The Mexican Lawyer Behind Trump Toilet Paper Says Part Of The Profits Will Go To Help Deportees

If you happen to have any Donald Trump memorabilia you should be very aware that it’s worth a lot of money. The New York Post is reporting that there’s a huge market for items with Trump’s signature and pictures of the man himself. The items can go upward from $800 to $12,000. Now, there’s a new item that could soon become a collector’s item.

According to Expansión, a man in Mexico just created Trump-themed toilet paper.


The best part? Some of the proceeds from the sales of the toilet paper will go to help migrants and Mexicans deported from the United States.

The Trump toilet paper was created by Antonio Battaglia, a Mexican lawyer, who wanted to prove that not all Mexicans are “bad hombres.”

Facebook/Antonio Battaglia Moreno

“I was very annoyed and I started looking for a way to do something that had an impact, not in a tone of mockery or bad revenge, but in a positive way,” Battaglia said in an interview with Expansión.

The Trump toilet paper, which will be for sale later this year, wasn’t Battaglia’s first idea.

“I tried to register a brand of clothing or footwear, because my family is dedicated to the production of shoes, and there I thought it was a possibility, but the ‘Trump’ brand was already registered. Then came the idea of ​​producing a toilet paper, a product that was ironic and that remained in the market for a good time,” Battaglia told Expansión.

Battaglia says a chunk of the profits will go to groups in Guanajuato, where he grew up.

Facebook/Antonio Battaglia Moreno

Not only is his family in the shoe business, but Battaglia has his own law firm, and his grandfather is a the professional football player, Antonio Félix Battaglia, who played for Argentina and Mexico.

Battaglia told Expansión, “At the outset, I hope to allocate 30% of the profit to organizations in Guanajuato.”

The entire production will be made in Mexico.

The Trump toilet paper isn’t the first sanitary napkin that allows you to wipe your ass with the Trump image.

During the presidential campaign, American Art Classics created a Trump and Hillary Clinton rolls of toilet paper.

You can still purchase it on Amazon for $12.95.

(H/T) Coming soon! Wipe your butt with Trump papel higiénico, help migrants

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