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We know you’re all about motion and action, Aries, but with your ruling planet Mercury going retrograde on the 16th, you’ll want to get all of your ducks in a row in the days leading up to it. Remember that it’s a bad idea to start new projects or commitments during a retrograde, so getting your life sorted before then is the best way to come out of one smoothly. Ironically, this same Friday sees Venus plop right into your relationship sector, which will have you on cloud 9 in terms of love. If you’re single, its soulmate time. No, seriously. This could mean wedding bells. If you’re in a relationship, be ready for great collaboration with your partner where you’re both on the same page and exactly where you want to be – with each other.


As Mercury turns retrograde on Friday the 16th, you’ll want to watch your spending habits, Taurus. As a bull, you certainly love the finer things but take this time to reconsider your relationship with your finances. Luckily, you’ve got more important things to focus on than money right now. Yeah, we’re talking romance. Your ruling planet Venus will turn direct in Libra the same day as Mercury retrograde, so who can even be bothered with the most-feared of astrological movements when you’re about to reignite the sparks with your current lover and build something even stronger together?


Mercury may be turning retrograde on the 16th, but this day also sees Mars moving into your career sector. While your love life can get confusing this week, at least you have more important financial and professional matters to focus your energy on. If you’re single, you could meet someone you share an incredible connection with, but if you’re currently in a relationship, you and your partner might not be on the same page about stuff you used to be. Try to be a good listener and don’t jump to any conclusions just yet. Instead, do your best to focus on work this week, where you know you can shine.


Mercury’s impending retrograde on the 16th allows you the time to refocus on yourself and tap into your inner spirituality. What are you doing that has been holding you back? As you reassess and find some alone time, you’ll come out of your shell knowing how to push through those challenges to get you where you need to be. Remember that tense family situation with a partner last week, Cancer? All problems should soon be rectified and you’ll feel the balance back in your partnership again. And if you’re single, rely on some family members who’ve been forcing you to meet someone they think you’ll like. This time, they actually got it right!


Mercury may be turning retrograde on the 16th, but you won’t even seem to notice it, Leo! That’s because, on the very same day, Venus turns direct in your house of career, making your ideas in the workplace heard and appreciated. You’ll start making much better progress at your job. Minding that retrograde, however, it’s best to use these next three weeks to save all that money you’ll hopefully find yourself earning. Save your acorns for the winter, essentially. Or, as a lion, I guess – save that fresh antelope kill? You get the idea. Your love life is about to pop off, as well, because of course it will. You easily attract attention and this week will be no less. In fact, you’ll be especially lucky in love.


Mercury will turn retrograde on the 16th, meaning don’t make any big purchases or sign on to any new commitments. With Venus also turning direct in your sign on the same day, however, this’ll be easy. Your finances will go back up right where they need to be, so make sure to keep them there with financially-sound choices. What’s the only thing better than money? Well, I guess that’s debatable, but most people of sound mind would argue…sex! Expect to see your romantic life take a spicier turn in the bedroom – and you definitely won’t be complaining about it!


You’re back in your element this week, Libra, feeling the balance in those scales once again. On Friday, Mercury turns retrograde, but Mars also enters your 6th house of work and health. You’ll be killing it from the inside out now that you’ve finally gotten your groove back. Your shine is nothing short of illuminant this week! With that said, if you feel like that certain someone in an important relationship isn’t seeing the glow you and everyone else knows you have, this is the time reevaluate if that partnership is truly serving you anymore. Don’t let anyone dull this sparkle!


A New Moon on the 8th sees Jupiter move into your financial house, kicking things up for you and your finances. Be wise with that money when Mercury goes retrograde on the 16th and don’t make any unnecessary spending choices that burn away that new cash. Venus turns direct for you the same day and your love life will be on fire, Scorpio! If you’re partnered up, you and your love with have no problem keeping each other warm for the winter, and if you’re single, you’ll have a clearer head when it comes to deciding which potential partner is truly the best fit for you and that passionate sting.


Mercury’s retrograde on the 16th will leave you feeling confused and like you have to overexplain yourself. The problem is is that it’s all in your head. Since Mercury is your planet of love, these misunderstandings in your relationship aren’t as bad as they seem. In fact, they’re more or less just in your head as your sign goes through a bit of a foggy time. Don’t overthink the small stuff because your partner is there for you. The same goes for you and your career, as you may find yourself making dumb errors at work. They won’t be detrimental, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be feeling okay about your missteps. What’s more important is that you stay calm and cool in the wake of these so no one thinks you can’t handle the stress.


Your career planet Venus ends its retrograde the same day Mercury begins theirs, and it all goes down on the 16th. As you smooth out some old residual issues at work, take the time to relax your body and your mind to come out of Mercury’s retrograde stronger. On the same day, you might realize that someone you’ve been seeing just doesn’t fit into your life the way you thought they would. It’s time to make a choice, but know that you’re better off for it, Cap.


Venus turns direct on the 16th, which happens to be your planet of home and family life. Take this time to work on home improvement projects and anything that will make your home more, well…homier! However, the same day will see Mercury, your planet of true love, retrograde for the next three weeks. There will be miscommunication between you and your closest friends. Perhaps you gave bad advice, have been ditching them for a new love interest, or don’t feel ready to introduce a new special someone to your circle just yet. First impressions won’t go well this week, so hold off until December to clear the air with those friends. For right now, at least, communication might just feel haywire.


Mercury retrograde has a way of unfairly affecting Pisces the most, doesn’t it? Having this planet as your ruler of love, home, and family life means retrogrades affect the things most important to a Pisces in the most annoying way. However, this final one of the year will probably barely be noticed, my little fish. Since Jupiter moved into your house of career last week, you’ll see financial issues fade away and the encouragement to move forward. If you’re in a relationship, it’s all about sticking with your partner and not playing the blame game over past financial mistakes. It’s all getting sorted now. Single fish might find themselves flirting with a certain hottie at the office. Well, we told you your career would get better. Haha!

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Where Should You Travel In 2019 According To Your Zodiac Sign?


Where Should You Travel In 2019 According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Let’s face it, since there are so many places to go in the world, it can be hard to decide where to go to next! What we can all agree on, though, is that Latin America is definitely the place to be – whether it be to relax, scope out the history, enjoy the food, or just simply find yourself. But where in Latin America would be best for you? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, amigo. Read your zodiac sign to find out what kind of traveller you are, and where you should visit on your next trip.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Instagram: @ecuadorentusojos

Aries, you need to be somewhere that will let you get in touch with the feugo in your soul. You’re not afraid of adventure. In fact, you thrive on it! Being the sign of the goat, you’ve got that sure-footedness that would serve you well on a holiday with a lot of physical activity. 

Instagram: @juane1985

Your sense of adventure would be satiated by a stay in Ecuador. A climb up Ecuador’s Cotopaxi is right up your alley. Not only would you scale Ecuador’s second tallest volcano, you’ll have the opportunity to mountain-bike your way down from the peak!

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Instagram: @fortesaventuras

If you’re a Taurus, you like to plan your trips well in advance. And, you also like to get real value for money from your holidays. That being said, you’re no cheap-skate. You like the finer things in life, and you want your holidays to reflect that. But, you’d rather not spend big if you can help it. Sales and discounts are your best friend.

Instagram: @brenoanp

For you, Taurus, Brazil is the place for you to be! Beach bumming in Fortaleza will give you that sense of luxury, without breaking the bank like Brazil’s bigger cities do. Just make sure to plan your trip around the weather!

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Instagram: @jevaldiz

Gemini, as a social butterfly, you feel most at home when you’re surrounded by people. You are well-suited to spending your holidays walking around cities, and soaking in their architectural delights and atmosphere. And, of course, exploring a myriad of malls, pubs, restaurants and the like.

Instagram: @boho_fanatic

Guatemala, or more specifically, Guatemala City, is where you should head to, Gemini! There are plenty of architectural wonders and museums for you to see here. Lose yourself in sites such as Palacio Nacional de la Cultura, Museo Ixchel and Museo Nacional de Arueología y Etnología.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Instagram: @gourmentcutlery

Unfortunately, Cancer, you have a terrible sense of direction. But thankfully, you’re not too bad at remembering landmarks. You’re a bit of a sentimental traveller, and always get nostalgic thinking about your trips. You’re a better traveller if you stay in the one place while you’re on holiday.

Instagram: @loving.cities

Peru is the place for you, Cancer. The capital, Lima, has everything you need in the one spot. Think about it: there are plenty of museums, shopping, ancient historical sites, and gorgeous seaside views to satisfy a water sign like yourself. Food tours run regularly in the city, meaning that you won’t have to worry about getting lost while you’re looking for quality meals.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Instagram: @kombirutera

Leo, you’re a babe who is always up for a massive fiesta. For you, holidays are about experiencing luxury – as far as you’re concerned, it’s time to treat yourself! You make for a good travelling buddy, since you’re always upbeat and enthusiastic about everything. 

Instagram: @wonderful.earths

Nothing would make you happier, Leo, than experiencing all of the festivals that Colombia has to offer. Bogotá, in particular, is a real lively place to be, with its mix of cultural and music festivals. Tunja boasts one of the biggest culture and arts festivals in Latin America – the Festival Internacional de la Cultura de Boyacá. Cutting a long story short, there’s no shortage of festivals for you in Colombia, Leo!

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Instagram: @caroferrerb

You’re not afraid of doing some reading before you travel, Virgo. After all, how will you know about the best places to go to, unless you’ve done your homework? You’re the designated mum of any trip, and you always have the essentials on hand. You make sure to have a first aid kid, emergency phone numbers, and guidebooks within arm’s reach.

Instagram: @mattjcow

A tour around Mexico would be your jam, Virgo. The planning would already be done for you, and you can enjoy the best of Mexico City, the Mayan ruins and delicious Mexican food and drink.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Instagram: @koyamaakiyo

Libra, your ideal holiday is a peaceful holiday. It’s pretty easy for you to be relaxed, though, since you’re a very easy-going traveller, anyway. Libra, you are all about finding romance on your holidays – whether that be with a person, or falling in love with a new place.

Instagram: @tlatinoamerica

Did someone say El Salvador, Libra? There are many gorgeous sites around the country that inspire that real feeling of romance. From the majestic ruins of Tazumal, to sunset on the beach at Playa El Tunco there are countless places where you’ll definitely feel the magic.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Instagram: @vidademochila

The way that Scorpios ‘find themselves’ on holiday is by seeing themselves in relation to their place in history. You gravitate towards museums and architectural wonders from ages past. Since you’re pretty tech-savvy, your friends and family will definitely stay updated on your trip through Instagram and long Facebook posts.

Instagram: @aminta_ortiz

Scorpio, you’ll discover more about yourself and the world around you in Nicaragua. The Ruins of León Viejo have been granted a spot on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, while the Museo Nacional in Managua hosts an iconic collection of historical artefacts.

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21)

Instagram: @turismoaventurachile

Sagittarius, you suffer from a chronic case of wanderlust. A short trip just doesn’t do it for you. The real charm of a holiday, for you, is experiencing the customs and traditions of a country. And, most importantly, the local cuisine! Your kind of adventure is the one that can be found on a plate.

Instagram: @los.abuelos.panaderia

Culinary delights can be found in Chile, Sagittarius. In no particular order, you’ll have to try the Chilean empanadas, humitas, and ceviche. And, naturally, Sagittarius, if you’re a fan of hot dogs, then you definitely need to source some completos.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)

Instagram: @cuba_gallery

A holiday for a Capricorn is an exercise in elaborate planning. Chances are you probably have a few trips planned for the future already! Your idea of a good holiday is one that can be shared with other people. Your travel buddies know that you always have everything under control, especially since you’ve got a Plan B, C, and D for every situation.

Instagram: @alesantana

Cuba makes for a fantastic holiday destination for you, Capricorn. The best way for tourists to get around the country is through tours, which will satisfy your penchant for proper planning. Trinidad is a must-see, since its Old Town is UNESCO heritage listed.

Aquarius (January 21 – February 18)

Instagram: @uld_a

Aquarius, you can’t just take a holiday. You want trips that fit with your sense of social justice. Visiting a place to volunteer, or to immerse yourself in its geo-politics is exactly your cup of tea. If you can, you try to keep the environmental impact of your trip as low as possible.

Instagram: @naestradacomocasalrigotti

Aquarius, you would find so much history and culture in Paraguay, you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself. The best place to start would be with a deep-dive into Asuncion’s past, but by no means should you stop there. Fort Boqueron and the Chaco, La Santisima Trinidad de Parana and the petroglyphs of Cerro Cora National Park all reveal more about Paraguay’s rich history.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Instagram: @thepanamalife

A holiday with a Pisces is a slow holiday. You like to regenerate on your trips, and can suffer from sensory overload in a new place if you’re not careful. Travel for Pisces is about nurturing your creative spirit, and art galleries are a great place for you to go.

Instagram: @normalin_hermelin

Panama is the perfect holiday destination for you, Pisces. The quiet islands of Guna Yala would be a great place to soak in the beauty of the Caribbean. Or, chances are you’d prefer El Valle de Antón, a small town couched in the crater of an extinct volcano. The point is, you’d be hard-pressed not to feel relaxed after a visit to Panama.

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