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It’s Called Pollo Loco For A Reason, But You Can Also Order Vegan Meals

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I know what you’re thinking, it’s called Pollo Loco for a reason. But no worries, there’s room for vegans at Pollo Loco too. Plus, we’ve got hacks on hacks to help you avoid eating a pile of iceberg lettuce. Trust.

Here’s just a few of the menu items you can order from Pollo Loco if you’re vegan:

1. The Beans Rice *Cheese* Burrito

CREDIT: @elpolloloco / Instagram

Yes, you can have all the classics, including the Beans Rice & Cheese burrito, but ask for it sans cheese. Unlike Taco Bell, Pollo Loco will charge extra for the guacamole, but worth it.

2. Chicken Black Bean Bowl

CREDIT: “vegan el pollo loco, vegan options at el pollo loco, vegan black bean bowl” Digital Image. PETA. 22 June 2018.

K, so, you’re gonna sound like a living stereotype, but get the Chicken Black Bean Bowl without the chicken and cheese. Just look at that avocado. It looks so real for fast food.

3. Tostada Salad

CREDIT: “Tostada Salad” Digital Image. PETA. 22 June 2018.

At Pollo Loco, the salad shell is vegan, woop! Just sub avocado for chicken and ask for no cheese, sour cream or cilantro dressing.

Pro tip: ask for avocado salsa instead, and watch your family seethe with jealousy.

4. Pollo Bowl

CREDIT: “Pollo Bowl” Digital Image. PETA. 22 June 2018.

This is one of the cheapest bowls you can get, and it comes with a side of tortillas, Yassss. Once again, you’ll just sub chicken for avocado and pile on the salsa.

5. Butter Lettuce Tacos

CREDIT: @elpolloloco / Twitter

Yuppp, the lettuce doesn’t make it vegan, but it does make it healthier than a corn tortilla. Plus, you’re getting all the protein you need with those black beans. Just be sure to ask to sub pollo for avocado and no cheese. 🙂

6. Classic Crunchy Taco

CREDIT: @elpolloloco / Twitter

Haven’t you memorized this yet? “Sub avo for pollo, add beans for protein, no cheese, please.”

7. Chipotle Avocado Burrito

CREDIT: @elpolloloco / Twitter

It’s like the beans, rice and cheese burrito, but it also comes with housemade chipotle salsa, yum.

Otra vez: sub avo for pollo, and no cheese or sour cream.

8. Avocado Taco Al Carbon Platter

CREDIT: @elpolloloco / Twitter

It’s like the other tacos, but it comes with all the citrus, onion and cilantro you need in your tacos. Just sub avo for pollo and ask for no cheese or sour cream.

9. Classic Salad

CREDIT: @elpolloloco / Twitter

She’s a beauty, once you take all that dead chicken off her, and substitute for buttery, heaven-sent avocados. Just ask for no cheese and no cilantro dressing, and lather her in salsa. You’re golden, boo.

10. Double Chicken Avocado Salad

CREDIT: @elpolloloco / Twitter

I know, it sounds silly, but order the Double Chicken salad, and substitute for double the avocados. Just ask for it without cheese or sour cream and add beans for extra protein. 🙂

11. Avocado Bacon Tostada Salad

CREDIT: @elpolloloco / Twitter

She’s already dairy-free you guys! So all you have to do is sub avocado for the chicken and dump the bacon.

12. Chicken Avocado Taco Platter

CREDIT: @JendrioGonzalez / Twitter

I know, you’re probably thinking I’m going to say sub avo for pollo, but you’re wrong. This guy subbed beans for pollo, which probably makes more sense re: protein. I say, why choose? Get los dos!

Caption: “100% Vegan! POLLO LOCO TAQUITOS”

13. Pinto Beans

CREDIT: @elpolloloco / Twitter

Let’s talk sides. The pinto beans are vegan! This is truly a rarity, you guys, since it’s usually cooked with pork lard. Not at Pollo Loco, friends. Go loco.

14. Broccoli

CREDIT: @HeuristicLineup / Twitter

Yep, it’s a shocker, but their broccoli is also vegan. Fun fact: you can sub rice for broccoli for any meal at Pollo Loco, if you’re looking for a way to get more veggies in.

15. Double Chicken Burritos

CREDIT: @xtheteaaddict / Twitter

Like I said, double the chicken lost is double the avocado gained. This is like the BRC but it also has cabbage, pico de gallo and cilantro. Go big.

16. Double Chicken Superfood Bowl

CREDIT: @simpliyvonne / Instagram

It’s like the other bowls, but it also has spinach. #Superfood. You know the drill, mija, ask for no dairy or dressing and sub avocado for pollo.

17. Double Shrimp Mango Bowl

CREDIT: @veganmatrix / Instagram

Ask for avocado instead of shrimp and enjoy the mango salsa, spinach and carrots that this version comes with!

18. Grande Avocado Chicken Bowl

CREDIT: @solarfruitfairy / Twitter

Life Hack: get your goods without pollo, sour cream, and cheese, bring it home and top it with soyrizo and vegan sour cream.

Life Hack x2: Order a side of chips, and just dump your bowl on top, add some vegan cheese and put ‘er in the oven. De nada.

19. Rice

CREDIT: “Rice” Digital Image. El Pollo Loco. 22 June 2018.

Yup, she’s also vegan. Sometimes, I just get a side of rice and pinto beans and bring her home to put on top of my local, organic kale salad. Y’know, for when you’re being lazy healthy.

20. Chips & Guac

CREDIT: @elpolloloco / Twitter

Thank god for Pollo Loco’s chips & chunky guac, you guys. Their avocado game is on point.

I’ll never stop saying it, but if you’re vegan, you should never leave the house without your vegan sour cream. Elevate your game.

21. Tú sabes que Pollo Loco *delivers*?

CREDIT: @elpolloloco / Instagram

Yup, I guess you can leave your vegan sour cream at home, folks. They’re bringing it straight to the comfort of your vegan kitchen.

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