Cardi B. Slid Through The Dominican Day Parade Singing “Bodak Yellow” In Spanglish And It Was Lit

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The annual New York City Dominican Day parade has grown exponentially since it started back in 1982 as a series of small celebrations throughout Washington Heights. It was a fairly small parade at its inception. But now as Dominicans are poised to become the largest Latino minority in New York City, hundreds of thousands make sure to come out to the parade. With their population on the rise, recent break out rap star Cardi B. knew she had to be at the parade to represent. Of Trinidadian and Dominican decent and a South Bronx Native, Cardi B. was there in full effect, wearing a Dominican flag themed outfit, bandana, flag, and a float. She was lit.

Cardi B. made sure to show up at this year’s Dominican Day Parade and sing her hit song “Bodak Yellow” along the entire route.

This Spanglish version seems to be official with Cardi B. tweeting that she’s dropping the parade version this week.

Which couldn’t come at a better time as the dancer turned rapper moved up the Apple Music charts to the number one spot across all genres.

As well as cracking into the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100.

She really did seem to enjoy herself and her new found rap-fame.

Many of the parade goers seemed to know her lyrics by heart.

Which is no surprise. Her fans knew all the words when she performed at MoMA’s P.S. 1 performance space the previous day.

Thank you #Momaps1 and thank you everyone for making #BodakYellow #1 on APPLE MUSIC

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She ended the day in Cardi B. fashion, with a comedic Instagram post for her fans that are used to her IDGAF attitude.

The weekend

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We can’t wait to hear that new Spanglish version of “Bodak Yellow,” and the wild things she’s going to say next. ?

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This Latino Teenager Is Making Waves With His Dreamy, Romantic Tunes And He's Only Getting Started


This Latino Teenager Is Making Waves With His Dreamy, Romantic Tunes And He’s Only Getting Started

Meet Cuco. He’s a Los Angeles-based singer who is making waves at only 19 years old. And he’s just getting started.


While in college, Cuco wanted to pursue his lifelong dream of being a musician. So he quit school. Though his parents were against it, the Hawthorne, Calif. native kicked off his music career and quickly began building a devoted fanbase.

Even though Cuco’s parents initially disapproved of his decision, with time, he’s shown them it was the right choice.


“After high school I was supposed to be studying business. But I knew I wanted to make music when I started playing the guitar. I started making my dreams come true my junior year of high school. I would go home every day, write music and stay producing.”

Cuco’s first major hit, “Lo Que Siento,” has already reached over one million plays on Spotify, putting him on track to someday be able to do just that.

This is the type of initiative Cuco thinks every person should take with their goals.


Even though Cuco is starting to build on his success, he admits that he’s not perfect and it’s all a learning process.

His drive and the motivation comes from his parents.


“I feel like another main goal with my music is to help out my parents. Just retire them, get them out of working. They came here from Mexico and it’s been hard for them to give me what they could never have. I just want to give everything that I can to them.”

Knowing exactly who he is as an artist helped Cuco become more confident about his music.


And this is what makes his music so unique.

“With some songs, the flow just comes more naturally in Spanish. I use Spanish in my music, not because I think it might start a trend or something. It’s just natural. I speak Spanish every day with my parents, and I listen to a lot of old Chicano rap. It was the stuff that I grew up with and subconsciously it always stayed in the back of my head.”

When his music is labeled as “too romantic” or “too sissy,” Cuco owns it because he says “romantic” and “sissy” are apt descriptions.



And this is what people love the most about his music. The feeeels they get. ?

This is how I feel about his song “Lo Que Siento.”

The lyrics in his songs are also super relatable.


They’ll hit you whether you have a bae…

… Or not.

There’s no doubt that people have fallen in love with Cuco’s alternative dream pop. ✨

When I listen to his music I like to look out the window of my car and pretend I’m in a romantic movie.

And the covers people are creating of his songs are just as dreamy.

Can this guy perform a duet with Cuco please?

Check out the full interview with Cuco here:

Chicano musician, Cuco, is putting a twist on your parents favorite románticas.

Posted by We are mitú on Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Keep up the hustle, Cuco, and stay dreamy! ✨

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