This Historically White Marvel Character Got Replaced By An Afro-Latina In ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ And We Couldn’t Be Happier

There’s a lot to be excited about in the new trailer for “Thor: Ragnarok.” Some are excited for the return of everyone’s favorite green monster:

Credit: Marvel / Youtube

Cate Blanchett joins as Hela, the Asgardian goddess of death, Tom Hiddleston returns as Loki and we get to see short hair on Chris Hemsworth as Thor.

But others are more excited the Thor-capturing bad-ass Valkyrie played by none other than Tessa Thompson.

Band Name, Anyone ?

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Tessa has been killing it lately. She played one of the leads in “Dear White People,” she was Bianca in Creed and played Charlotte Hale, the big boss, on HBO’s hit “Westworld.” She’s also Afro-Latina, her father is of Panamanian descent and her mother is of Mexican and European descent.

And from what we see in the trailer, Tessa Thompson Valkyrie kicks ass.

CREDIT: Thor: Ragnarok / Marvel

It appears that she’s responsible for helping capture Thor after he is stripped of his hammer, Mjöllnir and dropped on a junk planet.

Thompson, as Valkyrie helps keep Thor prisoner in the trailer.

CREDIT: Thor: Ragnarok / Marvel

I’d be backing away slowly if I’d gotten Thor chained up, too.

She then appears to sell Thor over to The Grandmaster, played by Jeff Goldblum, in a look that you can legit see him wearing on like a Tuesday.

CREDIT: Thor: Ragnarok / Marvel

At this point, this movie is just like Gladiator. Where’s Russel Crowe?

Check the trailer below to see Tessa Thompson kicking butt and Thor reuniting with the homie.

Credit: Marvel Entertainment / Youtube

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Fans Are Calling Out Evelyn Lozada And Her Past Comments On Blackness After She Identifies As Afro-Latina


Fans Are Calling Out Evelyn Lozada And Her Past Comments On Blackness After She Identifies As Afro-Latina

“Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada has long denied she was Black, but her recent identification as Afro-Latina is causing quite a stir. While Lozada is Afro-Latina, a lot of the outrage expressed toward her is warranted. She has established herself as hostile toward her Black costars, used anti-Black remarks, and has proven to be racist toward Asian Americans as well. 

Many fans believe Lozada is using her newfound identity as an Afro-Latina to deflect criticism about her anti-Blackness. It is hard to disagree with them. Being Black and being anti-Black are not mutually exclusive. Although, there is a particularly hurtful form of anti-Blackness that goes undiscussed and unchecked in Latino cultures. This is when self-hatred and historical erasure manifests in the form of denial. Anyone who has been called a morena in a certain tone probably knows what I am talking about. 

Evelyn Lozada says she identifies as Afro-Latina.

Credit: @EvelynLozada / Twitter

While sitting down with Justin Sylvester for an interview on E! News’ “Just the Sip,” she said after conducting a DNA test she considers herself Afro-Puerto Rican. 

“I consider myself Afro-Latina. I have backtracked my roots so I know where I come from,” she said. “I know I have a little bit of everything.”

Lozada says she was hurt when a “Basketball Wives” costar questioned her Blackness. 

“It’s funny because, on this season, somebody was like, ‘B—h you think you Black!’ I’ve never had anybody tell me that. I was so offended because I didn’t know what that meant. I’m like, ‘I think I’m Black? I grew up in New York!’ I know where I come from. I’ve done DNA tests just to know. But I want to be able to tap into that more,” Lozada said on the program. “I’m proud to be Puerto Rican and from New York and Afro-Latina and all that good stuff.”

Not everyone is buying that Lozada is sincere.

Credit: @thesoulasylum / Twitter

Fans of the show took to Twitter because they felt like Lozada was only identifying as Afro-Latina to deflect from previous anti-Black comments and hostility towards her darker-skinned costars. They didn’t have to look very hard to unearth tweets where Lozada stated she was not Black with angry emojis.

Fans are trying to figure out what she means with her latest revelation.

Credit: @AlexFenty8 / Twitter

You ladies are far too ignorant. You pick on your cast mate’s appearances or the way they dress, not to forget all the age shaming. You only identifying as Afro Latino since you’ve been called out for your colorist antics,”  one user wrote. 

The screenshot of Lozada’s tweet, granted from nine years ago, stated she was 100 percent Puerto Rican with regards to her race — I guess it took her those nine years to figure out what “race” means. 

For others, they see through this claim after her public anti-Black comments.

Lozada began to receive criticism about her treatment of other Black co-stars, her use of the N-word, and her hostility toward OG Chijindu. Lozada posted and deleted a message on Instagram Stories where she compared OG to an ape. Lozada’s comments did not end with anti-Blackness she also made anti-Asian comments toward CeCe Gutierrez, sparking a petition to have her fired from the show. 

It’s all a little too convenient for Lozada, isn’t it? 

Credit: @thesexyauthor13 / Twitter

Many Latinos struggle to identify as Black because well, Latinos can be anti-Black thanks to colonialism. Our history isn’t exactly taught truthfully to us partly because racial identities in the United States can be confusing and lacking in nuance.

Moreover, “Black” alone doesn’t capture the complexities of any Black person – which is why we identify as Afro-Latino to explain away the cultural differences between Black Latinos and non-Latinos. It’s a way of acknowledging that we are a part of the African diaspora while also recognizing that our histories splinter and deviate from one another, even if they run parallel. A Nigerian, a Latino, and an African-American walk into a bar… and they each have different experiences of Blackness, imagine that.

Your ignorance cannot excuse anti-Blackness — no one should be anti-Black, period or anti-Asian for that matter — even if it can explain why you did not immediately identify as Black. Moreover, one cannot expect other black folks to not express anger or confusion when they see a Black person not identifying as Black. Whether it is done out of ignorance or not, it is hurtful.

However, Lozada’s Afro-Latinx identification is a little too convenient, isn’t it? She starts identifying as Black seemingly as an excuse to not appear racist. That’s wack. You don’t get to use your Black identity as a tool to deflect criticism, that is cruel, offensive, and quite frankly, self-hatred. I certainly hope that her identity journey goes beyond a DNA test and into some books.

Transitioning Your Natural Hair From Curly To Straight Requires A Lot Of Patience And Whole Lot Of Conditioner


Transitioning Your Natural Hair From Curly To Straight Requires A Lot Of Patience And Whole Lot Of Conditioner


If you’re going through a transition with your natural hair, getting acquainted with the new set of tools you’ll need to manage it can be tough. With days of relaxers, blow dryers and other heat tools in your past, you’ll likely have to endure the trial and error phase of spending on products you’ll love and ones you’ll regret the moment you use them.

To make sure your hair is set up for its beautiful transition, here’s a list of 9 tools key to the care and keeping of your curls.

1. A Spray Bottle

beautiphic/ Instagram

Keeping the strands of your natural air moisturized is imperative from the start of your transition to end of it. Most natural hair care stylists will recommend that you always keep a spray bottle with your favorite oil and another one with water nearby to spritz on your hair in the morning and before you go to bed. For the best outcome on your hair, load up your bottle with a mix of your favorite oil and water, then spritz on your hair from root to end.

2. Bobby Pins


Whether you’re in transition or have already gone through the big chop, know that bobby pins will still be your saving grace. These classic pins can be the perfect accessory and tool when you want to create updos or sections in your hair. Pro tip: be sure to search for snack free larger pins to help you to better manage your thick hair.

3. Applicator Bottle

divabyqbbeautystore / Instagram

Just because your days of straightening and or relaxing your hair are behind you, it doesn’t mean you get to neglect your scalp. One of the easiest ways to get direct access to your scalp through your tresses is to part your locs into sections and then use an applicator. Single tip pointy applicators will be your best in getting through your curls and straight to the root.

4. Rattail Comb

lucilabeauty/ Instagram

Ah, that rat tail comb. It might give you a few shivers down your spine on sight and send you through flashbacks of the days your abuela used to whack the side of your head with them when you didn’t sit straight, but never fear. It’s a new era for you and your curls, and you got this! This time the rat tail is here to be your friend and make things easier for you as you part and manage your coils.

5. Speaking of combs, don’t forget your  Wide Tooth

chicagocombco / Instagram

Detangling your natural hair from end to root can be tricky, but it’s essential for your effort in going natural and keeping your hair healthy. While detangling as much as you can with your fingers is great, never forget the damage an unattended to knot can do. Unless you’re actually going for a loc look, consider giving your tresses a good comb with a wide tooth.

6. Control Clips

bmgbeauty / Instagram

Now, before you go running out to the store, remember that your goal is maintaining healthy hair. That’s why I recommend going for a set of clips that’ll be less harsh on your wet coils as you style your hair. Use them to part, detangle and style your hair.

7. Microfiber Towel

goraya.towels / Instagram

Nope, microfiber towels aren’t just for the carwash. Now, this one might catch you off-guard, but you know how sleeping on a cotton pillow cover is a big no-no? How cotton dries out your hair? Welp, it’s the same for those cotton towels you use to dry your hair. Microfiber towels create less friction which means less freeze and breakage.

8. A Good Conditioner

mood_parturikampaamo / Instagram

Key to managing your curly hairs, particularly keeping them hydrated and free of frizz. A good conditioner that adds extra moisture to your rizos will not only help you to detangle your curls but will also help you to define them.

9. A Reliable Strengthening Shampoo.

fastchile / Instagram

The key to long hair? A good shampoo that not only cleans your hair but helps to fortify it. Of course, everyone has their preferences when it comes to brands and shampoo types but FAST shampoo has become particularly popular in recent years. Also be sure to check out shampoos from Ouidad and Deva Curl!