She Couldn’t Find An Outfit For A Themed Baby Shower So She Altered A Halloween Costume To Make It Fit The Theme

What kind of friend makes you buy a new outfit for a party?

Eva Longoria was recently on “Late Night With Seth Meyers” and they tackled a topic close to everyone’s heart (and wallet): themed parties. Like, who still does that? It’s one thing to tell your friends that they have to give up their time for a party, but following a theme means they have to spend money on a new outfit. And who has time for that? Longoria had to deal with this issue recently when she was invited to Serena Williams’ baby shower. The theme was the ’50s, because the stores are just filled with easy to find and perfectly fitting 1950s outfits, right? Tbh, it is kind of cute to see them all dressed up as ’50s heartbreakers, but it forced Longoria to buy a new outfit. How did she do it? Well, she bought a pirate themed Halloween costume and just sewed it to make it look like a 1950s dress because she couldn’t find anything. Now, you do have the option of just not dressing up but Longoria was quick to let everyone know that Williams doesn’t roll that way.

“Oh, you get shade,” Longoria said about not dressing up for a Serena Williams party. “Oh, yeah yeah. You get the looks of ‘Oh. You didn’t dress up. Too good to dress up, huh?’ So you have to.”

Of course Meyers had to ask Longoria a little bit more about her sewing. Longoria said she doesn’t just sew pillows or curtains. She makes full Halloween costumes for her nieces and nephews. That means her friends now use her sewing skills for their own benefit.

Basically, Longoria has some high maintenance friends who hit her up for alterations:

CREDIT: Late Night with Seth Meyers / YouTube

Meyers: “I would think that they would assume that you have more important things to do than hem their pants.”

Longoria: “No. Apparently not.”

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Eva Longoria Joins The Chorus Of Celebrities Standing Up With Gabrielle Union Against ‘AGT’


Eva Longoria Joins The Chorus Of Celebrities Standing Up With Gabrielle Union Against ‘AGT’

evalongoria / gabunion / Instagram

Eva Longoria joined the rallying call to demand NBC address its toxic workplace culture for women after Gabrielle Union shared her experience on set and her firing from NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.” Since AGT announced that Union would be leaving the show, the truth of the circumstances surrounding Union’s firing has come out and people are upset with the network. Union allegedly went to HR for a racist joke that was later edited out of Jay Leno’s act and was repeatedly told that her hairstyles were “too black,” according to a report by Variety. Now, Union has an advocate in Eva Longoria, who shared a Time’s Up petition to her 7.7 million Twitter followers Monday to demand that NBCUniversal “take concrete steps to foster a safe and equitable workplace.”

“What @gabunion experienced on set at @NBC’s #AmericasGotTalent is unacceptable,” Longoria also wrote on Instagram. Longoria is blasting NBCUniversal on all platforms to encourage fans to demand that the network begin dismantling the imbalance of power between genders.

Time’s Up, the organization birthed by the #MeToo movement, is using its platform to petition NBCUniversal, and Longoria wants you to know about it.


“It’s time for @NBCUniversal to commit to long-term, concrete action to fix its toxic workplace culture and ensure safety and equity for all its workers. Add your name through @timesupnow Instagram story. #TimeUp on the imbalance of power. ✊🏼,” Longoria continued on Instagram. Longoria also publicly thanked Union on Twitter, posting, “Thank you @itsgabrielleu for speaking up about the toxic culture at @NBC‘s #AmericasGotTalent. It’s time for NBC to take these allegations seriously. Join me & @TIMESUPNOW in calling for accountability & concrete action from @NBCUniversal leadership.”

Time’s Up alleges that NBC retaliated against Union for speaking out against racial discrimination and harassment in the workplace.


AGT is filmed in front of a live audience, but by the time its millions of American fans watch it on their television screens, it has been highly edited, including for the racist material that was allowed to be performed in front of the live audience. An insider told Variety that Jay Leno made a joke about a painting of Simon Cowell surrounded by his dogs on display in the executive producer’s hallway. According to four witnesses present for the taping made in front of the judges, including Union, Leno joked that “the dogs looked like something one would find ‘on the menu at a Korean restaurant,'” Variety reported. Several employees felt the joke was racist and only sought to perpetuate stereotypes that don’t actually exist at Asian-American restaurants, the outlet said. Union sought to bring the joke to the attention of Human Resources, as one might do at many other professional companies, but Variety’s whistleblowers said that it never made it to HR, though her concerns did allow for the joke to be censored in the final episode, aired on August 6.

Union’s hairstyles were also reportedly criticized as “too black.”


Later, a white man tried to portray Beyoncé, but his hands were guised to look black, the insiders told the entertainment outlet. Union continuously asked producers to remove him from the stage, but they allowed him to give his performance to the live audience and removed the audition from the edited version. Union was also personally subjected to excessive notes on her physical appearance, specifically that her hairstyles were “too black” for their audience, something that Variety’s four inside sources said she was criticized for at least half a dozen times. News of the discrimination has prompted a #BlackHairChallenge viral hashtag in support of Union.

Longoria’s fans are taking it a step further and calling for a boycott of NBC.


“People need to boycott the network. When it hurts their bottom line, they will change,” commented one fan. Change is already happening, thanks to the press generated from the likes of Longoria and those who signed the Time’s Up petition, which “applauds Union for her courage and once again calls on NBC to take these allegations seriously and take concrete steps to foster a safe and equitable workplace.” Already, NBC and its production companies have released a joint statement to PEOPLE to confirm they are “working with Ms. Union through her representatives to hear more about her concerns, following which we will take whatever next steps may be appropriate.”

“So many tears, so much gratitude,” Union tweeted, the day after Variety’s report came out. “THANK YOU! Just when you feel lost, adrift, alone… you got me up off the ground. Humbled and thankful, forever.”

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Eva Longoria Says We Should Focus On How Immigrants Help The Economy Because Public Has No Moral Compass


Eva Longoria Says We Should Focus On How Immigrants Help The Economy Because Public Has No Moral Compass

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

Eva Longoria pled with Senate Democrats to change the narrative about immigration at the Latino Summit. The Desperate Housewives star and co-founder of Latino Victory believes Democrats should focus on how immigrants benefit the economy, rather than stressing that there is a moral imperative to keep children out of cages. Simply put, Longoria doesn’t believe the moral argument is working. 

Longoria’s perspective is a cynical one, but not totally inaccurate. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez described the detention centers as concentration camps, a statement many historians agreed with

“The United States is running concentration camps on our southern border, and that is exactly what they are — they are concentration camps,” Ocasio-Cortez said on Instagram Live. “And if that doesn’t bother you … I want to talk to the people that are concerned enough with humanity to say that we should not, that ‘never again’ means something.”

If concentration camps and child separation don’t get the American people outraged, then it is easy to ask what will? However, what Longoria fails to acknowledge is that the majority of Americans support immigrants and the majority who don’t are Republicans.

Eva Longoria tells Senate Democrats we need a new conversation about immigrants. 

“I do think we as Hispanics have been focused on the moral imperative — this is inhumane what is happening on the border. How we are treating other human beings, it’s just appalling,” Longoria said at the Dirksen Senate Office Building. “And that argument is not working.”

Longoria instead told senators that they should focus on the narrative that immigrants are good for the economy rather than insisting that they’re humans who have rights. 

“And so we need the economic imperative argument, right?” Longoria said. “We cannot deny that we have major industries dependent on immigrant labor. More than agriculture — it’s not just agriculture. And I think the truth of the matter is this country does not work without the engine of the immigrant community and the engine of immigrant labor.”

There is something particularly nihilistic about making the argument that humans should only be treated like human beings, if they have some sort of economic value. 

Republicans increasingly say U.S. will lose identity due to immigrants, according to Pew Research study.

“Currently, 57% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents say that if the United States is too open to people from around the world, ‘we risk losing our identity as a nation,'” according to Pew Research

This is a 13 percent increase among Republicans over roughly a 10-month period — a time when the Trump administration has taken an aggressive anti-immigrant stance. Pew also notes that Democrats believe the opposite and little has changed over a two-year period. 

“Today, an overwhelming majority of Democrats and Democratic leaners (86%) say America’s openness is essential to who we are as a nation; 85% said this last September,” the study indicates. 

What these numbers indicate is that an anti-immigrant stance is a bipartisan issue where Republicans are anti-immigrant and Democrats are not. Thus, Longoria’s argument is somewhat rendered moot: what Democrats have been saying about immigrants has been working because Democrats largely support immigrants. 

A majority of Americans support immigration because of their “hard work and talents.” 

Another issue with Longoria’s argument is that it is not based on any factual analysis of American attitudes. The majority of Americans support immigrants because of their economic contributions, anyway

“A majority (62%) say immigrants strengthen the country because of their hard work and talents. Just 28% say immigrants are a burden on the country because they take jobs, housing and health care,” according to Pew

Gallup reports that Americans feel immigration is the most important problem.

“Americans’ concern with immigration continues to be heightened, as 23% name it the most important problem facing the country. This is by one percentage point the highest Gallup has ever measured for the issue since it first began recording mentions of immigration in 1993,” according to Gallup

Gallup also noticed that the percentage of Americans who wanted the number of immigrants in the United States decreased also increased to 35 percent, which is consistent with the Pew study that found an increase in anti-immigrant sentiments among Republicans. 

In 2015, before Trump was elected, the Washington Post claimed that anti-immigrant rhetoric was “fueling” his support. 

“After his first speech as a presidential candidate [that] harshly criticized Mexican immigrants, voters who believed immigration was important flocked to him,” Michael Tesler of the Washington Post wrote, “Those who prioritize immigration continue to be his strongest supporters.” 

If Eva Longoria wants to get to the root of anti-immigration attitudes, then she needs to get to the root of the issue: the Trump administration’s policies, rhetoric, and the fact that Republicans — not Democrats – support them. Moreover, if the majority of Americans support immigration why doesn’t our current government reflect those attitudes?