For HBO’s Autism Fundraiser Lin-Manuel Called In To Curse Out Jon Stewart

“He used to be a late night star, ’til he fucking blew it…”

This past weekend, Jon Stewart had a comedy-laden telethon to raise funds and awareness for Autism research. Called the “Night Of Too Many Stars,” the show kept its promise, stacking the show with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Lin-Manuel Miranda couldn’t make it to the show, so he called in to sweeten the deal for the audience and anyone looking to donate. He performed a rap for the audience as an example of what he’d be auctioning off: a personalized voicemail.

To give everyone an idea of what that might sound like, the notoriously “nice guy” rapped an uncharacteristically swear word-filled freestyle about Stewart. If you want to keep your untarnished view of Miranda intact, I suggest you avoid the video below. If you do, however, you’ll be missing out, because hearing him say “dick” and “fuck” is amazing.

Cover your children’s ears, put the volume up, and prepare for your eyes to open wide because Lin’s got a potty mouth.

Credits: HBO/ YouTube

I’ll never look at “In The Heights,” “Hamilton,” or “Moana” the same way again.

Ah well, I kind of like Miranda cursing, so fuck it.

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