Here Are 20 Reasons Why You Need To Stop Sleeping On Gabriel ‘Fluffy’ Iglesias

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Gabriel Iglesias, also known as Fluffy, is one of the most well-known Latino comedians out there. If you have ever seen Iglesias either live or on tv, you know he has a very unique sense of humor. But, comedy is more than just what you do on the stage. Today’s world involves a lot of interactions with fans on and off social media. Here are a few reasons why it’s time to start celebrating one of the Latino comedic greats.

1. His jokes take you into his real life and it’s funny af.

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While on stage, Fluffy is quick to pull from his life experiences to make something relatable. You’ll laugh, not because it is funny, but because it is true.

2. His jokes are relatable because they are true.

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Because his jokes are about his everyday life, a lot of his jokes are relatable. Some of the situations he’s been in, we’ve been in as well. Plus, remembering your own experience makes his jokes even more hilarious.

3. He knows how to make his fans feel like part of the show.

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Fluffy loves performing and when he gets a chance he’ll take a picture with the crowd. So, if you sit close enough and get lucky you can end up in one of his selfies.

4. He’s brutally honest.

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Some of his jokes will make you uncomfortable because he is not afraid to go there. He’s not afraid to share his opinion, his struggles, his successes, etc.

5. If you miss the selfie, you can always catch him after the show for your own picture.

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There might be a bit of a wait, but if you hold out, you can snag your own personalized moment with Iglesias.

6. Martiiiiiiiiiin

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Martin Moreno is one of Fluffy’s comedic friends and Fluffy’s go-to hype man when on tour. Martin is just as funny as Iglesias and definitely worth watching!

7. Obviously he’s willing to share his tequila stories with you.

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He will even go further than just talking about it. Rumor is, some fans get special treats from Fluffy during some shows in the form of tequila shots.

8. He isn’t shy about showing off his love…for cake.

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Fluffy loves chocolate cake and always receives cakes from his fans. Honestly, who wouldn’t want some free cake from time to time.

9. Fluffy is a very proud father to his dogs.

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Fluffy takes his dogs everywhere with him and is always snapping cute pictures of them. Aren’t they cute?

10. Dude is comfortable making fun of himself.

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He knows how to laugh at himself and a lot of the times is the punchline of his own jokes.

11. You might get the chance to catch him at one of his free shows.

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Once in a while, Fluffy will hop on social media and announce a last minute free show for the first one hundred or so people that show up. So follow him on social media and keep an eye out for one of those announcements.

12. Mamá Imelda really gave him a talking to in “Coco.”

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That’s right. He was the Family Reunification agent that tried to figure out what to do to get Miguel back to the Land of the Living.

13. Even with all of his fame, he stays humble.

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He might be famous but he doesn’t act like it. He acts like just one of us. Who else gets really excited when they end up on a jumbotron?

14. Hawaiian shirts are his go-to shirts and they definitely look good on him.

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His fans are even into the whole fashion inspo. Tbh, these shirts look perfect for a heatwave or a chill day by the pool.

15. Oh yeah. His nickname is Fluffy and that’s incredible on its own.

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Fluffy isn’t typically a good thing, unless you are talking about a dog or dessert. Somehow, this man owns his name and won’t back away from it.

16. You always get extra time at his show.

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Iglesias loves performing and a lot of the times goes over his allotted time and just starts to have conversations with the crowd. So, if you’re lucky he’ll go over his time during his show.

17. He also loves food.

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He even has a show all about food: Fluffy Breaks Even. Talk about a great moment in television history.

18. As Fluffy always puts it, he “geeks out” over his faves.

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Said it before, but he really does act like one of us. Whenever he meets other celebrities he geeks out and gets as excited as any other fan would.

19. Gifts from fans will always be recognized.

CREDIT: fluffyguy / Instagram

Fluffy really appreciates his fans and all of the gifts he receives. He’s always thanking them.

20. Overall, dude just loves his fans because they made him.

CREDIT: fluffyguy / Instagram

Most importantly, he loves his fans. He appreciates each one and will always try to give back to them.

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