In The Middle Of National Adoption Awareness Month, This Movie Is Making A Statement

“The things these kids go through is insane. You can’t even fathom it until they tell you.”

This is what 17-year-old actress Isabela Moner learned as she prepared for her latest role in the movie “Instant Family.”

Based on the film director’s real life experience, “Instant Family” takes you through the adoption process of three young children who are in the foster care system. Director Sean Anders used comedy to tell the story to make it as accessible as possible while still shedding light on the foster care system and adoption process. Straight off the bat, foster care and comedy might not sound like a good mix, but in this film it works and the movie trailer above gives you a glimpse of that.

In this heartwarming comedy, Moner plays the role of Lizzy, the oldest of all three children who are adopted.

CREDIT: Paramount Pictures

Moner admits that the hardest part about her role was trusting herself to present her character in the most honest and authentic way possible. “The story itself is a very delicate thing,” she says.

As she prepared for her role, the Peruvian-American actress took the time to speak to several children who have either been adopted or are currently in the foster care system. After listening to several stories, Moner learned that it “all boils down to raising awareness and showing [people] the truth.” Especially during a time when there are children being separated from their families, this movie serves as a reminder on the importance of love, unity and family.

The movie is set to be released on Friday, Nov. 16.

Not only is the movie being released near the holiday season, it’s also premiering during what’s considered National Adoption Awareness Month – a month in which different organizations highlight the need for adoptive families.

To learn more about the foster care system and what steps you can take to become a foster parent and adopt a child, keep an eye out for the premiere of “Instant Family” this Friday. Also, make sure you’re ready to laugh and cry back to back.

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A Colombian Orphan Was Adopted By His Host Family And The Video Will Tug At Your Heart Strings

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A Colombian Orphan Was Adopted By His Host Family And The Video Will Tug At Your Heart Strings

Amanda Thiessen Barkey / Facebook

Sebastian is a young boy who was growing up in Colombia with no biological relatives. A program called Kidsave’s Summer Miracles connected Sebastian with the Barkey family for a summer. During that time, the family fell in love with Sebastian and they decided to secretly adopt him after the program ended and he flew back to Colombia.

The Barkey family fell in love with Sebastian after hosting him for a summer so they decided to adopt him.

Orphan Reunited With Family

After spending summer with the Barkey family in the U.S, Colombian orphan Sebastian has become a part of the family…????‍????‍????

Posted by UNILAD on Thursday, January 30, 2020

The adoption was a true family affair. All of the Barkey children and their parents boarded a flight to Colombia to collect the newest member of their family. The reunion was caught on camera and it is a sweet and honest representation of modern families.

The moment Sebastian sees the Barkey family is an emotional experience for everyone in the room.

Credit: UNILAD / Facebook

Sebastian is walked through the hallways of the adoption agency and led into a room with the family he has grown to love. He is immediately surrounded by the Barkey family who smothers him in hugs. The feeling of excitement and love is palpable from the video.

Sebastian even signed the adoption papers using his new last name: Barkey.

Credit: UNILAD / Facebook

Congratulations, Sebastian. And well done, Barkey family. What a touching and sweet moment captured on camera.

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The New Dora The Explorer Movie Is Fighting Dangerous Stereotypes And Her Fans Are So Excited


The New Dora The Explorer Movie Is Fighting Dangerous Stereotypes And Her Fans Are So Excited

@doramovie / Twitter

During a political climate that is feeding off portrayals of Latinos as drug lords, criminals and sexually violent sub-humans, it’s rare to find a casting opportunity like “Dora and The Lost City of Gold.” The movie itself isn’t unpacking modern Latinx issues of our time like “Orange is the New Black” touches on mass incarceration or “Vida” dissects Latinx and queer identity. 

By itself, it makes a huge statement. Latino families deserve to go to the movies and see themselves portrayed on screen–not as underlings in a white society or combatting the very real obstacles of racism. We deserve to see a brown Latinx cast living out an action-packed plot. We deserve to see Dora the Explorer grow up to be a courageous, adventurous, bright teenager and see those traits be what set her apart from the rest. And Dora’s all-Latino cast agrees.

The Los Angeles premiere of Dora gave us intel on what it was like for stars to be part of an all-Latino cast.

@isabelamoner / Twitter

In the film, Isabela Moner gets her break out role as Dora while Michael Peña and Eva Longoria play her parents. We also see huge names like Eugenio Derbez as Alejandro Gutierrez and even Danny Trejo as the voice of Boots the monkey.

“There was no forcing or checking the box of diversity,” Eva Longoria said on the red carpet.

@evalongoria / Instagram

“If you think about Dora being Latina, you automatically get to populate her world with Latinos,” Longoria told The Hollywood Reporter. “There was no forcing or checking the box of diversity if you represent Dora and her natural culture.” Creating stories where a Latino cast is just the most natural option is more of what we need.

Longoria was shocked to learn that Dora was a beloved international icon.

@NewBeginningsE / Twitter

“I thought she was an icon for the Hispanic community but she’s global,” Longoria told Variety. “She taught English all over the world and people were learning Spanish through her. The representation matters. The fact that it’s authentically an all-Latino cast matters and I’m so proud to be part of this project in that way.”

Eugenio Derbez was in it to change the Hollywood stereotype of Latino “criminals and drug lords.”

@ederbez / Instagram

Derbez basically plays the adult chaperone explorer, Alejandro Gutierrez, but it wasn’t just that role that attracted him. He sees Dora as a “Latina superhero” and thinks that seeing positive stories of the Latino community is what entertainment needs more of. “I always wanted to change the image of Latinos in Hollywood because they’re always portraying us as criminals and drug lords,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

Michael Peña similarly joined the project in an effort to normalize the authentic Latin family story.

@doramovie / Twitter

Granted, there’s nothing normal about uncovering ancient indigenous cities and their secrets, but for a Latina superhero, this would be her mission. At the end of the day, Peña is proud to support a strong, young Latina stereotype to get out into the Hollywood universe.

Peña told Variety that Latinx representation is “a reason to do this kind of movie. Number one, it’s going to be a fun movie and people are going to like it, but number two, 24 years ago when I started acting, this would have never happened. There was no big-budget movie that I know of that any Latin person was even starring in. It’s cool that this is just kind of normal now in a way but for me, it’s especially satisfying.”

Isabela Moner felt like playing Dora was the most natural persona to take on.

@isabelamoner / Instagram

Peruvian-American Moner is just 16 years old and taking on the role of a lifetime. “Whenever people think that a woman needs to be strong, they think that she has no emotions, is super serious, but Dora loves pink, she wears orange shorts, she loves dancing to Gloria Estefan, she’s super girly,” Moner told The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s important to break up the stereotype that women have to act like men in order to be strong.” 

“Dora and the Lost City of Gold” is out in theaters on August 9!

@mallofamerica / Twitter

Don’t miss out on watching America’s favorite little Spanish teacher grow up and out of that funny phase and into her strong, confident, chingona self. She’s going to make a lot of niñas feel strong, poderosa and worthy of being the star of their own life movie.

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