Here Are Maná 13 Best Songs To Celebrate Their Upcoming Billboard Lifetime Achievement Award

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Growing up Latino, you were destined to come across at least one Maná song during your formative years. Whether that was dancing to “Oye mi amor” at birthday parties or going on a roadtrip with “Rayando el sol” as the soundtrack, Maná just happens. Now the Latin rock icons are being toasted for all their musical and social activism achievements over the last three decades by receiving the Billboard Lifetime Achievement Award at the Latin Billboard Awards on April 26. Let’s take a look back at some of their timeless songs that rockeros are still enjoying to this day.

1. “En el muelle de San Blas”

Do any of us know where San Blas even is? Probably not. Do we need to? Not when Maná is painting a mental picture for us. The easy guitar strings easily transport us to a breezy oceanside town as a melancholy woman waits for her long-lost love. It’s the perfect song to listen to when you’re catching some rays on the beach.

2. “Mariposa traicionera”

When Fher calls you out on your cheating ways, it’s pretty much over. Almost everyone can relate to the line wishing an ex the best, and then having to let them fly off into the wind.

3. “Vivir sin aire”

The band is able to switch from melancholy love songs to mesmerizing love ballads like “Vivir sin aire.” It’s simple and sweet lyrics make it a classic in our books. We’d love to also love Maná a little less, but it’s not possible, they are up there with the GOATs!

4. “Me vale”

¡Échale, Vampiro! This was your jam if you went through a rebellious phase in high school and really just wanted to tell your mom no when it came to helping her clean the house on weekends, having to turn down your music or wanting to wear your hair longer than was allowed. You do you!

5. “Rayando el sol”

We totally get it, the agony of a call (or text) going unanswered. It probably would be easier to get to ‘el sol’ than the heart of some of our matches on hinge. *insert eye roll* This song = the anthem of unrequited love.

6. “Angel de amor”

This was one of the rock songs Maná came back with in the late 2000s after some of their most popular songs in the 1990s. It was a nod back to their roquero says with heavy electric guitar, drums and bass mixed in.

7. “Mi verdad”

After taking years away from the spotlight to focus on social activism, Maná invited Shakira to collaborate with them on this mellow, romantic track. It’s not as memorable as some of their classic ballads, but the lyrics still touch our heartstrings—with all the lies in the world, that special person can still be the light of your life and be the voice that can calm you, like Maná and Shakira sing in this tune.

8. “Labios compartidos”

We feel for any of the guys in the band that have had a less-than-ideal relationship, because judging from their songs, it seems like it happens a lot. “Labios compartidos” is about a woman that strings along the relationship, and the hurt that comes with it. It’s the unofficial rock en español song for friends with benefits.

9. “De pies a cabeza”

For a chill vibe, you can count on the guys to melt you and your crush’s heart with the sultry lyrics of this reggae-inspired song. Nicky Jam even got in on the fun to do a remake! Maná knows how to keep making themselves relevant even after all these decades.

10. “Clavado en un bar”

Ugh, this song cuts deep. We have all had those nights where only a shot of tequila or a cold margarita can cure our heartbreak, and Maná just got it with this rock ballad. Excuse us while we go cry into our shot glass.

11. “Se me olvido otra vez”

We know this isn’t Maná’s song (it’s Juan Gabriel’s) but we wanted to include it on here to show the band’s range. They can breathe new life into an already classic song and turn it into a calypso/rock/salsa track that has everyone in the audience sashaying from side to side.

12. “El verdadero amor perdona”

The band made two versions of this song—one as a rock song and another with bachata royalty, Prince Royce. The remake with Prince Royce is probably the best of the two versions because the emotions seem more palpable with the bachata beat in the background. What genre can’t the band do?!

13. “Oye mi amor”

We had to save the best for last. This is Maná’s magnum opus, the Latin American version of the ubiquitous bar closer that is Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.”

As soon as that flute starts playing, you had about 5 seconds to run to your place on the dance floor to belt out the first line of “Tú sabes cómo te deseo, tú sabes cómo te he soñado.”

Whoever is dancing next to you while your group sings “Oye mi amor, no me digas que no,” you know that was your crew for life! Friends don’t let friends sing Maná alone.

Quiz: Do You Know the Lyrics to “Oye Mi Amor” by Maná? 

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Get In The Valentine’s Day Mood With This Playlist Of Spanish-Language Love Songs


Get In The Valentine’s Day Mood With This Playlist Of Spanish-Language Love Songs

Prince Royce / YouTube

Whether you’re a cynic about love or a hopeless romantic, you won’t be able to escape that Valentine’s Day is here. So why not embrace it? Remember, all you need is love! So, if you need some convincing of that — or if you’re counting down the days to Valentine’s Day — we have just what you need to get in the mood.

We’ve compiled the most beautiful Spanish love songs that are perfect for giving you (or your loved ones) the most love vibes ever. Back in the day, people would give their crush a mix with their favorite songs. Think of this love music list as your mix that will give you all sorts of emotions, and feel free to pass it on to your luva(s).

Be aware these songs are about love. Not about broken hearts or forcing someone to fall in love with you, but real love that is here to stay.

RBD – “Tu Amor”


We know that RBD has a ton of songs about love, but “Tu Amor” has to be one of our favorites. Yes, it’s in Spanglish, but it still counts!

Jose Jose – “Amar y Querer”


There’s a rumor that Jose Jose invented love. Okay, while that be a lie, Jose Jose is the king of love songs. This one, in particular, is extra romantic. He always makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Los Enanitos Verdes – “Luz de Dia”


There are not many Spanish rock songs that will make you cry, or can explain the true wonders of love, but this song does exactly that. Enanitos Verdes may not have been the most popular rock band, but this song is the most beautiful rock ballad ever.

Selena – “Amor Prohibido”


Selena has a lot of wonderful songs about love, but remember, this mix isn’t about love that is lost (or that doesn’t exist). This song not only screams that love is real, but she also says, people don’t want them to be together, just like Romeo and Juliet.

Juanes – “Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor”



That’s what this song by Juanes makes us feel. When he released this song, Juanes was still becoming a household name. However, he hooked us in real good with this track.

Los Zafiros – “He Venido”


Let’s go old-school for a bit, like real old school. Los Zafiros — a Cuban harmony vocal group — were around during the ’60s, but their music is timeless. This song is beyond romantic, take a listen and you won’t know what hit you. It may sound retro, but it’s a classic.

Shakira – “Tu”


We will admit that there’s one other Shakira song in the mix. The girl has too many love songs, but “Tu” is one of her earlier tracks nad it’s so darn amazing.

Luis Miguel – “Mucho corazon”


Luis Miguel is a master at love songs. He has a way of singing that makes you think he is in love with you. That’s probably why he has so many fans.

Sin Bandera – “Entra en mi vida”


“Entra en mi vida/ Te abro la puerta/ Sé que en tus brazos ya no habrá noches desiertas” if those lines don’t make you feel love, then you are officially a robot.

Julieta Venegas – “Lento”


If you’ve ever been in love (that deep obsessive love) you know the feeling of not wanting it to end. That’s what “Lento” by Julieta Venegas makes you feel. She wants every moment to be slow and magical, and that’s what the song really is. 

Christian – “No podras”


Christian’s voice is rare, or we should say his pitch is out of this world. Sometimes people say that there is no way you can truly describe what love is. If you listen to this song by Christian, you will know exactly what love is.

Franco de Vita – “Te Amo”


Even before we had experienced love (or even puberty), we had no idea what love was or anything. But for some reason, this song by Franco de Vita was everywhere, and women loved it so much. We automatically associated love at first sight with this song and knew that love could exist on any corner — if we only we had our heart open.

Fey – “Media Naranja”


Some say that you’ll know if you found “the one” if they are your soul mates or if they compliment you in every way. Clearly Fey knows all about that feeling because she describes it perfectly in this song. And it will make you dance!

Tito El Bambino – “Llueve el Amor”


Sometimes love can best be explained through motion. Tito El Bambino exudes romance through this music and “Llueve el Amor” will have you thinking that it does rain love.

Marisela and Marco Antonio Solis – “La Pareja Ideal”


Marisela and Marco Antonio Solis were an actual couple, and who could ever question that? Their duets have so much chemistry. It’s a shame they are no longer together, but in our mind, they will always be the ideal couple.

Prince Royce – “Darte Un Beso”


Oh, Prince Royce… Valentine’s Day would suck without you and your lyrics and your music, and your beautiful face! We will just leave it at that.

Luis Fonsi and Juan Luis Guerra – “Llegaste Tú”


If someone said to you: “Yo soy el hombre más afortunado/ Me ha tocado un ser/ El que conoce cada línea de tu mano/ El que te cuida/ Y camina a tu lado,” you would simply respond by saying “you had me ‘yo.'”

Cafe Tacvba – “Eres”


Cafe Tacvba may seem like a typical rock band but these guys are anything but typical. In fact, not only will they make you dance, and rock out, but also release one of the most beloved love songs of all-time.

Shakira – “Estoy Aqui”


Here’s that other Shakira song that we had to include. This woman knows and understands all the intricacies of real love. She’s amazing at putting it on paper and singing it to the masses.

Wisin & Yandel – “Gracias A Ti”


This song may seem like it was written for the fans of Wisin & Yandel but at the heart of it, it’s about love and showing that other person how much they mean to you. And if you can’t say it on Valentine’s Day, when else can you say it? The answer to that is every day

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Fans Can’t Get Enough Of This Cafe Tacvba’s NPR Tiny Desk Performance And For Good Reason


Fans Can’t Get Enough Of This Cafe Tacvba’s NPR Tiny Desk Performance And For Good Reason

NPR Music / YouTube

Café Tacvba, the most talented Chilangos, are back on the road promoting their eighth studio album “Jei Beibi” with their Niu Güeis Tur 2018. So, because this legendary rock band can basically do whatever they want at this point — playing for big audiences or small — the quintet brought their sound to NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series.

Café Tacvba played an acoustic set for a selected few on NPR Tiny Desk. Needless to say, fans  freaked out.

CREDIT: Videoteca Tacvba / YouTube

I’ve seen Café Tacvba countless of times, but imagine seeing them in a super small setting, especially in an acoustic set.

NPR Tiny Desk is an awesome gig for a band like Café Tacvba because their music transcends time and space.

CREDIT: Videoteca Tacvba / YouTube

Bands and artists from all over the world and all genres have played there, so seeing a Latino band on that program was even more special. The show has given so many independent and little known artists a platform for them to share their sound in the purest form.

Café Tacvba brought the goods.

CREDIT: Videoteca Tacvba / YouTube

The 19-minute set began with band playing “Olita del Altamar,” “Diente de León,” the classic tune “Las Flores” and “Que No.”

The band didn’t just bring their unique sound to the musical space. Lead singer Rubén Isaac Albarrán Ortega showed up in his eclectic style.


Who else but Ortega could rock such a look while delivering the Latino sound?

Café Tacvba performed another important acoustic set in 1995 on MTV’s Unplugged.

It was so cool to hear this song acoustic once again more than 20 years later.

During “Las Flores,” Ortega asked the people in the office to raise their hands up in the air so it would feel like a garden with different aromas and different kinds of colors.

CREDIT: NPR Tiny Desk / Videoteca Tacvba / YouTube

How I wish I were right there!

Here’s the entire set.

Ortega explained the meanings of the songs and translated the titles for the audience to feel fully involved in the performance. The set takes the listener on an emotional journey touching on every emotion.

Their fans from all over the world praised their performance.

Now, if only they could take this acoustic show on the road. People would go bonkers, don’t you think?

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