Halle Berry Was On “Despierta America” Dancing To ‘Despacito’ With A Balloon Between Her And A Very Excited Alan Tacher

Academy award-winning actress Halle Berry was on Univision’s “Despierta America” to discuss her new film, “Kidnap.”

@halleberry y @karlamartineztv hablaron de todo, comida mexicana, niños, etc

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But, somehow, she got wrangled into a balloon dance-off set to “Despacito.”

@halleberry se unió a la fiebre de #Despacito @luisfonsi @daddyyankee @erikaender

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The real winner in this balloon competition? Mexican host Alan Tacher, who was clearly excited to give Berry a big squeeze.

Credit: Despierta America / Univision

It’s not every day you get to dance with (and hug) an A-list star.

During the interview, Berry also shouted out one of her favorite writers, poet Just Mike, who promptly posted the video on his Instagram.

? @halleberry ❤️ #nomoreboyfriends

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That’s right, Halle, don’t be letting these boys play games with you. No more Eric Benets up in here.

No stranger to the show, Berry was there a few years back making tacos with the whole team.

Credit: Despierta America / Univision

It seems like food is always part of the interview whenever Berry is around.

Credit: Despierta America / Youtube

I think they’re trying to give her the abuela guilt trip, “mija, tu estas bien flaquita, tienes que comer mas, mi niña.”

Here’s the trailer for Berry’s upcoming film “Kidnap,” which wasn’t really discussed in depth, due to all that balloon dancing.

Credit: Relativity Media / Youtube

“Kidnap” is out in theaters August 4th.

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K-Pop Band NCT 127 Show Off Their Merengue Skills In Miami


K-Pop Band NCT 127 Show Off Their Merengue Skills In Miami

¡Despierta América!

Latinxs love K-pop, and Korean pop stars love Latinxs. The latest proof of this bi-cultural adoration: NCT 127 dancing merengue on ¡Despierta América!

According to Remezcla, the band is currently on tour in the Americas. During a show stop in Miami, where the group performed at the Watsco Center at the University of Miami, the fellas pulled up to Univision. They appeared on ¡Despierta América! on Sunday, and they gave all of their fans the best possible treat when they moved their hips to the Wilfredo Vargas classic “Abusadora.”

Brace yourselves, because the visual of the boys dancing to our fave Dominican rhythms is more exciting than the news.

Still there? Watching on repeat? Speechless?

You’re not alone.

Latinx fans had tons to say once they regained consciousness after watching NCT 127 sort of kill it with their merengue moves.

@bumklilfreak / Instagram

There were so many slayings.

So many people were reborn from this video.

LOL basically we’re back in the 90s and seeing the Backstreet Boys.

So much screaming.

Literally if you ever doubted the power of a yell… check out the appearance.

Like can I get an invite to this party??

(I’d love to bring these guys as a date to mine lol)

People can’t stop crying over seeing them dance either.

K-pop stars seriously have a thing for Dominican music. Last year, Leslie Grace taught the boys of Super Junior some Bachata steps in the middle of Times Square. The New York dominicana and band also released their energetic hit “Lo Siento” together in 2018.

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Better Get To Sleep, Luis Fonsi Says The Idea For ‘Despacito’ Came To Him In A Dream


Better Get To Sleep, Luis Fonsi Says The Idea For ‘Despacito’ Came To Him In A Dream

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/ YouTube

“It sounds a little cliche and a little cheesy, but it’s the truth.”

Get out your notepads and thinking caps, because Luis Fonsi is here to take you to school. He was recently on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” to perform, but also took the time to give away his biggest secrets to writing a hit song. It just so happens there was a secret formula to creating “Despacito,” a song that has dominated the airwaves, staying at number one all over the world and in the U.S. for 16 weeks (tying the all time record), and garnered over 3 billion views on YouTube. So here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Be a talented musician and singer with decades of hard work and several albums under your belt.
  2. Be from Puerto Rico, so you can write authentically from your Puerto Rican experience.
  3. Have a dream where a perfect melody and lyrics just appear to you.
  4. Go to Grammy and Latin Grammy-nominated song writer Erika Ender to help you finish writing it.
  5. Once you’ve gotten that to rise, add a dash of Daddy Yankee, your buddy and fellow Puerto Rican.
  6. After you get that all out of the oven, and it’s hot, fresh and ready to go, throw in a sexy music video with a former Puerto Rican Miss Universe winner, catchy dance moves, and the smiles of Puerto Rican locals from the colorful “La Perla” neighborhood.
  7. Release it all into the world, and once it starts blowing up, have Justin Bieber, one of the biggest names in pop music, garnish it with a verse in Spanish and share it with all of his fans, too.
  8. This is optional, but make sure that when performing it live, Bieber can’t actually sing it and improvises it with insensitive babble.

And voila, folks, there you have it. All the ingredients and steps necessary to have one of the biggest songs of all time. Tune in next time where we show you how to get snubbed at the VMAs.

And now for dessert, watch Luis Fonsi perform “Despacito” on “The Tonight Show.”

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