These 25 Graduation Caps Will Make You Proud To Be A Latino

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There are so many ways you can wear your Latino and cultural pride on your sleeve, but what about on your head? Well, if you are getting ready to graduate this semester, you might want to start working on that. Now that you are finally on the way out, you definitely want to leave an impression. Decorating your graduation cap is one of the best ways to really stand out. Here are 25 Latino-inspired graduation caps decorations to motivate you to add some flair to your ceremony.

1. Show of how diverse you and your community is.

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This is a perfect way to remind all the non-Latinos at the ceremony that Latinos come in all shades, colors, sizes, and from more than 20 countries. Might as well leave people with more knowledge since you are celebrating being educated.

2. Give your parents the ultimate shoutout for their sacrifices.

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Maybe your parents were born in the U.S. and you don’t have the same story. That’s fine. Everyone’s parents did some kind of sacrificing to get their children to the stage. Good thing is that your madre always reminded you of what she gave up for you so it should be easy to figure out what to put on your cap.

3. Give some love to la raza on your special day.

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The more of us that graduate and go into the workforce, the more diversity we bring into our fields. Bringing our diverse backgrounds and stories into the workforce will only make it better and easier for other Latinos after us to follow in our footsteps.

Happy graduation, everybody! We are so proud of you that we made stuff to celebrate your moment.

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4. Let everyone know that you are changing the trajectory of your whole family.

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Are you a first-generation graduate? Be proud of that. Make sure you include that story on your graduation cap to make sure everyone around you knows just how hard you worked for your moment.

5. Don’t be afraid to be funny with it.

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“Better late than never” is too true for so many. The scenic route through college is something that you are probably finally ending and it’s probably because the school is out of classes for you to take.

6. Strike fear into President Trump.

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There is no question that the man is afraid of immigrants. Even scarier is going to be the educated children of those immigrants he is trying so hard to stop.

7. Let Frida Kahlo accompany you on your special day.

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For some people, mom and dad are not in the picture for whatever reason. In those moments, it is someone else that gives you the courage and motivation to get to your goals. Let your classmates know that Kahlo, or whoever it is, helped get you to the stage.

8. Let the haters know that you f*cking made it.

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For those of you who don’t know, “Ya chingué” basically means you slayed that damn thing. We all have haters whether you know it or not so make them see what you can do.

9. If you can’t find the words, let Selena say it for you.

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Not only is this phrase super iconic, it is probably going to be recognized by so many people. Selena has had a stellar couple of years and, clearly, so have you.

10. Take a moment to let everyone know what you think about borders.

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Like, everyone has been so obsessed with borders and walls and keeping people separated but that’s just not the world we live in. Embrace the modern world and give borders the finger as you spread your wings and soar.

11. Now is a great time to let everyone know that you are contributing to this country.

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If you are an immigrant and are graduating, celebrate. You are what is keeping this country running. We are a nation of immigrants and nothing and no one will ever be able to change that.

12. Plus, you can make fun of all those people who think immigrants steal jobs.

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It’s almost like they don’t know that immigrants get educated to earn the good jobs. It is always funny to take something that someone is using to demean you to make fun of them. Try it out.

13. Make something special that you can use later.

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Use it to cover your head as you walk across the stage then use it to play lotería with your family that night. That is what you call versatility.

14. Celebrate your feminine power.

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More Latinas are graduating from college than ever before. You are making history by flipping that tassel to the other side. Make sure that everyone recognizes your major accomplishment.

15. You can be as sappy as you want.

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Nothing like a sweet, sweet poem to make your parents proud of your hard work and their sacrifices. After all, they are going to make sure that you remember how much work they put in to making sure you graduated.

16. Seriously. Just honor their sacrifices.

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Nothing is done without your parents. If they are Latino they will even take credit for feeding you the right food when you were younger that made you so smart.

17. Use our culture to add some real flair.

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Not everyone can use bright colors, rhinestones, and flowers to decorate a graduation cap, but you can. Our culture is vibrant, colorful, and super floral.

18. Take a bad phrase and turn it around.

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The flowers perfectly frame the phrase “Hija de mi madre” which is really close to a phrase that means something very rude. Make your mom blush with pride when she sees you cross that stage.

19. “Hamilton” is still a thing so…

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Keep using it until people are sick of it. It doesn’t seem like that will ever happen but you never know until you try and try and try. You won’t be the only one with this idea, though.

20. Get as minimalistic with it as you want.

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No need to get too crazy with things. Just a few well thought out words and some simple drawings should be enough. There is no need to get too crazy.

21. Add a poquito de español to confuse some folks.

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Sure. You can just write University of Central Florida, but where’s the fun in that? Universidad de Florida Central is much more impactful and more likely to be noticed.

22. It’s a wrap, y’all.

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Make Ana Maria Polo proud. You finally finished your four-year degree so celebrate the fact that it’s a wrap.

23. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

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In this case, that dreaded chancla is the ultimate enemy that really made a difference. If it wasn’t for all that discipline, who knows where you’d be.

24. Simple. Clean. Thankful.

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Get crafty, bust out our paint, and get to work. It isn’t hard to make a big impact with a simple design like this beautiful cap.

25. Use some Latino history to show your pride.

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This phrase is one of the most recited by Latinos. Makes sense that it will see you through to the end.

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