21 Ways To Stay Accountable And Motivated About Your Fitness Goals For 2019

With every new year comes the idea that we will somehow magically transform into a dream version of who we want to be. We want to be a better person, a healthier person, a person that doesn’t slump around the world unmotivated. The way we become a healthier person is obviously one of the biggest struggles that people deal with every day, and that we vow to change on Jan. 1. However, becoming a new you — while it may seem sort of impossible — is doable, and if you want it bad enough change is possible if you allow it to be.

In order to figure out how to accomplish our fitness goals for the new year, we didn’t speak to trainers or health nuts. We spoke to real people, with real lives, who are not consumed with fitness 24/7 but are somehow doing it. They are staying fit, eating better, making time to work out all the while holding down a full-time job, raising kids, and living life.

So here are 21 tips from real people about how to stay accountable and motivated about your fitness goals.

1. Write down your fitness goals.


Before beginning any project, it’s important to tell yourself what your intentions are. It’s even more important if you write them down. Taking time to visualize your goals and journaling what you want in life will show you how important making changes is. If you’re not taking it seriously, you’re never going to be able to stick to goals. Be intentional and write it down.

2. Set short term goals.


If you try to pursue your health in extreme ways, such as saying you’re going to lose 50 pounds in six months, you’re only going to disappoint yourself. Be realistic in the sense that you will tell yourself “this week I will workout three times, and only have one cheat day.” Make your bigger goals smaller so you can accomplish them. You can also give yourself a goal of feeling better in those tight jeans. You’ll get far within your goals if you remain practical.

3. Stay away from toxic people.


Before you read this as a judgment call not to drink, let us explain. For a second, just think about people in your life that love to have not one or two, but three or four drinks, sometimes every night. The person that loves to see you at Happy Hour, or that friend that loves getting a quick meal in the drive-thru lane, may not be the kind of people you want around on a daily basis if you are trying for certain goals.

If there are people around you that don’t mind making unhealthy choices and are totally okay with taking you on their journey, ask yourself: is that the path I want? If the answer is no, try to distance yourself from going to that Happy Hour, perhaps suggest bowling or karaoke, some kind of activity that doesn’t revolve around drinking.

Having a glass of wine or beer isn’t harmful, but it’s all about moderation and understanding that each glass carries loads of calories. If you’re going to go out to dinner think about what you rather have: a drink or dessert. Try opting for one indulgence instead of two.

4. Limit your social media time.


People have replaced being lazy on the couch to spending time on their phone. If you cut back on screen time and instead take a walk at the mall or around town, not only will you be more active, but you also won’t get bogged down with images that can sometimes be damaging to your self-esteem.

5. Be good to yourself: Leave inspirational notes around your house.


Since you have already journaled what your fitness goals are, remind yourself of what they are by making notes and placing them around your house. You don’t want to force yourself to go for a run if you’re not feeling it, but it would be nice to read a note that read: “you love the feeling of your hair blowing in the wind” or “that J.Lo song will really push you to get out there and do it.” It’s important that you stay motivated by being kind to yourself, not feeling bad if you didn’t work out, but know that you will try again tomorrow.

“Keep those sneakers by the front door, instead of in a closet, so they are ready to go,” a friend told me once. “It will remind you of your goal and keep you from procrastinating and losing momentum by searching for them.”

6. Don’t do exercises that are too difficult. Be active by doing activities that you enjoy.


Don’t believe that 2 months at Barry’s Bootcamp is going to change your life, although for some it might. The last thing you want is to cause harm to your body. We know plenty of people that push themselves to do CrossFit training and end up getting hurt.

If you love to dance, join dance classes or Zumba. If you love to walk but find it boring, go somewhere that it’s scenic. You can easily adjust your activity by doing things you like to do.

7. Follow inspirational, fitness-minded people on social media.


There are so many incredible people on social media that are great to follow, simply because they can provide tips and inspire you to be healthier. Robin Arzon is one of those people that knows how to balance her fitness account with a lot of fun and educational posts.

8. Be practical about your fitness goals.


Find what works best for you. Maybe self-motivating is tough and you need some accountability. Find a personal trainer that you can check in with once or twice and week and use what they teach you to continue your fitness journey for the rest of the week. Don’t worry about the number on the scale. Muscle weighs more than fat so the number will fluctuate depending on what exercises you are doing. It is all about how you feel in your own skin.

9. Think of that gym membership as a real investment in yourself.


“Another thing that’s been motivating me is how much I’m paying for my membership,” a friend, who’s recently lost weight and kept it off, told me. “I work out more often to make sure I get my money’s worth. I’m also looking at it as an investment in myself and my health instead of ‘damn I’m paying so much.'”

10. Don’t compare yourself to anyone, especially celebrities.


If you’re following Kim Kardashian and her sisters on Instagram while you’re trying to get fit, you’re only going to be doing yourself a disservice. Your body is yours, and no one else’s, nor should it look like anyone else’s. Figure out the goals you want to meet this year and work out towards those goals and your body.

11. Motivation is the spark but determination is the fuel.


Being motivated to work out and eat healthily is key. Being determined takes more energy, and that’s the energy you’re going to need to not lose sight of what you want in life.

12. Measure your foods.


It seems simple but this is one thing that can quickly be annoying. Remember that without proper balance you will just have a life without structure, and that can be really self-destructive. In order to eat what you want and avoid gaining weight try cutting out the excess. For example, if you’re craving fries, don’t go to McDonald’s and buy a large portion, instead go to the grocery store and buy sweet potato fries.

13. Do not get discouraged if you don’t see results right away.


You are creating a new lifestyle and eating habit. You aren’t doing something temporarily if you want to make big changes in your health and body.

“Go at your own pace,” a friend told me. “It takes time to see results so be patient. It took me some time to get used to a different way of eating and changing my diet but don’t give up. It’s all worth it in the end because diet plays a big role in achieving fitness goals.”

14. Have cheat days, but don’t go overboard.


Allow yourself to have some of the treats you love in moderation. Save those treats for a cheat day or cheat meal. We’ve been told that having a cheat day once a week is the way to go. “Sunday’s are the best day to do it,” a friend told me. “Typically when you have a cheat day on a Friday or Saturday it will carry over into the other weekend days.” So sticking to Sunday’s are best.

15. Don’t force yourself to eat healthy foods that you don’t like to eat. Stick to what tastes good.


Just because some diets require that you eat loads of greens doesn’t mean you have to. If you don’t like spinach don’t eat. If you like kale instead, stick to that. Eating foods that you don’t enjoy won’t make eating a good experience, but if you substitute them with healthy foods you do like, well that’s just a win-win.

16. Plan your workouts around your real schedule.


Don’t force an unnatural habit that you cannot sustain. Some find that working out at lunch during work is better for them. Some can wake up at 4 a.m. to work out before getting the kids off to school or starting work. It might even be better for you to work out after work in the evening at home. Do what is best for you that you can sustain.

17. Think of staying healthy without an end date: you’re making a lifestyle change.


If you tell yourself that after a certain date you will have met your goal and then go back to your old unhealthy ways, you can forget the whole thing right now. The point of being healthy is to stay healthy. Yes, it’s hard work, but you will ultimately feel better about yourself and wonder how you could have ever lived in any other way.

18. Name your biggest indulgence and alternate it in a way that will be healthy.


If you love the Real Housewives or binging on Netflix go right ahead and do it. However, why not watch TV while doing some sit-ups in front of the TV or lunges. Working out while watching TV will make you feel proactive.

If your vice is eating chocolate, try substituting it small pieces of dark chocolate. If you like wine, there are low-calorie wines on the market. There are always ways to take a bad thing and turn into a positive.

19. Take every other day off. If you’re tired, rest.


A huge part of being healthy is being good to yourself. It’s a great thing to push yourself to reach your goals, but being kind to yourself is sometimes harder than you think. Working out every other day is a good thing; resting and getting a good night’s sleep is also really good for your body and mental health.

20. Measure backward so you can see your progress.


Take a look at your accomplishments from the prior week and setting your goals for the following week to slightly improve those stats. So, if you’re seeking constant gradual improvement instead of trying to become a new person right away, you are slowly becoming a whole new you. 

Here’s an example on how to measure your progress backward, a goal this week could be to everyday unfold the yoga mat, sit on it and stretch. Then at the end of the week, look back and see if you actually did it. Give yourself bonus points for tracking visually on a calendar or something. If it went well, add two yoga poses to the goal for the next week. If it didn’t, re-adjust to attainable goals so you can follow through on them and celebrate the accomplishments.

21. Remember being healthier is about taking care of yourself so you can feel better.


You’re not losing weight just so you can impress the world with your new body. Don’t be that shallow! You want to be healthy so you can be happy. Life is too short to just sit around drinking all day, eating bad food, and watching TV. Once you realize how important you are, you’ll want to be out there living it.

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mitúCares: Babes Of Wellness Wins Grant To Help Domestic Violence Survivors Heal Mentally And Physically

Things That Matter

mitúCares: Babes Of Wellness Wins Grant To Help Domestic Violence Survivors Heal Mentally And Physically

As our community works to beat and recover from the Covid pandemic, mitúCares wants to help those helping our community in this time. We asked all of you to nominate people who were making our community better with their work and you delivered. mitú is proud to announce that Babes in Wellness is one of two winners for the mitúCares grant program.

Babes of Wellness is more than a fitness business.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Babes Of Wellness (@babesofwellness)

Founder Kat Novoa started Babes of Wellness with a vision to help people achieve wellness as well as physical fitness. Novoa started Babes of Wellness in South LA as an extension of her work as a domestic violence advocacy.

“I became a domestic violence advocate back in 2016 and in volunteering in these shelters and providing complimentary fitness classes for the survivors of violence that were at these shelters, I realized that fitness wasn’t enough for them. Once I introduced them to mindfulness practices like meditation, journaling, just affirmations, I really noticed a change in them and a shift in their mindset.”

Novoa noticed that the fitness industry was not a place that allowed for the mindful healing that can happen while engaged in physical fitness. The male-dominated industry wasn’t built to help with that kind of work.

“Women have been stigmatized for so long and sexualized because of our bodies,” Novoa says. “There’s not really an emphasis, especially in a male-dominated industry like the fitness industry, to take care of and tend to our emotional needs, our spiritual needs all in one place.”

The fitness professional wanted to make sure she helped the community that made her.

Novoa grew up in South LA and there was nothing the community like Babes of Wellness. She saw this as an opportunity to bring something to her community that will help people heal and grow, especially after 2020.

The pandemic has devastated low-income communities and communities of color. Our community has experienced the disproportionate impact of Covid with mounting deaths and financial losses. Unemployment surged and hospitals filled with our loved ones leaving a lot of damage and trauma from which we still need to collectively heal.

“Me, myself, I recently lost my dad due to Covid and I think that for me now that my business and the mission has really changed in the last few months for me,” Novoa recalls. “Now, more than ever, I feel even more passionate about helping our community and really teaching them these principles where they haven’t been taught. They’ve never had access or resources to someone who looks like them that cares about them and knows their struggles.”

Novoa plans to use the same skills and tools she uses to help survivors of domestic violence to find peace to help others heal. The boutique fitness studio is a place where people can find peace while working up a sweat.

Knowing that her work is helping people is the most important part of her day.

Novoa is moved by every client that tells her how much they get out of the work they do with her. Her plan is to make sure that everyone can get to their goals while enjoying the work.

“There was a girl that followed me on Instagram for a really really long time. Years. Prior to me going into this industry though mutual friends,” Novoa recalls. “She saw my journey and she thought 1) she looks like me 2) she’s female in a male-dominated industry 3) she’s Latina 4) she works with survivors of violence. She was a survivor of violence herself. She was overweight and she was really really insecure and she never thought that in her life she could look and feel and be the way that she is.”

Two years later and Novoa is still working with the client.

Congratulations, Kat!

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These Are The Top YouTube Workouts To Try At Home To Help Keep Those Resolutions


These Are The Top YouTube Workouts To Try At Home To Help Keep Those Resolutions

With the official start of 2021 – which will hopefully be so much better than 2020 – the desire to be physically fit and achieve that “beach body” (whatever that is) is at a seasonal high. Whether due to a new year’s resolution to get in shape, stay active, lose weight, or simply be more healthy, people are looking for ways to feel and look good despite being under stay-at-home orders.

Across the country, gyms are still closed thanks to the pandemic and many of us are looking for new ways to follow those fitness goals. Enter YouTube: it’s full of incredible, free workouts that are sure to get you motivated. Here are some of our favorites:

The Fitness Marshall

If you’re like me and hate working out, then The Fitness Marshall may be your answer. Fitness guru Caleb Marshall combines hit pop songs — like “Heat” by Kelly Clarkson and “Pony” by Ginuwine — with dance moves that help you break a sweat and have fun doing it. 

Fitness Blender

Run by husband-and-wife team Daniel and Kelli, Fitness Blender is a simple yet great channel. All of their videos are filmed with a white background so you can actually focus on what they’re doing. They have more than 600 full-length workout videos, and more than 150 of those are HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to get your body moving and blood pumping. All workouts range from 5- to 45-minutes. While some videos require some basic equipment, many can be done with your body weight alone.

Popsugar Fitness

Filmed in a fitness studio with at least three people, the channels feels a bit like an old-school ’80s workout video, without the signature fashion and hair of course…but it does bring that fun group attitude right to you. The channel has different categories: beginners, HIIT, dance cardio, plus workouts targeted at different body parts. You can also choose a class based on length (10 minutes, etc.) Plus, they have a section full of no equipment cardio workouts so you can get your heart rate up without leaving the house

The Body Coach

The Body Coach (aka Joe Wicks) believes that everyone should be able to work out, no matter their fitness level or budget. The channel has more than 250 videos, including challenges, time-based workouts, and workouts for specific body types. There’s a new HIIT workout every week. One of the coolest parts of the channel is that it also has workout for kids, including a daily P.E. class that might be very helpful for any parents who have basically started homeschooling their kids.


No list of YouTube fitness channels is complete without Blogilates. This widely popular channel has close to 4.5 million subscribers and focuses on POP Pilates, PIIT28 and Bootcamp Sculpting. If you have no clue what those are, don’t worry. You don’t need to understand it to enjoy these workouts.  

Certified fitness instructor Cassey Ho’s friendly demeanor makes laying on a mat and working your core, legs, arms and butt almost enjoyable.

Flightmaster Yoga

This channel is not about being a perfect yogi. The motto of the channel is “It’s not about the pose.” All Lesley Fightmaster wants from you is to show up and do your best. She has a number of full-length yoga practices for anyone at any level. You can start with the for beginner videos and then work your way up to 30-minute practices45-minute hatha practices, and full 1-hour practices. The tone is supportive, comforting, and non-judgemental. Show up and try your best to see what happens.

Roberta’s Gym

Think of Roberta’s Gym as the Alexa of exercising. This animated trainer doesn’t really have a personality, but her on-screen timers and rep counters help you keep track of what you’re doing better than any humanoid.


Despite the name, this instructor isn’t a bully at all. He offers up super motivational videos that anyone can do from the comfort of their home. And he keeps it simple: 20 minute full body workouts that require no equipment. Yes, some of the workouts will kick your ass but what do they say? No pain, no gain!

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