Just While Shooting An ICE Scene

When it comes to her role as Natalie “Fig” Figueroa on Netflix’s hit series “Orange Is The New Black” actress and activist Alysia Reiner might come off just as cold bolded as Fig is. The break out star has become known for her role as the series secondary antagonist of OITNB’s first two seasons where we watched her callously deal with the show’s female inmates.

But in a recent interview Reiner, the name behind the series’ character who ultimately became an anti-hero in later seasons, is proving she’s got a much softer heart than her character might lead us to believe.

During the series’ final season Fig took on the role of warden at an ICE detainment facility.

The highly talked about story plot has received rave reviews from critics for its timeliness and heartfelt depiction of current events related to immigration in the U.S. Many of the series beloved characters battled issues such as deportation, and saw one of the series original cast members sent back to a country she hardly knew.

As warden of the facility, Fig was often caught up in the terror of ICE and the depicted border crisis. Speaking about the experience of shooting these scenes with Buzzfeed, Reiner said that she found herself often experiencing overwhelm.

At one point, Reiner said that “just the imaginary circumstance of it” was upsetting.

“My character doesn’t break down. She handles it. She keeps it in,” Reiner said in the interview. “But after two takes, it was the first time in my life where I stopped a set, where I could not breathe and I could not stop crying. Just the idea of what’s going on… It’s deeply heartbreaking.”

After only having a “light” version of the experience that so many women, men, and children are currently enduring on U.S. soil, Reiner is encouraging fans of the show to get involved.

In her interview, Reiner encouraged fans of the show to contact “representatives to say this is not okay.”

Reiner specifically encouraged fans to contact their local representatives to address a recent incident involving ICE that had directly been influenced by the show. Earlier this month, after the show featured a real and free hotline that offered detainees a chance to contact lawyers, ICE shut it down.

“This hotline is necessary for people in detention centers. It’s horrific that it’s been shut down, so deeply wrong,” Reiner said during her interview and encouraged users to contact representatives to complain.

ICE Targets Immigrant Helpline After It Appears In Episode Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Proving The Cruelty Is The Point

Things That Matter

ICE Targets Immigrant Helpline After It Appears In Episode Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Proving The Cruelty Is The Point

@cmargalaz / Twitter

In it’s seventh and final season, Orange Is The New Black aired a storyline to shed light on the dehumanizing features of immigration detention centers. However, there was a glimmer of hope presented in the fictional Netflix series: a hotline for immigrant detainees that provided free lawyers. Best of all, the hotline existed in real life. It’s not crazy to think that the level of exposure the show provided for the hotline could literally save lives. 

But even on the show, use of the hotline came with a warning: “You have to be careful, though. Apparently, if they figure out that you’re using the hotline, Big Brother shuts it down,” Gloria warns Maritza in the seventh season. 

In a chilling twist, consistent with the Trump administration’s war against immigrants, two weeks after the series aired, the hotline was shut down. It’s nothing short of gut-wrenching. 

Immigration advocates want answers. 

The California group Freedom for Immigrants, an organization that runs visitation programs in detention centers nationally and who provides the hotline, believes ICE’s decision to shut down the hotline was a direct response to Maritza’s immigration storyline. 

On Thursday, Freedom for Immigrants responded to the shutdown with a cease and desist letter. The letter claims that termination of the hotline is a violation of free speech and is retaliation by the government. Over 100 organizations and six actors from Orange is the New Black signed the letter addressed to ICE Director Matthew Albence. 

“Even a freely given benefit such as the pro bono hotline can’t be taken away simply because the government is now unhappy with how we are sharing with the public what we know from our communications with people inside,” said Christina Fialho, co-executive director of Freedom for Immigrants.

Maritza’s story is too familiar.

Diane Guerrero who portrays Martiza in the show has been an outspoken advocate of immigration reform. Born to undocumented immigrants from Colombia, Guerrero, who is a citizen, stayed in the U.S. after her family was deported when she was 14. She told her story in the memoir In the Country We Love. Just as it is for most Latinxs living in the U.S., immigration for Guerro is clearly personal. 

When Maritza’s character is essentially left for dead at an immigration detention center, she is told about the Freedom for Immigrants hotline by Gloria. The hotline was toll-free, a pivotal detail because immigrants don’t have the right to a free phone call after they are detained. Heroically, the duo passed the hotline number to other detainees. It was a small act of liberation, as was featuring it on the show. 

Abolish ICE.

ICE told the organization that that tollfree numbers for pro bono attorneys and organizations require approval by the Executive Office for Immigration Review. Funny, it was never an issue before. Almost seems like this administration is actively seeking legal loopholes to be as cruel and callous toward immigrants as possible. Freedom for Immigrants has provided the hotline since 2013. The organization received as many as 14,000 calls a month from detainees and is run by volunteers who connect immigrants with free lawyers. Losing this service will have a cascading negative impact on immigrants and their loved ones.

The cruelty is the point.

Meanwhile, the ACLU is suing the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana for the unlawful jailing of Ramon Torres. Despite providing his passport, social security card, and driver’s license to police officers to prove his citizenship, he was jailed for four days. The Sherriff’s Office deputies told Torres that every Hispanic person was being automatically held for immigration review. Yes, they’re rounding us up. Because we know, because we been knew, this was never about immigration status. This has always been about race. 

“Ramon Torres was held in jail for four days simply because he has brown skin and a Latino name,” ACLU of Louisiana legal director Katie Schwartzmann said. “This is racial profiling, which is unconstitutional and deeply harmful to our communities. What happened to Mr. Torres is inexcusable. Locking people up based on race or ethnicity is antithetical to our most cherished American values.”

We won’t be silenced.

There’s no sugar-coating what is happening in the United States. While it has never been the American Dream we were promised, now it is increasingly dangerous to be Latinx in America. Our stories and visibility matter most of all during this time. Art has the power to enlighten and normalize experiences. Art has a way of bringing the unseen to the forefront. This usually activates its viewers for the better. However, we have an administration that lacks any and all humanity. “Now we see life mimic art in the most destructive way,” she said. “I wish this were more of a fictional situation and we were exaggerating reality, but it’s kind of the other way around,” said Laura Gomez who plays Blanca, another character who falls victim to ICE on the show.