25 Quotes That Prove Rosa Diaz Is The Ultimate Boss On Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Just one day after being cancelled by Fox, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” was saved by NBC after hoards of fans took to the Internet to rally behind it. Among those fans were Lin-Manuel Miranda and Guillermo del Toro. One of the main reasons people lost it when they heard the C-word (cancelled! Get your mind out of the gutter!)? The loss of fan favorite Rosa Diaz! Played by Stephanie Beatriz, Rosa is a tough as nails detective who takes no crap, but may be a secret softie who loves her squad.

Here are 25 of the best Rosa Diaz quotes!

1. Rosa Diaz on the accessories every woman needs.

Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Fox

“What kind of woman doesn’t have an axe?” I mean, axes do come in handy from time to time. Might be time to hit up the Home Depot!

2. On her dating style.

Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Fox

“I don’t ask people out. I just tell them where we’re going.” Talk about going after what she wants! No second guesses or lack of confidence. Next time I see that cutie from the hot dog cart, I’m going for it!

3. On her no holds barred interrogation tactics.

Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Fox

“Don’t arrest him. Just smack him. Hard. With a phone book on a body part no one can see, you know what I’m saying?” I mean, that’s one way to go about getting information you need!

4. But sometimes Rosa Diaz shows her soft side.

Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Fox

“I didn’t understand why people care so much about dumb dogs until I got a dumb dog myself.” If there’s anything in the world that can melt an icy cold demeanor, it’s a cute lil puppppppyyyyyyy. Who can resist a little dog face? Not Rosa!

5. On terrible, yet hot people.

Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Fox

“You can hate people and still think they’re hot.” Truer words have never been said. If someone is willing to embroider this on a decorative pillow, I would be willing to pay good money for it. Thanks in advance!

6. On real coolness.

Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Fox

When Rosa Diaz called Amy nerdy for making lists to remember all her tasks, Amy asked what her method of remembering things was. Rosa’s response? “Just forget stuff, like a cool person.” I mean, it sounds cool, but forgetting isn’t very nice.

7. On the perfect date.

Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Fox

“For me, cheap dinner. Watch basketball. Bone down.” Well, that does sound like a good night. I’ll give her that much.

8.  Her thoughts on chitter chatter.

Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Fox

“I hate small talk. Let’s drink in silence.” Listen, Rosa is the strong silent time for sure. Even though she has many zingers, and will sometimes say a few kind words, for the most part she prefers a beer and quiet.

9. Embracing her bisexuality.

Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Fox

When she came out to her parents about her sexuality, her father insisted there was no such thing as bisexuality. Her response: “Yes there is. I know there is because that’s who I am.” It was such a powerful moment, and made you feel so proud of Rosa for speaking her truth.

10. Her sensuous thoughts on fear.

Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Fox

“Fear is a powerful aphrodisiac.” Sure it can be for some, but I have a feeling for Rosa, who isn’t afraid to dropkick a drug kingpin to the ground, it’s probably got a bit more strength.

11. When her naps are interrupted.

Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Fox

If you wake Rosa Diaz up from a much needed and well deserved nap, well, it’s not going to go well.  “I’m gonna rip your head off.” If that isn’t one of the most relatable feelings in the world, I truly don’t know what is.

12. Her flirting style might be hard to read.

Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Fox

“It’s a joke. I was insulting him. You know, flirting.” Who amongst us hasn’t done the playful neg when trying to get a babe’s attention. Nobody better try that on me though! I’ll cut a b!

13. Not just anyone hears the L-word from Rosa.

Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Fox

“I only said ‘I love you’ to three people: my mom, my dad, and my dying grandpa, and one of those I regret.” Which one was it? “My grandpa. He beat Cancer so now I look like an idiot.” Might sound a bit harsh, but makes perfect sense when you think of Rosa’s character. She’s very reticent of her feelings.

14. When she looks through her closet…

And has to decide which one of her trademark leather jackets she’s going to wear that day, there’s one prerequisite for choosing.

“It’s the one without any blood on it.” That’s a good rule of thumb for dressing yourself.

15. How she rages.

Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Fox

“I’m fine at parties. I just stand in the middle of the room and don’t say anything.” So, turns out, Rosa is THAT person. To be fair, sometimes we all end up being that person. Standing there, no one to talk to, and sometimes that’s how you like it. There’s good memes to laugh at.

16. She never flakes on plans though.

Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Fox

Even Rosa, who is not one for sentimentality or cozying up to friends, knows where to draw the line on rudeness. “Plans are plans. I’m a badass, not an anarchist.” She’s a real one for this. No one likes a flake.

17. When she wants all the juicy bits, but none of the boring stuff.

Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Fox

You know when you’re on the phone with a friend and they’re giving you the details of their date and sometime you just want to yell “Call me if you grab each other’s asses” into the receiver? Well Rosa Diaz did that.

18. She has excellent taste in films.

Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Fox

“RoboCop. It’s got everything I like: gratuitous violence…” The girl has some good taste in high-brow robotic police officer movies. That can’t be denied. And I suppose the violence plays into her badassery.

19. She still has a heart.

Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Fox

Just when you think Rosa might be too tough to feel like a real person, like a block of ice that just won’t melt, she comes through for her friends with these words: “We’ve gotta have each other’s backs, okay?” That’s true sisterhood, right there.

20. Rosa Diaz gives great advice on ending a dry spell.

Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Fox

Sometimes when it’s been awhile since you’ve gotten some of the good-good, you gotta have a plan of action. “Fly to Montreal, check into a classy hotel, bone a stranger. Slump over.” That’ll fix it!

21. When Rosa Diaz asked the question we’ve all asked ourselves a million times.

Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Fox

“How do these guys do so well with women?” I mean, sometimes you look at a dude and think HOW??? Rosa is there to say it out loud for us all.

22. She knows how to land a threat.

Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Fox

“And when this is over, I’m going to find you, and I’m going to break those little fingers.” Granted, she said this to a court stenographer, who didn’t really deserve it, but the threat landed really well. Way to scare the hell out of people.

23. She’s down for whatever.

Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Fox

When asked if she’d do a polar bear plunge in the winter she said, “It’s either that or go caroling with my family, so yeah. I’d rather walk into the freezing ocean.” Who can’t relate to that?

24. She knows what she likes.

Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Fox

And that’s a burly beard. So if her dude tried to clip it or God forbid go clean shaven, well she has some choice words. “Next time I catch him shaving I’m gonna punch him so hard in the mouth that he bites his own heart.” That’s one way to voice your preferences.

25. She lands a good burn.

Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Fox

“One of you is a criminal, and the other one is dressed like Steve Harvey.” You don’t even need the visual to see the visual there. Good work, Rosa!

NO matter how tough she may seem, Rosa Diaz always comes through for her squad and looks out for the good of the city. She may not be the easiest nut to crack, but when you do you have a friend for life.

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9 Latinos On TV Who Awesomely Defy Stereotypes


9 Latinos On TV Who Awesomely Defy Stereotypes

It’s no secret that media representation of Latinos is, to put it mildly, not great.  Very few are present in mainstream TV and movies and, more often than not, we’re cast to play stereotypes and/or minor roles. The world needs to see more realistic Latinos reflected back into their living rooms. You know, the awkward Latinos. The smart Latinos. The downright weird Latinos. So let’s take a moment to celebrate the awesomely odd Latinos we DO get to see (and hope that soon we’ll get to see many, many more):

April Ludgate

Credit: NBC / Tumblr

April was not here to entertain you, be the sassy best friend or be reduced to just another pretty face. In fact, she’d rather you not be happy at all, because super happy people are kind of annoying. It was pretty great (and different) to have a Latina on TV who was smart, sarcastic and flawlessly flawed.

Amy Santiago

Credit: NBC / Rebloggy

We say this with love: Amy’s a dork. Like, the dorkiest dork who ever dorked. But her dorky weirdness is just so endearing! She’s a people pleaser, an overachiever and truly, incredibly, hopelessly awkward. Just like a lot of us are, tbh.

Rosa Diaz

Credit: NBC / Kiss My Wonder Woman

Rosa is a badass to the core, but don’t let her tough exterior fool you: she is layered and is half of the greatest current-day sitcom friendships we’ve seen in a while. Her toughness is balanced by the fact that she’s… kind of weird. Like, owns-an-ax-and-doesn’t-let-her-coworkers-know-where-she-lives level weird.

Cristela Hernandez

Credit: ABC/ Gossip Lovers

Cristela was a combination of incredibly ambitious and kiiiind of prone to complaining, which is realistic af to most of us. Sure, she wasn’t always the nicest sister or best employee in the whole world, but she was always smart, loyal, funny as hell and HUMAN.

Carmen Peña

Credit: PBS / YouTube

Carmen was, in a word, awkward. Especially around dudes. She was the good kid while her brother, Joe, was the troublemaker of the family. It’s a dynamic a lot of girls growing up in Latino families, especially immigrant and exile families, can really relate to. Cheers to the weird, nerdy girls!


Credit: ABC / Tumblr

Manny is basically an old man trapped in a kid’s body. He takes his coffee black, values good old-fashioned manners and dresses like your dad at a family BBQ. He’s weird in the most awesome way, especially because he doesn’t compromise who he is to fit in. Do you, Manny.


Credit: Netflix / BuzzFeed

How often do we get to see emo/goth/alt Latinas on TV? Flaca, besides having impeccable taste in music, is an example of taking a character that could very easily have been reduced to a stereotype, and making her complex, complicated and someone we’ll always want to know more about it.

Betty Suarez

Credit: ABC / HuffPost

Betty started off as a fish out of water in the fashion world, her quirkiness and awkwardness confusing many of those around her. She didn’t really fit in with the beauty standards of her peers and she knew it. Eventually, she developed a sense of confidence and independence that we couldn’t help but root for. Stay awk, Betty.

And finally this kid, who just wants to be hardcore

Credit: Chilevisión / Pixfans


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