Bruno Mars Performed His First-Ever TV Special And It Was Worth The Wait

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Bruno Mars finally gifted all of his fans his first-ever live TV special as part of his 24K Magic World Tour.

The smooth af singer and dancer showed up at the Apollo Theater and delivered a performance that made fans lose their shit. But it wasn’t just the fans that were hyped about the performance.

“[I’m] over the moon about it. Because I’ve been very fortunate and blessed to be able to play all over the world,” Mars told CBS This Morning. “You know, I’ve played at a lot of incredible stages. The Apollo, knowing my history, is – I’ve never played that stage. I’ve never even been in the building.”

The Hawaiian Lion’s performance had everyone at home feeling damn good.

Tbh, anytime Bruno Mars plays, something just takes over and you become the best dancer to ever exist.

And tons of people recorded the event so they can watch it on repeat.

According to TV By The Numbers, the concert special brought in more than 5 million viewers to watch Mars glide around the stage.

And Mars made history too! He’s the first person to ever perform on the Apollo Theater marquee.

That’s right. It took until 2017 for an artist to be deemed worth enough to dance and sing while atop the iconic Apollo Theater marquee. Get it, Bruno!

People took notice, and felt the excitement of this groundbreaking performance.

It is really mesmerizing to watch him move above the crowd. This one is going in the books as a highlight of 2017.

Even the littlest fans couldn’t keep still and danced the night away with Mars.

I mean, the cuteness is too much. ?

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Miguel Performs New Songs And Gets Flirty With The Angels At The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show


Miguel Performs New Songs And Gets Flirty With The Angels At The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

@Miguel/ Instagram

Just recently, Miguel was singing a sweet Disney duet with Natalia Lafourcade in the music video “Remember Me” from “Coco.” This week? He’s crotch-grabbing at the sexiest fashion show in town. You can’t say he isn’t versatile.

Miguel performed “Told You So,” the next single from his upcoming album “War & Leisure.”


Credit: CBS/ YouTube

The performance, which aired on CBS, was intercut with behind-the-scenes footage of Victoria Secret models preparing backstage. Referred to by Victoria Secret as “angels,” the models were outfitted with various styles of wings. Models strutted down a long catwalk that looped around Miguel, who performed in the center of a giant stage.

Performing the song live for the first time, Miguel made sure to put on a show by grabbing at his nether-region to excite the crowd.


Shades of Michael Jackson. Miguel continued to sing flirtatiously to the models throughout his performance, holding hands with several of the models as they passed by.

Here he is singing directly to Alessandra Ambrosio, who closed out the performance.

Miguel took to Instagram to document his favorite moments of the night.


Miguel captioned his photo with Ambrosio, “Been smiling all day about last night,” making it pretty clear that she made Miguel blush like a schoolboy.

The “Adorn You” singer led several of the models, including British Model Leomie Anderson, by the hand down the catwalk.


That look she’s giving him is definitely like, “Okay, I’ll let you hold my hand. This time.”

Here he is being coy with Frida Aasen.


It almost looks like he wants to be the model in this shot.

Miguel was also cheesing pretty hard when Georgia Fowler wrapped her arm around him.


He then performed “Pineapple Skies,” another track from his new album.


Bella Hadid made her way down the catwalk during this performance. Their interaction was one of the most talked-about moments of the night.

Hadid made sure to shout Miguel out on social media, too.


Especially when MTV Tweeted about the moment, but left him out of it. ?

No worries though, it looks like Miguel was enjoying himself plenty without being recognized by MTV.

His upcoming album, “War & Leisure,” is out on December 1st and features a dope remix of “Come Through And Chill” featuring J. Cole. The song is their third collaboration together. If it’s anything like “Power Trip” from J. Cole’s 2013 album “Born Sinner,” or the mega-hit “All I Want Is You” from Miguel’s debut album, it’s sure to be a banger.

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