This Latina Is Killing The Standup Game With Her Mom Jokes, Weight Jokes And Everything In Between

Cristela Alonzo’s new stand-up comedy special “Lower Classy”, released January 24 on Netflix, is making people laugh until they cry. In her interview with Build Series, Cristela talks about the main theme of her special:

I called the special “Lower Classy” because I like talking about the difference in social class. I wanted to talk about the difference in my life and where I came from so that people know that people like me exist. I think it’s important to teach in a funny way because you don’t sound insulting, you don’t come off aggressive, you’re not condescending, you’re just speaking your truth.

Not only was Cristela’s show meant to entertain, but to show a part of her life that other people could connect with. Here are a few reasons why “Lower Classy” is so hilariously relatable:

Cristela starts the show with straightforward comments about our current president:

Because who can avoid talking about politics these days?

She keeps it real about issues of race and skin color.


It’s this combination of humor and ridicule that makes her standup show so great.

And isn’t shy about dropping the truth:


Heck yeah she went there.

She’s super honest about the struggle of getting old.??


She can’t be the only woman in her 30’s that still tries to go clubbing.??

Which comes with the struggle of trying to work out and stay in shape.


It doesn’t get worse than being too fat to fit into workout clothes. ?

Annnnd the struggle of trying to eat healthy.


It’s no wonder diets are so difficult — healthy food is so damn expensive!

Cristela keeps the show going with jokes about her family, especially her mom.


Her mom is too funny!! ?

Like the time she tried to ask her mom for an allowance:


*emphasis on ALLOW* LOL

But it turned out that her mom had already given her many allowances…?


So if your parents didn’t grow up with an allowance, chances are neither did you.

With the title of her standup being “Lower Classy,” Cristela gives everyone her definition of what it’s like to be RICH.???


SO TRUE!! ? This is perhaps the realest, and funniest definition of what it means to be rich.

From jokes about her family, to money, and day-to-day struggles, lots of people were able to relate to Cristela on so many levels.

Which is what makes her show 100x more entertaining.

There’s no doubt that Cristela’s “Lower Classy” is turning people’s frowns upside down. ?

Nothing better than a funny comedian after a long, rough day. ??

So if you’re looking for a comedy special that will give you a mix of tears and laughter, “Lower Classy” is definitely the way to go.

Check it out on Netflix! ??

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