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Yelp Is Making It Even Easier To Support Latinx-Owned Businesses With This New Filter

Thanks to Yelp (yes, the app where you can help make or break businesses based on your opinions), we have yet another way to celebrate this Latinx Heritage Month. The company has partnered with Momento Latino to spotlight Latinx-owned business on the app.

The company is introducing a new label feature within the app that will notify users of Latinx-owned restaurants and businesses to support over the course of the month, and beyond. This is especially important given the outsized impact the pandemic has had on Latinx-owned businesses.

A new Yelp feature allows users to filter results for Latinx-owned businesses.

Now, Yelp users in the U.S. and Canada can filter through results by using the ‘Latinx’ label, which makes identifying community-owned businesses that much easier. You can specifically seek out Latinx-owned restaurants using the platform’s “amenities” section, as well.

Yelp launched the new feature in partnership with Momento Latino, an organization that works to uplift Latinx voices by collaborating with nonprofit organizations, advocacy groups, and corporate leaders. Some of Momento Latino’s partners include actress Eva Longoria and renowned chef José Andrés.

Applying a filter is a simple way that we as consumers can support our community and business owners during Latinx Heritage Month, but also in the wake of the pandemic – which has disproportionately affected business owners of color; studies by the Pew Research Center have shown that Latinx entrepreneurs have been hit especially hard. In fact, according to CNBC, 86% of Latinx-owned small businesses saw a major hit while two-thirds didn’t even expect to continue operating past the six-month mark if conditions didn’t improve. 

In a post to the Yelp blog, Henry R. Muñoz III, founder of Momento Latino wrote, “We are thrilled to be partnering with Yelp to support Latino-owned businesses. There has never been a more important time to recognize their contributions, and with Yelp’s partnership, we’re excited to lift up their work and support their success as part of Latinx Heritage Month.”

Thankfully, Yelp has made it as easy for businesses to join the movement as they made it for consumers to find them. All Latinx entrepreneurs have to do is opt into label their business as Latinx-owned through their Yelp Dashboard. They can even request a sticker they can place on their window to show their pride in their Latinx identity.

The tech company introduced a similar feature for Black-owned businesses in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, when they saw a major surge in consumer interest in supporting the Black community.

Latinx-owned businesses are a major driving force in the overall U.S. economy.

Within the past decade, Latinx communities have been busy building the U.S. economy faster than any other ethnic group. In fact, according to a Stanford University study, Latinxs opened more new businesses as well. Together, all that economic activity contributed $500 billion to the U.S. economy.

Despite that immense progress, our community has been severely affected by the pandemic. According to a University of California study, a third of Latinx-owned business owners reported they stopped working during lockdown compared to 17% of white business owners.

It’s very encouraging to see corporations and consumers stepping up to support the community – especially given the ongoing difficulties so many face.

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