Mariposa Fernandez Married Puerto Rico To Give Her Gifts To Those In Need

“I am in love!” Mariposa Fernandez states on her Amazon wedding registry. “In love with Puerto Rico, my homeland, the place of my family origin, my ancestry and my rich heritage.”

These are the marriage vows that Fernandez, a Bronx-based performance artist, said to her newly-wed partner, the island of Puerto Rico.

In a very public wedding service, Fernandez vowed to take Puerto Rico as a partner in marriage. The ceremony, which served as a platform for her art, showed that Fernandez is dedicated to help Puerto Rico in anyway possible through “good times and bad, through sickness and health.”

While it might sound like an artistic stunt to some, the message behind this commitment ceremony is what speak volumes.

“I am making a life-long commitment, one that I made long ago but will NOW make publicly,” Fernandez said. “In the wake of Hurricane Irma and Maria that destroyed homes, crops and lives, resulting in the complete destruction of the power grid, infrastructure and water filtration systems and has caused an escalating health crisis.”

The most genius part of her wedding is that her registry is loaded with items that Puerto Ricans urgently need.


Two months since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, many people there remain without electricity and the problems only continue to get worse. The director of Puerto Rico’s Electric Power Authority has just announced his resignation.

So while people truly have to fend for themselves, these items listed on Fernandez’s Amazon registry can really do wonders to help these people.

Fernandez’s wedding was featured in a local newscast and went viral on Twitter thanks to The Kid Mero.

…And people on Twitter were celebrating with lots of Puerto Rican pride.

If you weren’t invited to the nuptials, here’s a snippet of what went down.

If you’d like to contribute to her wedding registry, click here.

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