A Drowning Immigrant Gets Saved By Jesus Christ Walking On Water In This Trailer For “American Gods”

Credit: STARZ / Youtube

“You already know my name.” (drops mic)

The STARZ show “American Gods” is an adaptation of the 2001 novel of the same name by English author Neil Gaiman. The novel is about how mythological creatures and gods actually exist in our reality — the catch is that they exist because people believe in them. It is the power of their belief that brings these gods and creatures into existence. What’s interesting about the stories in the book is that immigrants coming to the U.S. have brought the majority of these spirits and gods with them. The show has already covered Norse, Egyptian and Nigerian mythology.

In this recent clip from next week’s episode, a group of Mexican immigrants make a daring attempt to safely cross into U.S. soil. One unfortunate traveler loses his strength and begins to sink, losing consciousness and going under for his last swim ever. Until he’s suddenly saved by a hand appearing from nowhere. The saved man washes up on the shore and dramatically turns around just in time to see Jesus Christ — yes, the Jesus Christ, walking on water in slippers and modest clothing. When the man asks what his name is, Jesus, perfectly backlit, with his wind blowing through his luxurious locks, mysteriously says, in perfect Spanish, “you already know my name.” The goosebumps!

The only thing wilder than Jesus walking on water is him moonwalking on water.

Credit: STARZ / Youtube

Okay, no but in all seriousness, it’s a pretty cool visual.

Check the full trailer below and make sure you let abuela know to check it out.

Credit: STARZ / Youtube

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Christina Milian Is Replacing Naya Rivera as ‘Collette’ in the Starz Show ‘Step Up’


Christina Milian Is Replacing Naya Rivera as ‘Collette’ in the Starz Show ‘Step Up’

The producers of the Starz show “Step Up” announced on Monday that they would be recasting the role of Collette, previously played by the late Naya Rivera, with singer-actress Christina Milian.

“Step Up” originally starred Naya Rivera and Ne-Yo as Collette Jones and Sage Odom–business partners and lovers who run the prestigious High Water Performing Arts School in Atlanta.

The series premiered in 2018 on YouTube Red and ran for two seasons before being cancelled. It was renewed and picked up by premium cable channel Starz in May of 2020–just months before Naya Rivera’s tragic drowning in July.

In a statement, Milian acknowledged her predecessor while also expressing joy at being able to take on this new role.

“I am so excited to join the Step Up family,” Milian said. “I know I have massive shoes to fill. Naya was incredible. I hope to honor Naya, her family, friends and fans with a great performance.”

Ne-Yo, who worked closely with Naya Rivera in the previous seasons, also put out a statement praising the legacy of Naya Rivera.

“There is no replacing Naya. Let’s get that straight,” Ne-Yo wrote. “Her spirit lives on in our memories and every part of what this show is and will be.”

He added that Milian has “big shoes to fill” but he was is “certain of her ability to bring an energy and light to this character that Naya’s fans as well as the rest of the world will love.”

He concluded: “We’ve welcomed Christina with absolute open arms and have rallied around her with love and support. I’m excited and can’t wait for the world to see this!”

According to Starz, the decision to recast the character came after careful consideration and consulting with Rivera’s family.

“Naya’s death was a terrible loss to our world that we will, frankly, never stop mourning,” said creator and executive producer Holly Sorensen.

“It was almost impossible to consider there could be someone so graceful and loving who could both help us honor our loss, while also bringing a deep reservoir of talent to our show, in so many areas. Christina is an exceptional human and a dazzling performer and we are so happy she has joined our family.”

Starz will start airing the first two seasons of “Step Up” on their channel starting in early March, when viewers will be able to watch Rivera in one of her final roles.

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Fans Are All Over The Internet Giving ‘Vida’ So Much Love And Praise For Their Unapologetic Representation


Fans Are All Over The Internet Giving ‘Vida’ So Much Love And Praise For Their Unapologetic Representation

Creator of Starz’ “Vida,” Tanya Saracho, is a gift to Latino-Americans, specifically Mexican-Americans. While most of us have our favorite shows in English and others in Spanish, “Vida” is for those of us who navigate both worlds.

Season 2 just dropped and Saracho is giving us less chisme and more ganas. Emma and Lyn aren’t just navigating the social expectations of Mexican culture and American culture. Emma has “a wide range of what she can get off to” and is refusing the ‘baby queer’ labels for not conforming to any kind of ‘queer’ presentation. Lyn has the “limpia of her life” and takes on a vow of celibacy to discover who she is without a man.

The internet has some words of advice for y’all about “Vida” Season 2 and it can’t wait.

@louis1117 / Twitter

When the gente tell Lyn to “stick with being beautiful,” she comes at them with Millenial Lotería. She is not going to just sit there and let people tell her who she is and who she is supposed to be.

Don’t watch this show with your mami.

@maryjane_mia / Twitter

You want your mami to watch it, but, por favor, do it on your own time. The season opener features Lyn participating in and then growing bored of a spontaneous orgy.

We love seeing Latinas being the protagonist in a sex scene.

@PerditaPatrice / Twitter

While Season 1 did give us a scene where Lyn was the ‘exotic Latina’ in an all-white, Beverly Hills party, we saw her discomfort with it. In Season 2, Lyn and Emma are steering their own sexual fantasies. This is something all of the fans can get behind.

We also get a new character. Meet Nico.

@schoolsoutlaw / Twitter

In the trailer, we saw Nico as the cowgirl giving a Best Man’s toast at a wedding. Never could we have expected to have fallen in love with her character so fast.

She quickly helped provide another relationship and layer of love to the already incredible story of “Vida.”

@stanaticsoldier / TWitter

We stan an Emma who can walk into a wedding with one date, dump her after being roasted, and walk out with another crush. We ship #Emmico. #Nicemma?

This is what queer content looks like, y’all.

@stanaticsoldier / Twitter

The handwashing is so crucial, everyone. There isn’t a lesbian who doesn’t expect this simple courtesy IRL that we never see on screen. A beautiful, authentic touch, Saracho.

Saracho is intentional about these nuanced Latino moments.

@holaluisitoo / Twitter

The series is about a lot of things–gentrification, queerness and all the intersections in between. Of Emma being accused of being a ‘tourist’ in the queer world by refusing to label herself and rarely being recognized as one of the ‘gente’ on the block. It’s about belonging and creating that space for yourself amongst the mores of Mexican culture.

“Vida” shows the only way to navigate all this: be strong like Emma.

@pizzachurro / Twitter

You’re going to have to recognize what’s happening and give off que carajo vibes. During a brilliant scene where Emma is one of the only femme-presenting people at a queer table, Saracho gives us a glimpse into the realities of femme invisibility in the community. They’re often questioned as “really gay,” and when Emma won’t identify and is roasted for it–se fue.

The internet is raising a glass to Emma and her incredible character development.

@giuda31 / Twitter

Her character is so much of what we all want to be in the face of ignorance, of being “not Latina enough” or “white enough.” We’re all walking that line, and we like the way Emma walks it.

“Also – Mari is totally me at 22 falling for fake woke dudes…”

@amanda_parris / Twitter

Twitter user @Amanda_parris said it right: “This weekend I started watching #VidaSTARZ and I am OBSESSED. A show all about Latinx community  dealing with grief, queer identity, class and gentrification + a strong dose of SERIOUS eye candy…why was I sleeping?”

Tanya Saracho is currently developing “Brujas,” so there is life to look forward to after Vida.

First, keep rewatching the show and share it with your friends. We need views to guarantee a third season.

Saracho herself says it best when it comes to the importance of “Vida.”

@tanyasaracho / Twitter

Then, look out for “Brujas” which is what we all probably expected The CW’s “Charmed” reboot to be. Gracias a Saracho.

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