The ‘Are You Going To Miss Your Mom’ Kid Is Back Two Years Later And He Is Ready For School This Time

This time, he admits he will miss his mom.

Andrew Macias became Internet famous two years ago when he was interviewed about his first day of preschool. The boy, who was 4 years old at the time, was being interviewed by Courtney Friel of KTLA 5 in Los Angeles when she asked Macias if he would miss his mom. What followed was a shocking revelation for the toddler who, until then, wasn’t aware he would be going to school without his mom. Now, two years later, and with more experience under his belt, Macias is venturing into first grade and is ready for his first day.

Since first appearing on KTLA, Macias has not only become a meme, he’s also shown up in a “Tosh.O” skit. The original clip of Macias was used by eBay for a commercial. Even his mother, Patricia Macias, who was right off camera, was surprised at how quickly the clip of her son grew on the Internet.

“I’m like, ‘Oh, just an interview, nothing is going to happen,” Patricia told KTLA. “And then suddenly, an hour, two hours after – ‘Oh, he’s famous now. He went viral.'”

As for how Andrew is handling the upcoming school year, he confidently says “yes” when asked if he’ll miss his mom.

That’s right kids. It’s officially back to school time.

CREDIT: KTLA / Facebook

But hopefully, like Andrew, you’ve grown and become more confident in what the year has in store for you. Good luck in 1st grade, Andrew!

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Guacardo Is The Dancing Avocado Breathing New Life Into Classic Movies And Music Videos And It's Funny AF


Guacardo Is The Dancing Avocado Breathing New Life Into Classic Movies And Music Videos And It’s Funny AF

@danikoko / Instagram

So there’s this little avocado that’s appearing in classic films and music videos, and he’s giving each one of them a funny twist. His name is Guacardo and if you’re not already familiar with him, here’s the comedy you’re missing…

Meet Guacardo an animated avocado character with a ton of personality who has people on the Internet cracking up because of his parodies.

Created by one of our mitú animators, Danna Galeano, this animated avocado has been making his way through mitú’s Snapchat Discover channel, to Instagram and Facebook for almost seven months now and this is only the beginning of his stardom. From classic films to iconic music videos, Guacardo is turning popular scenes from the world of entertainment into ridiculous parodies.

If you’ve seen the movie “The Notebook,” then you’ll be familiar with this scene:

Yes. Two burritos please.

And like most of us, Guacardo couldn’t help but guac gawk every time he he saw Taylor Lautner’s six-pack in “Twilight.”

Guacardo’s reaction is exactly my face when I see Taylor Lautner’s abs.

Guacardo also makes an appearance in the final scene of “Fast And Furious 7.”

Awww. ❤️

But Guacardo isn’t only about the feels. He also steals the spotlight in horror films like “The Shining.”

Now I’ll never get scared when I watch this movie.

Remember the vine “Why You Always Lying?” Well Guacardo found a way to make it funnier.

LMAO. This one has to be my favorite. ?

Even when it comes to music videos, Guacardo does. not. rest.

LOL. He’s just there cleaning up all of the mess.

Not even Taylor Swift is safe from Guacardo’s travesuras.

“I love me too.” LOL

But not every music video turns out too great for Guacardo.

Riri was like, ‘Nah, Guacardo.’

Even though Guacardo was kicked out of Riri’s music video, he resurfaces with sick moves next to the ladies of Fifth Harmony.

That little hip shake! ?

The hip shaking continues with Shakira. Only makes sense, right?

Get ittttttt.

Guacardo also gets in costume to sing and dance alongside the classic boy band, Backstreet Boys.

Little blonde wig on FLEEK.

And you knew he had to do it again.

With Britney, of course.

LOL. Seriously can’t wait for more of these videos.

To shop for some Guacardo merchandise, visit our mitú store here! 

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