Take A Look Close At Don Omar’s Career Before His Retirement In 2017

Don Omar has been at the top of the reggaetón scene since his first solo album dropped in 2003. In the last 15 years, he’s had an insane career, and has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. His much-discussed feud with Daddy Yankee was finally settled with The Kingdom World Tour in 2016, and he announced his retirement less than a year later. Even though he’s reportedly retired, he’s still making music, and with the rise of other big reggaetón artists like Ozuna, Natti Natasha, and Gustavo Elis, it’s important to pay homage to one of the original kings. Here are some facts you gotta know about the legendary Don Omar.

1. His full name is William Omar Landrón Rivera 

@donomar / Instagram

William Omar Landrón Rivera was born in 1978, the oldest son of William Landrón and his wife Luz Antonia Rivera. He says that from a young age he’s been interested in music, especially the work of Vico C and Brewley MC.

2. He was born in a barrio of San Juan, Puerto Rico 

@DONOMAR / Twitter

He’s extremely proud of his Puerto Rican heritage, even going so far as to tattoo the Puerto Rican coat of arms on his bicep. He was raised around the Villa Palmeras area.

3. He was an active member of his church growing up and only left to focus on his singing career. 

@donomar / Instagram

As a young teenager, he joined a Protestant church called Iglesia Evangélica Restauración en Cristo and hoped to become a preacher. He even gave sermons to fellow worshippers. He only left the church to dedicate himself to music.

4. He started his career with nightclub performances and singles on compilation albums 

@donomar / Instagram

Don Omar started his career with performances in smaller nightclubs accompanied by DJ Eliel Lind Osorio. He developed a good reputation, and quickly switched to writing and producing songs on compilation albums, alongside other popular Puerto Rican artists like Luny Tunes and Noriega.

5. It was Héctor El Bambino who gave him his first big break

@hectordelfather / Instagram

Héctor El Bambino, aka Héctor El Father was a popular rapper and producer working in Puerto Rico at the time. He offered Don Omar the chance to sing backup for his duo Héctor & Tito, and was so impressed by what he heard that he helped to produce Don Omar’s first solo album.

6. The Last Don brought Don Omar into the mainstream

@donomar / Instagram

The release of his first studio album in 2003 rocketed Don Omar into the mainstream. The album featured collaborations with soon-to-be-rival Daddy Yankee, and onetime benefactors Héctor & Tito. It hit #2 of the Billboard Top Latin Albums and was certified gold, selling over 500,000 copies in the U.S. alone.

7. His next album, King of Kings, was the highest ranking reggaetón LP at the time. 

@donomar / Instagram

Not content with hitting No. 2 on the charts, Don Omar’s next album King of Kings spent an unbelievable 11 weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart. The album was released in May 2006, and even though a special edition of the album leaked online, sales of the final album still went gold.

8. Don Omar’s third studio album is dedicated to his cousin, Cordell Brown. 

@donomar / Instagram

After King of Kings, Don Omar went back into the studio and made iDon, his third studio album. iDon is dedicated to his cousin Cordell Brown.

9. Don Omar created the Orfanato Music Group in 2007 

@donomar / Instagram

The Orfanato Music Group, which also goes by the acronym OMG, functions as an independent record label, which represents many up and coming artists working across multiple Latin genres. Currently, the artists represented by OMG include Don Omar, Danny Fornaris, and Xavi “The Destroyer.”

10. In 2010, Don Omar solidified himself as a kingmaker with Don Omar Presents: Meet The Orphans. 

@donomar / Instagram

Three years after OMG was first created, Don Omar released an album called Meet The Orphans, which featured tons of new and upcoming artists from his label. The lead track was “Danza Kuduro”, which quickly became a gigantic hit.

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11. He was detained in Bolivia in 2007 

@donomar / Instagram

He was held in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, after a dispute between himself and a concert promoter got out of hand. The matter was settled before a local judge.

12. Overall, he’s released 5 studio albums and has a sixth upcoming 

@donomar / Instagram

His sixth album, Sociedad Secreta, is expected in April 2019.

13. Don Omar is also an actor

@its.never.goodbye / Instagram

Don Omar has appeared onscreen as Rico Santos in the Fast and the Furious franchise three times now. His character is a thief who joins Dominic Toretto’s team. He even starred in the short film Los Bandoleros, which bridged the fourth and fifth film.

14. His song “Danza Kuduro” was featured on the Fast Five soundtrack. 

@topurbanoreggaeton / Instagram

Based on an earlier French-Portuguese song called “Vem Dançar Kuduro”, “Danza Kuduro” featured at the very end of Fast Five and appeared on the soundtrack.

15. He has almost as many live albums as studio albums 

@donomar / Instagram

Right now, that’s a total of four live albums, five studio albums, and one greatest hits collection, Los Bandoleros Reloaded. 

16. His most famous rivalry is with Daddy Yankee 

@daddyyankee / Instagram

The two artists were born within a year of each other around San Juan, and have been publicly feuding for almost a decade over the title ‘The King of Reggaetón”. In 2016, they announced that they would be performing together on The Kingdom World Tour. Tour tickets sold out in minutes.

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17. He has four kids  

@officialjackieg / Instagram

His first marriage was to Melissa Del Valle, and they have one son, Nicolas Valle Gomez. His next relationship was with Jackie Guerrido, a Univision journalist. The couple has three children named Diana, Derek, and Daniel, all of whom have Omar as a middle name.

18. He’s been in two publicly serious relationships. 

@officialjackieg / Instagram

His first relationship with Melissa Del Valle lasted for one year. Although he was married to Guerrido for three years, the couple divorced in 2011.

19. He has several tattoos 

@DONOMAR / Twitter

Don Omar has several visible tattoos, including a totem pole on his right forearm, and the coat of arms of Puerto Rico on his left arm. Below the coat of arms, there’s a half-sleeve of intricately designed scrollwork.

20. He has a ton of different nicknames 

@donomar / Instagram

Like Daddy Yankee, he calls himself El Rey. In fact, it was only in 2016 that the pair agreed to stop their feud and both accept the title. He’s also known as D.O., and the King of Kings. His social media profiles suggest that he’s recently started using the nickname Kong.

21. He announced his retirement in 2017 

@donomar / Instagram

On Sept. 1, 2017, Don Omar announced that he would officially be retiring from the music industry after a series of concerts at the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in San Juan. He even released a number of tickets that only cost 99 cents in an effort to ensure that anyone regardless of income could attend. Even though these November 2017 concerts were meant to be his last, he recently embarked on a collaboration with Bad Bunny- so it’s possible diehard fans will be able to see El Rey in concert again one day.

These 15 Photos Track J Balvin’s Hair Evolution From Afro Balvin to Lisa Frank Print And Beyond


These 15 Photos Track J Balvin’s Hair Evolution From Afro Balvin to Lisa Frank Print And Beyond

jbalvin / Instagram

Artists are all about expression and experimentation and that is doubly true if you’re J Balvin. This reggaetonero has taken the world by storm and a huge part of his success is definitely because he’s one artist who’s not afraid to be himself and make a statement, whether it’s through his music or fashion.

The Colombian singer, known for his smash hits such as “Mi Gente,” “Ginza” and “Reggaeton,” has used his platform to flaunt his unique style whether it’s through his music, his fashion and especially his hair.

A natural brunette, Balvin has experimented with all sorts of colors and prints – with some looks more successful than others.

In celebration of his inclusive, positive and unapologetic personality, here’s a look at J Balvin’s hair evolution.

Credit: jbalvin / Instagram

Long before there was J Balvin, there was Afro Balvin.

Even after he broke out on the music scene, J Balvin stuck to his ‘roots’ for quite awhile…

Credit: jbalvin / Instagram

The man knows how to work his natural brunette look. And he looks good doing it.

At one point, he took the brunette look to his short and faded look we all know today.

Credit: jbalvin / Instagram

This is the look that he’s built upon with a whole collection of designs. And why not? It’s such a good base cut.

And we can’t forget this unique rainbow-inspired do…

Credit: jbalvin / Instagram

That he played around with around the release of ‘Machika.’ And perhaps it’s what has inspired his ‘Arcoiris’ tour…

Or this neon-green soccer ball one.

Credit: jbalvin / Instagram

I mean that’s pretty amazing.

And from this shaved look, J Balvin has spawned a lookbook of colors, prints, and patterns.

Credit: jbalvin / Instagram

Like this highlighter yellow. Which I’m not sure how I felt about.

There’s been a burnt orange.

Credit: jbalvin / Instagram

Which really started out as a bright orange after the highlighter color from above.

And he loves a hot pink.

Credit: jbalvin / Instagram

Hot pink pops. Especially a highlighter shade like this first one he went with.

He’s even played around with patterns…

Credit: jbalvin / Instagram

Like when he had this tie-dye look in Paris.

But then went back to a different hot pink.

Credit: jbalvin / Instagram

This hot pink, slightly more faded than the first, is a lot less harsh and IMO looks a hell of a lot better.

Before giving us major Lisa Frank vibes during Coachella.

Credit: jbalvin / Instagram

J Balvin owned Coachella and perhaps it was in some part thanks to this amazing hairstyle.

Then he went blonde…

Credit: jbalvin / Instagram

Which I’m totally feeling on him.

But always a sucker for experimentation…

Credit: jbalvin / Instagram

He switched back to some badass tiger stripes, saying in an Instragram post “Yo soy tigre.” Cute.

At first he had it more like a white Siberian tiger…

Credit: jbalvin / Instagram

But a couple of weeks later it was dyed to a more traditional orange-striped tiger.

And now it looks like he’s letting it all grow out.

Credit: jbalvin / Instagram

What will J Balvin do to his hair next?

As J Balvin Is Taking Over The World, Why Aren’t People Talking About Maluma


As J Balvin Is Taking Over The World, Why Aren’t People Talking About Maluma

jbalvin | maluma / Instagram

So far 2019 has been a breakout year for Colombian megastar, J Balvin.

He is not only one of the hottest acts in Spanish-language music but across the entire music industry.

At Coachella, he delivered one of the most talked about performances in a star-studded lineup and even gave a shout out to classic reggaeton.

Like if J Balvin isn’t a Coachella headliner next year, trust that #BoycottCoachella will be a thing.

He’s been all over US talk shows and he’s announced a North American tour with Lyanno and Eladio Carrion.

His summer tour is going to be one of the highlights of summer. I already know.

And after this weekend, the Colombian made history becoming the first reggaetonero to appear on Saturday Night Live.

The singer performed alongside the likes of DJ Khaled, Meek Mill, SZA, and Lil Wayne.

Performing with a star-studded lineup, J Balvin was there to represent.

Credit: @MBradshaw23 / Twitter

That Saturday Night Live stage was pure party mode and we were totally living for it.

And obviously, he didn’t disappoint us, repping the Latino community by singing in Spanish on the main stage.

Credit: @saulofficial / Twitter

In a country where all too often Latino voices aren’t heard and speaking Spanish can even land you in an ICE detention center, this was everything.

Basically everyone who was watching his performance on SNL.

I know because this was me.

There’s already a growing chorus of J Balvin fans demanding he gets his own set next season.

And we are stanning.

The 34-year-old singer though already has a busy lineup ahead. This summer he’ll become the first Latino artist to headline Lollapalooza in Chicago.

J Balvin is living his best life.

And I am absolutely living for him.

But as a diehard Maluma fan, I have to question why just him?

Credit: maluma / Instagram

Maluma has been pumping out album after album with hit after hit and yet he’s just not getting the attention he deserves.

The two are this year’s best bromance.

They’re both from the city of Medellín and both built their careers up from the likes of Daddy Yankee and Shakira.

And that’s all great, but where is Maluma’s hype?

I mean everyone remembers how he was completely ignored at the Met Gala, right?

Credit: @AlfombraRoja_13 / Twitter

Despite being one of the absolute best-dressed guys there.

And with the release of his new album, “11:11”, history seems to be repeating itself.

Credit: @SantiRios09 / Twitter

This is an abomination. Maluma has morphed from Pretty Boy to Dirty Boy. He’s got collabs with Shakira, Annita, and Madonna. And J Balvin! And he is pure fire.

Even his summer bop with Becky G isn’t getting much love.

Why? How is this even possible?

This isn’t taking away from J Balvin in any way, but Maluma is also the total package and I for one think there is enough room for both reggaeton superstars.

Credit: @xtaniayvette / Twitter

So yea…can we make sure that we all get back to talking about the “Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy” and make sure that Maluma has as epic a year as J Balvin?

I’m hoping that this is just a phase and that 2019 is going to be an epic year for Maluma.

Credit: Maluma / Instagram

Aside from partnering with major brands, he’s also starting to embrace more social messages in his songs and videos.

Plus he’s got his new album out, “11:11” and he’s got collab after collab going down. I mean everything from Fifth Harmony and Shakira to Madonna and Marc Anthony. Most recently he teamed up with Lil Pump and XXXTentacion for “Arms Around You” which gave the superstar his first Top 40 entry and highest-charting hit yet.

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