Here’s The Latest On The White Woman Who Threw Hot Coffee At A Latino Construction Worker

A Latino man who was hired as a contractor at an upscale apartment complex in the Century City neighborhood of Los Angeles, California was subjected to racist rant by a white resident. Miguel Sanchez and his coworker showed up to do repairs on an owner’s unit when tan irate white woman physically blocked them from driving into the apartment garage. In a video that Sanchez shared on Facebook, a woman identified as Rhonda Michelle Polon is seen throwing hot coffee directly into Sanchez’s face.

Miguel Sanchez recorded a video that shows a racist interaction he had with the white woman that resulted with him having hot coffee thrown at him.

Posted by Miguel Angel on Saturday, August 4, 2018

Sanchez, who was in charge of the site and had the keys and remote to enter the property, had arrived at the apartment complex to work on an owner’s unit last Saturday. When his co-worker Jesse arrived, he went downstairs to let him in. When Sanchez showed up at the gate, he noticed Jesse was in a verbal altercation with Rhonda Michelle Polon, the owner of Spin Gal Fitness in West Hollywood.

“She was calling us wetbacks and that we were probably there to steal their stuff,” he explained in an interview with KTLA5. “After all those racial comments on us, I got my phone out and I started recording.”

The video shows Sanchez showing the woman the keys and garage door opener before she throws coffee at him.


“She didn’t like that I was recording, so she threw hot coffee on my face.” Sanchez recalled after he pulled out his phone. He then called police, who he says arrived approximately two hours later. KTLA reports LAPD officers responded to the scene and noticed Sanchez face was still bright red. But since officials didn’t witness the incident, police said it was up to Sanchez to request a private person arrest. According to Sanchez, he gave police his side of the story and Polon did as well.

The officers asked if Sanchez would like to press charges and send her to jail or have them issue her a ticket. Fearing negative employment outcomes, Sanchez did not press charges and chose the ticket.

Polon says she isn’t a racist and only threw the coffee because she was being “harassed for 45 minutes.”

Shortly after, Polon made her Instagram page private and deactivated her business Facebook Page (Spin Gal Fitness) after the video of the incident went viral.

A protest party called a “Coffee Cathy & Bathrobe Billy Latin Party at Fitness Factory WeHo” has been planned for August 16.

A longer video version of the incident appears on the Viva Bernie 2020 Facebook page. It shows another heated confrontation with an unidentified man that accused the two workers of stealing his bike. The Facebook group is scheduled to throw a “Latin Party” at Polon’s fitness studio in West Hollywood where protesters and mariachis are set to appear.

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