After Three Years Off The Air, The ALMA Awards Are Back Honoring Latino Entertainers

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Earlier this year we reported that the American Latino Media Arts (ALMA) Awards would be joining forces with UnidosUS and Fuse Media to bring audiences a new and improved program for our people. The Latino-focused award show was on a three-year break from 2015 to 2017 but it’s back and better than ever.

Here’s some of the excitement that went down during the 2018 ALMA Awards.

After three years with no presence, the ALMA Awards hosted their ceremony in Los Angeles honoring the biggest names in Latin entertainment.

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Former ALMA honoree Wilmer Valderama, who won in 2013 for Outstanding Social Activism, served as the host of 2018 ALMA Awards.

Amara La Negra attended and performed “Insecure.”

The Afro-Latina artist spoke about the importance of her ALMA Awards performance wrting on Instagram: “I am so Grateful for every opportunity God Puts in my Path. Lord Thank you for soo many blessings. I’m too focused and determined for distractions. Tunnel vision.”

Puerto Rican reggaeton star J.Álvarez was both an honoree and performer.

J.ALvarez posted his appreciation for being an honoree on Instagram. The singer spoke about the importance of the ALMA Awards giving Latino artists and activists a platform to spread their culture within the United States and beyond.

Miguel was also honored for his contribution to Latin arts.

The singer dedicated his award to his grandmother who recently passed away. The singer spoke about his grandmother leaving Michoacan, Mexico in the 1940s and giving up her dreams for her family’s future.

Young Latina activists were also awarded for bringing awareness to global warming.

At 16 years old, Jamie Margolin is just getting started. The teenager organized a march on Washington about the need to effectively and decisively tackle climate change.

Samantha Fuentes, a Parkland shooting survivor was also honored for her fight for gun reform.

Fuentes survived the shooting that killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in February 2018. Since then, she has teamed up with other young women fighting for gun reform.

The award show was held just days before the midterm elections, so several presenters and guests spoke about the importance of voting.

We can always count on Gina Rodriguez to make us passionate about being civically responsible.

Speaking of Rodriguez, her show “Jane the Virgin” was honored that evening.

This show has done so much for the inclusion of Latinos in Hollywood, and they prove how much representation matters.

Aside from the awards and performances, let’s discuss the fashion.

Actress Francia Raísa looked stunning in all white. The actress from “Grown-ish” became a household name when she donated her kidney to help best friend Selena in her fight against Lupus.

We can always count on Adrienne Bailon to bring the class to the red carpet.

The ALMA Awards is the award show to showcase your Latinidad and amazing style.

Singer Ally Brooke slayed on the red-carpet and stage because she exudes that former Fifth Harmony magic.

The former Fifth Harmony member performed her new single “Vámonos” and the crowd could not get enough of her performance.

Emily Tosta, star of the new “Party of Five” was spectacular in a Rhea Costa gown.

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Congrats to all of the winners, presenters, and performers. What was your favorite part of the new ALMA Awards?

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This Puerto Rican Entertainer Has Been On Broadway, Netflix And, Now The Big Screen


This Puerto Rican Entertainer Has Been On Broadway, Netflix And, Now The Big Screen

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Anthony Ramos, in all of his Nuyorican glory, made his big screen debut alongside Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in “A Star is Born.” There has been a lot of buzz around the movie and Ramos is riding that wave, as he should.

Ramos’ short career in the entertainment industry has been super successful. He’s landed starring roles in “Hamilton” alongside Lin-Manuel Miranda and worked with Spike Lee recording his own music. Ramos lives up to the Puerto Rican bar of stardom.

Anthony Ramos was born in Queens on November 1, 1991.

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That’s right. Ya boy’s a Scorpio, which explains that deep soulful attraction you’re experiencing right now. He grew up in Bushwick under his mother’s roof, alongside his older brother and younger sister.

He was raised by a single mother.

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Ramos has admitted to UFT that he wasn’t “the easiest person to wrangle” as a child.  He was raised in a Bushwick housing project by a single mother.

This is the face of someone who was in a Motown band in high school.

CREDIT: @anthonyramosofficial / Instagram

He went to Halsey Junior High where he was part of the “Halsey Trio” and would sing Motown at school rallies. Boricua mothers everywhere would be so proud.

He was determined to play baseball in college.

CREDIT: @anthonyramosofficial / Instagram

He struggled in school and baseball was his center of focus, but his family didn’t have the financial support to make it happen.

His career started in the shower.

CREDIT: @anthonyramosofficial / Instagram

Ok, so he answered a call from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) in the shower. He got in with a full scholarship to its musical theatre program class of 2011. That’s what saved him.

When he got to AMDA, he knew nothing about theatre.

CREDIT: @anthonyramosofficial / Instagram

He recently told OUT Magazine that, “I’d get to school and kids would be talking about Rodgers and Hammerstein, and I’d be like, ‘I don’t know any of these people. I know Jay-Z, Nas, and Usher.’ I had to learn fast.”

Then, he landed the coveted dual roles in “Hamilton.”

CREDIT: @anthonyramosofficial / Instagram

Ramos was part of the original cast of “Hamilton” off Broadway. The show opened in 2015 with Ramos playing the dual roles of John Laurens and Alexander Hamilton’s oldest son, Philip Hamilton.

Within months, the play made it to Broadway and caused a frenzy.

Ramos lost his appendix during “Hamilton” production.

CREDIT: @anthonyramosofficial / Instagram

While in “Hamilton,” Ramos suffered from appendicitis and had to have emergency surgery. He had to take a break from “Hamilton” to recover before returning to the stage.

In 2016, he won a Grammy for “Best Musical Theater Album.”

CREDIT: @HamiltonMusical / Twitter

The whole album is available on Spotify if you missed out on the widespread acclaim for a casting of entirely non-white Founding Fathers with dialogue that is entirely rapped. He left the show on Nov. 20, 2016.

Ramos met his long-time girlfriend on the “Hamilton” stage.

CREDIT: @anthonyramosofficial / Instagram

In 2015, Ramos started dating Jasmine Cephas Jones, who had the dual role of Maria Reynolds and Peggy Schuyler in “Hamilton.” They are always blasting their love on social media and it’s goals.

They are a gorgeous couple.

CREDIT: @anthonyramosofficial / Instagram

Fun fact: Cephas Jones is the daughter of actor Ron Cephas Jones from “This Is Us.” She said she couldn’t watch the episode where his character dies. Understandable.

Spike Lee caught a “Hamilton” show and casted him in a Netflix show.


Since playing in “She’s Gotta Have It,” his fame has absolutely skyrocketed and become a household name. Plus, he’s using it for good.

Just Ramos and Spike Lee casually wearing Afro-Boricua shirts to raise funds for PR.

CREDIT: @anthonyramosofficial / Instagram

Ramos is hella proud to be Boricua and has partnered with Lin-Manual Miranda on the stage to raise funds for Hurricane Maria relief.

Caption: “Afro Boricua T-shirts are back! 100% of proceeds go to the Maria fund for Hurricane relief in Puerto Rico. Getchyo Tee”

He’s not above getting his hands dirty to rebuild Puerto Rico.

CREDIT: @anthonyramosofficial / Instagram

During his last trip to Puerto Rico, he helped clear debris that has been lying in rubbish piles for the last year and help with construction work to rebuild. His caption says it all.

Caption: “Yo I was blessed to travel back to my family’s homeland of Puerto Rico this weekend. I’m just now coming down from this experience. Words can not express what I went through and what I feel, but this is my best shot. It was the most overwhelming, inspiring and beautiful thing I think I’ve ever seen. The people of Puerto Rico are living in a level of resilience, strength, joy, and togetherness like I’ve never seen anywhere.”

Watch out, because he’s about to star in “Godzilla: King of the Monsters.”

CREDIT: @anthonyramosofficial / Instagram

Expected to be released in Spring of 2019, Ramos will be starring alongside Mille Bobbie Brown. Me imagining los dos speaking Spanish on set. 🤩

Oh, and find him in theaters right now in “Monsters and Men.”

CREDIT: @anthonyramosofficial / Instagram

In the film, he plays Manny, a New Yorker who captures the shooting of an unarmed black man by a police officer all on his phone. When he posts it on the internet, the consequences are unnerving.

The film wasn’t too far off base from his own experience with police as a brown Latinx.

CREDIT: @anthonyramosofficial / Instagram

In an interview with OUT, he said that he grew up in an environment like that. “A cop cuffed me on the Upper West Side one time, and if I’d said anything crazy or tried to act up, who knows what would have happened? My cousins, who were with me, were black and Puerto Rican, and I was just like, ‘I gotta chill — I don’t want anything to go down.’”

Ramos just dropped an E.P. “Freedom,” all to protest Trump.

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He released the album on the one year anniversary of Trump’s inauguration and “Freedom” is the anthem of 2018. “Been darker days since election day (election day) / The rose colors seem to fade away (fade away) / The white sheet’s coming out to play / This is backwards oh”

Then, there’s the song “PRayer.”

CREDIT: @anthonyramosofficial / Instagram

In what seems to be a direct line of questioning for President Trump, just months after the devastation of Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria, he asks, “Tell me, does your love change / Dependin’ on who calls you? / Tell me, are we all the same? / Or is there one true?”

Can’t get enough of Ramos? Go check out “A Star is Born” ASAP.

CREDIT: @QWorldNews1 / Twitter

You’re in luck because he’s on the big screen for two movies playing in theatres right now. Bradley Cooper’s rendition of A Star is Born is getting wild reviews and rumor has it that Ramos and Lady Gaga’s BFF-ship on screen grew off screen as well. Theatre kids, am I right?

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