Let’s Remember The Time Rico From ‘Hannah Montana’ Told His White Friends To Roll Their Rs And Properly Pronounce Empanadas

It’s been 11 years since “Hannah Montana” first aired on Disney channel, and if there’s one character that everyone misses from this show, it’s RICO. Even though this kid was little, he had a HUGE personality and this is what made him one of the most entertaining characters from the show.

If you were a fan of “Hannah Montana,” then you remember this funny little fella, Rico Suave.


Best known for his silly personality, evil schemes, and short height, Rico was one of the most entertaining characters from “Hannah Montana.”

Just like his last name implied, Rico was known for being super suave.?

Maybe he wasn’t tall and muscular, but that didn’t stop him from being a ladies man.

BUT he was also super silly and clumsy.

He just loooved pushing people’s buttons and driving them crazy.

And it was the combination of these two personalities that made Rico such a catch. ?

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 5.14.04 PM

Whenever he wasn’t featured on “Hannah Montana,” low key you were disappointed.

The episodes of “Hannah Montana” only became more entertaining when Rico paired up with his best friend, Jackson.


Even though Rico sometimes drove Jackson crazy, he was also his best friend. They were the hilarious, dynamic duo of the show.

And their synchronized singing and dancing duets were the best.


When these two would get together, it was nothing but comedy. ?

In addition to his wonderful skills in singing and dancing, Rico was also an expert at rolling his R’s.


And he would never let Jackson beat him at this skill. Because, Latino.

And he was never shy about correcting his white friends about how to pronounce different words in Spanish.

…especially when it came to pronouncing the names of delicious Latino dishes.

In fact, Rico wasn’t shy about anything. From one episode to another, he always remained hilariously honest.

rico pic4

No matter how brutal the truth was, he always kept it real.

But this is what made Rico Suave, Rico Suave. Even though he was the baby of the “Hannah Montana” cast, he was also the one with the biggest personality.

He might have been tiny, but he was a whole lot to deal with. ?

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What were your favorite moments of Rico Suave? Comment and hit the share button below!

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