21 Things You Need to Know About Diego Boneta

Diego Boneta is a talented singer, actor, and Latino heartthrob. He’s best known for his roles in Rock of Ages and Rebelde, but Diego’s been working pretty much nonstop since he was 12 years old! As a singer, he’s released two full albums, a handful of singles, and he’s been working on a third. Most recently, however, he played the titular role in the biopic show, Luis Miguel, la Serie. Diego worked tirelessly to become the famed Mexican singer and performed all of Miguel’s music that appears in the show.

But there is so much more to know about Diego Boneta. Here are 21 more facts about the Latino actor:

Diego is 28 years old

Credit: Instagram @Diego

Diego Andrès Gonzàlez Boneta was born in Mexico City on November 29, 1990. This makes Diego a Sagittarius, which makes sense with how ambitious he is!

Diego has triple citizenship

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Diego Boneta is a citizen of Mexico, Spain, and the United States. Diego was born in Mexico, and his mother was born in the U.S. to a Puerto Rican father and Spanish mother.

Diego Boneta speaks three languages

Credit: Instagram @Diego

Diego fluently speaks (and sings in!) English, Spanish, and Portuguese. After spending so much time on English language projects, Diego reimmersed himself in Spanish for his role in Luis Miguel, only watching television and reading in Spanish while he learned how to portray the singer.

Diego is one of three kids

Credit: Instagram @Diego

Diego has two siblings, his sister Natalia and his brother Santiago.

Diego got his start on a reality show

Credit: Instagram @Diego

Diego’s career started at 12 with Codigo F.A.M.A a Mexican reality show for children. Diego came in fifth for the show’s first season.

Diego’s first scripted role was a Mexican children’s telenovela

Credit: imdb.com: Alegrijes y Rebujos

Along with the other finalists on Codigo F.A.M.A, Diego went on to star in Alegrijes y Rebujos, a children’s telenovela about a “haunted” mansion. Diego played Ricardo, one of the “Rebujos.”

Diego Boneta’s very next show was his first starring role

Credit: Imdb.com: Misiòn S.O.S.

Diego also starred in Misiòn S.O.S. with his Codigo F.A.M.A. costars. He played Christian, the child hero who finds out his new best friend’s family hates his family. They go on a series of magical adventures to save an elf world from destruction and hopefully end the feud between their families. Crazy, right? He’s sometimes credited as Diego Gonzàlez for these early roles.

Diego also appeared in Rebelde, Pretty Little Liars, and 90210

Credit: Imdb.com: Pretty Little Liars

Diego’s next big role was in Rebelde, where he played Rocco. This teenage-oriented telenovela takes place at an elite boarding school. The band RBD was formed from this show, and Diego Boneta has toured with them as well. Diego also played Alex Santiago on Pretty Little Liars and Javier Luna on 90210.

Diego related to his 90210 character the most

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Boneta has called his 90210 character, Javier Luna, “practically me with a different name.” Javier is a singer like Diego. His character sings the song “Siempre Tù” in the show’s homecoming scene. Diego later released this song as a single with a version in English and Spanish!

Diego’s first movie role was in Mean Girls 2

Credit: imdb.com: Mean Girls 2

Mean Girls 2 doesn’t have nearly the reputation of its predecessor, but it did give Diego Boneta his first movie role. Diego portrays the main character’s love interest, Tyler Adams. Mean Girls 2 gave Diego the opportunity to feel like he was really in high school. He never went himself due to his acting and singing careers.

Diego Boneta caught his big break when he was cast in Rock of Ages

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Diego Boneta was just 22 years old when he was cast as the lead in Rock of Ages. Diego played Drew Boley, a young musician who dreamt of becoming a rock star. When he was cast, director Adam Shankman called Diego the “next big thing.” Boneta enjoyed filming so much that he invented reasons to do more takes on his last scene so he wouldn’t be done with the movie.

Tom Cruise Took Diego Under His Wing While Filming Rock of Ages

Credit: Imdb.com: Rock of Ages

After hearing that Rock of Ages was Diego’s first major film, Tom Cruise made it a point to make sure Diego knew what he was doing on set. The pair even took guitar lessons together, and they’re still friends to this day! Diego has said that he was inspired by how hard Tom Cruise still tried despite his mega-star status. Rock of Ages was Cruise’s first musical role.

Diego learned to play guitar for Rock of Ages


Credit: Instagram @Diego

Diego always wanted to learn how to play guitar and he was excited to get the opportunity to for Rock of Ages. Boneta spent all his time off set practicing guitar because he loved it so much! He says that his next album and future concerts are sure to showcase his new skill.

Diego Boneta loved 80’s music even before he was cast in Rock of Ages


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Diego’s parents played a lot of 80’s music while he was growing up and Diego grew to love it too. Some of his favorites are Duran Duran, The Police, and A-ha. It really made being cast in Rock of Ages a dream come true!

Diego loves both acting and singing and will continue to do both

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Diego likes the way art can communicate with people, particularly acting and singing. He said of Rock of Ages: “That’s what I think makes this movie so special.  Both acting and singing are great artistic ways to communicate things to people.  In this movie, we have both, with great actors and amazing songs, so it’s the perfect combination.”

Boneta released his first album Diego when he was 15 years old

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The songs on Diego were synchronized with the show Rebelde — which he was starring in at the time. His first song, “Responde,” was a top 10 single. He also opened 3 shows for Hillary Duff to promote his album.

Diego (Ediçaão Brasil) features Diego singing in Spanish and Portuguese

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Diego’s second album, Indigo featured Boneta singing in both Spanish and English. And many of his recent songs are in Spanish or English or both!

Diego Boneta felt “all the pressure in the world” to get Luis Miguel right

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Latino singer, Luis Miguel was Diego’s hero growing up. Diego did a year of only prep (no shooting at all!) just to make sure he got Luis Miguel’s character, appearance, and singing right. Diego can sing, of course, but he had to learn how to sing like Luis Miguel. Diego had to change the pitch of his voice, his vibrato, and the way he pronounced both consonants and vowels.

Diego almost got a permanent gap in his teeth in order to play Luis Miguel

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Diego told Entertainment Tonight that they tried many different prosthetics to get Luis Miguel’s signature tooth gap just right, but none were working. Diego was so committed to portraying Luis Miguel that he went to his orthodontist to have a permanent gap placed between his two front teeth. At the last minute, his orthodontist realized they could use black braces glue to create the effect. Diego had the gap for the entire time he was shooting Luis Miguel and couldn’t remove it.

Diego Boneta has been cast in the Terminator reboot

Credit: Instagram @Diego

The next Terminator movie is still shrouded in secrecy, but Diego is very excited to be a part of it!

The Mexican government requested the premiere of Luis Miguel, la Serie be moved to a different time.

Credit: Instagram @Diego

Originally, Luis Miguel was slated to premiere at the same time as the first Mexican presidential debate. The electoral body was  afraid that people would choose to watch Diego Boneta’s performance over the debate! The series premiere was shifted back an hour in response.

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